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My Farm 7.8 rate Keep a huge variety of adorable farm animals and grow a large array of crops and fruits. Collect your farm produce and process them through various workshops to get goods that sell for more! Complete customers’ orders or sell your items through the farm stand. Don’t forget to decorate your farm with beautiful décor too! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Discover a brand new world of farming in My Farm, a new farming game that has recently joined the Facebook app family! Keep a huge variety of adorable farm animals and grow a large array of succulent crops and fruits. Collect your crops and animal produce and process them through the various workshops you had set up to get goods that sell for more! Complete customers’ orders on the order board or sell your items through the farm stand to your other neighbors in this game. Don’t forget to decorate your farm with beautiful décor, such as benches, fences and also flowers! If you are a huge fan of farm games, this is one game you wouldn’t want to miss out! Play My Farm on Facebook today!


If you’ve played any farm games before, you should be pretty familiar with how everything works in My Farm. In this game, you’ll need to grow crops and tend to your farm animals to collect the produce. There are different types of crops in this game, namely corn, wheat, carrots and bamboo. There isn’t as much variety of crops as, say Farmville, but since this is a new game, it is forgivable.

The crop system in My Farm works like this: the seeds you plant in your fields will cost you nothing. Each seed will grow up to produce 2 pieces of crops. Furthermore, the more fields you have, the bigger the harvest. However, there are a limited number of fields that you can buy, depending on your level. Although adding new fields will cost you money, the cost is a very insignificant amount that it is almost negligible!

There are fruit trees and bushes too that will produce fruits like apples, raspberries, cacaos, blueberries and hazelnuts. Like crops, the types of fruits you can produce in this game is rather limited at the moment, but they will add in more fruits soon enough!

After gathering all your crops, you can’t possibly just dump them on the ground outside, right? The crows and whatnots will get to them and there goes your hard-earned crops! Thus, the game provides you with a useful silo to store all your harvested crops and fruits. The maximum capacity of the silo is 60, but you can upgrade it later, once you’ve obtained the materials needed, to expand its storage capacity!

Besides crops and fruits, you can also keep farm animals on your farm in My Farm! However, before you can populate your farm with animals from the store, you’ll need to prepare their home first! Let’s start with our feathered friends - the chickens. You’ll first need to build a hen house by buying and placing it from the store. After the building duration is complete, you can unveil it and start buying chickens by clicking on the hen house. Likewise, you’ll need to buy and build homes for your animals before you can actually buy the animals themselves. This means you’ll need a sheep farm for sheep, pig sty for pigs, goose farm for geese and cow shed for cows. Each animal home only has space for a limited number of animals. For instance, the hen house can house up to 5 chickens only. If you want more chickens, you’ll need to buy more hen houses!

Animals, unlike crops or fruits, in this game require you to feed them periodically! You can feed them with their respective animal feed (for example, chicken feed for chickens and cow feed for cows). After feeding, you’ll then need to wait the duration for them to produce their respective animal produce (eggs from chickens and milk for cows, for instance). In contrary to crops, animal produce are kept in the warehouse. You’ll start with some free feed, but soon you’ll need to produce them yourself! You just need to process a specific set of crops through the feed mill, which can be purchased from the store, and you’re set!

With farm produce piling up in both your warehouse and silo, what can you do next? Well, if you want to earn more money, you can start by investing in the construction of some workshops! There are many workshops that you can build in My Farm, such as the bakery, pie oven, confectionery, household goods, loom, dairy, juice press and many more! Once built, you can process your crops, animal produce and fruits into more valuable products. Similarly to animal produce, crafted goods are kept in the warehouse.

With goods all stocked up, you can check out the order board and try to complete any of the customer’s orders posted there. The board contains enough space for 9 different orders for you to complete in whichever order you like, but you will start with only 3 choices at first. You can unlock more options as you level up! Each order you complete will be almost instantly replaced with a new one, so you’ll always have something to do! Moreover, since there is only a truck available and that you’ll need to deliver the order before getting the payment, you can only complete 1 order at a time. Another way to earn money in My Farm is by posting your items up on your farm stand. Your neighbors will be able to visit your farm stand to purchase the items they need and you can also return the favor by buying stuff from them when needed as well! The farm stand is only unlocked at level 6 though, but you’ll get there soon enough!

Let’s not forget to decorate your farm with the many beautiful decorations that My Farm has to offer. Some examples include garden bench, water pump, wooden trough, fences, lanes and even various flowers, such as daisies and violets. You can also build a doghouse or a cat bed and adopt a pet of your own! The game provides 3 varieties of dogs and cats for you to choose from, namely Shepherd, Labrador and husky for dogs and alley, Siamese and ginger for cats.


Since this game is pretty new, the community in My Farm is not very large. However, there are almost 10 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page, which is a pretty impressive feat for a relatively new Facebook game. Since having neighbors is a critical part of the game, you may want to hop on over there and rack up some new friends! The page also posts mini-contests for its players, so be sure to give the page a “like” if you would like to keep yourself updated with news from the developers of the game!

Graphics/ Sound

My Farm has excellent, brightly colored graphics. Although most of the stuff are cartoonish-looking, some items, such as the buns in the game are so realistic! You could almost “smell” the smell of freshly baked buns! In terms of music, the game provides a soft country music played on the guitar that is filled with plenty sounds of the countryside, like birds chirping, frogs croaking and cows mooing.


In conclusion, My Farm is an amazing and new farming simulation game that is pretty decent despite its lack of types of crops. Considering that the game is rather new, it is forgivable as the game will likely be adding more crops, fruits and animals to the game in the future! Like any farming game, you’ll get to plant and grow juicy-looking crops and tend to a huge variety of cute farm animals. Then, you can choose to either sell your farm produce or process them via the different workshops to produce more valuable goods. If you choose the “sell” option, you can sell your goods based on what the customers’ orders state or you could just put them up on your farm stand so your neighbors can purchase them from you! All this farming is grueling work! Be sure to take some time off to relax by decorating your farm with beautiful decorations from the store! Sounds like just the farm game for you? Well, do give My Farm a go! Who knows? You may decide to stay in the end!

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New Game Added: My Farm

by Aethyna May 21, 2015
Keep a huge variety of adorable farm animals and grow a large array of crops and fruits. Collect your farm produce and process them through various workshops to get goods that sell for more! Complete customers’ orders or sell your items through the farm stand. Don’t forget to decorate your farm with beautiful décor too! My Farm: Farm animals Farm in My Farm My Farm: Crops Read More

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Aug 26, 2016 | 0 Votes 0 0


have had no luck in finding info concerning neighbors. cannot find community page to ask.Full Review
Jul 4, 2016 | 0 Votes 0 0


Today is Sunday, July 3rd, '16. I went to My Farm twice. Instead of being able to play the game, a most disturbing message came up.. twice I might add. I took a screen shot of it and posted it on...Full Review
Apr 13, 2016 | 0 Votes 0 0

Wonderful game!

I really enjoy playing it, but in these last days I have problems with the mouse, it has becomecrazy and it moves "alone" righ/left, ahead/behind. Impossible to play!!!! Help!Full Review
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