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Gourmet Ranch 9 rate Long to have a café of your own? Why, set up your very own virtual café in Gourmet Ranch today. In this game, you’ll get to pamper your customers to an array of culinary delights using only home-grown ingredients. Earn cash from selling off your dishes and reinvest them to spruce up your café. Try it today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Gourmet Ranch here: https://www.wwgdb.com/games_like_gourmet_ranch


Long to have a café of your own? Why, set up your very own virtual café in Gourmet Ranch today. In this game, you’ll get to pamper your customers to an array of culinary delights using only organic and home-grown ingredients. Serve those piping hot dishes up and wait for the money to roll in. Reinvest your profits to give your café a brand new look, expand your farm land or even provide better and more comfortable seats for your customers. Sounds like fun? Well, it sure is! So head on over to Gourmet Ranch and start serving scrumptious gourmet dishes today!


To start any café ventures, you’ll first need s steady supply of ingredients. This means setting up your own farm. You can begin by plowing up some farmable land (100 coins per plot). Then, purchase crop seeds from the store and sow them on those freshly plowed fields. There are many types of crops on offer in Gourmet Ranch including fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs and spices, as well as salads and beans, and each type contains more than 20 different crops.

Unlike most farming simulation games, you won’t unlock new crops as you level up. Instead, you will get 2 golden keys which you can then use to unlock new crop seeds at the in-game store. Some seeds can be easily unlocked using 1 key, but as you progress to the “higher level” crops, you’ll need more keys. You can also buy more keys by spending premium cash. That being said, there is no need to water your crops in this game, and once their growing duration is up, you can then harvest them.

Like any farm, you’ll be constructing pens for your farm animals too. Each pen costs 100 coins and there’s a limit of 1 animal per pen in this game. Interestingly though, Gourmet Ranch doesn’t only provide you with a huge range livestock that you can rear for their animal produce, you can also keep crustaceans like shellfishes and clams in pens to harvest seafood ingredients. There are even exotic animals that you can keep in your pens, making your animal pens a tad bit like a zoo.

You can construct certain buildings, namely the saltwater and freshwater boathouses, at the river by your ranch to gain access to new ingredients – fishes! You can then send your fishermen off to sea to collect any edible sea creature for you. Like crops, you can only unlock new animals and fishes using keys. The fun thing about the saltwater boathouse though is that a mini treasure hunt game will pop up whenever you send the saltwater fisherman to sea.

In this mini-game, you’ll need to choose between 2 maps, Pirate’s Cove or Carnival Bay, and pinpoint any box on the gridded map (like a game of Battleships) to see if you hit the jackpot and win yourself a collectible (Collect all 5 collectibles to earn exclusive decorations like the animated drunken pirate or the juggler), speed boost or cash. You only get a few chances though, so, the chances of winning anything is very slim.

Right, enough of the dilly-dally... you have a gourmet café to run! With your harvested and collected ingredients stored safely in your larder (there is no maximum storage limit), you can peruse the game’s extensive recipe menu and use the stove to cook up whatever dish you like. Yes, you didn’t read wrongly – in this game, every recipe is available to you right off the bat, and this includes the tougher recipes as well. Incredible, right? However, I’d advise you to only create foodstuff that contribute to the completion of your quests. It’ll be like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone!

Missing an ingredient? Fret not! You can easily obtain ingredients that your neighbors (hence the importance of playing this game with friends) have put up for sale via the mini-trade. Of course, you could always spend premium cash (for some, in-game cash) to buy ingredients as well.

Once your food is ready, you’ll then need to place it on a counter for your customers to view and purchase. You’ll earn more money this way but it takes quite a bit of time to get all your money’s worth. Not to mention, you will need to have sufficient counter to place all the different food items you’ve cooked up. If not, you’ll then need to purchase a fridge to store 1 of your dishes (can be eventually upgraded to store more food items). Due to this, some players may prefer the quicker route (but slightly less paying) and place their dishes on the trade store instead.

To earn more cash and some special goodies, you can also work to complete deliveries. There are many difficulties that you can choose from and if you can complete the said task within the period of time allocated, you can earn rewards like speed up boost, décor, coins or experience points.

As Gourmet Ranch is a rather slow-paced game provided that you’re unwilling to use your speed boosts, you’ll be left with plenty of downtime to work on the aesthetics of your café. The game offers a huge range of decorations but they can be a tad bit costly for the beginner. If you need more space, you’ll be glad to you that you can expand your land using the cash you’ve earned. However, the game separates out the land upgrades into farm land, and café area, making them rather costly. So, you should only expand the land you need.

Let’s not forget that Gourmet Ranch is a very social game as well! This means that you can visit your friends’ ranches and help them spice a dish or fertilize a crop. There are even costumes for waitresses and your avatar that require keys to unlock. The costumes aren’t customizable though as the costumes come in a set and you can’t mix and match them up. Don’t forget about the many achievements that you can acquire too. There will always something to do in Gourmet Ranch, so don’t worry that you’ll get bored!


Gourmet Ranch is a pretty old game that is still going strong despite its age. There are more than 1.2 million likes on its Facebook fan page, and over 500 thousand monthly active players. So, obviously, that many people can’t be all wrong about how fun this game is, right? Furthermore, the game’s fan page is very active and it’s a great place to get new neighbors for your ranch.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics in Gourmet Ranch are amazingly designed and are all brightly colored. The art style of the game is rather unique and it does bring out the best of all the objects that you can see in the game. In terms of music, the game doesn’t provide any but there are plenty of ambient sounds instead such as animal sounds, birds chirping in the background, cutleries clinking with plates and etc.


All in all, Gourmet Ranch is a fun and somewhat addictive simulation game where it combines the best parts of managing your very own gourmet restaurant with the fun of farming for ingredients for your dishes. Cook up delicious dishes from the many recipes available and serve your hungry diners or trade with your neighbors for cash. Make your ranch stand out with amazing décor and add variety to your dishes with an ever expanding ingredients and recipes list. So, what are you waiting for? Play Gourmet Ranch now!

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New Game Added: Gourmet Ranch

by Aethyna Oct 24, 2015
Long to have a café of your own? Why, set up your very own virtual café in Gourmet Ranch today. In this game, you’ll get to pamper your customers to an array of culinary delights using only home-grown ingredients. Earn cash from selling off your dishes and reinvest them to spruce up your café. Try it today! Beautiful crops Bustling cafe Beautiful garden Read More
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