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Happy Acres 7.2 rate Trying to find a game with a nice countryside view to escape to from the hustle and bustle of the city life? Happy Acres may just be the right game for you! This farming game features adorable farm animals, a huge variety of nice-looking crops as well as quests. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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There are also customer and board orders, and achievements to keep you constantly engaged! In this game, you can plant and harvest crops or animal produce and then process these ingredients to form higher-valued products. You can even sell your produce at your market stall! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your hoe and start getting your farm into shape in Happy Acres today!


Sam’s grandmother and father are retiring! This means the farm that they have been tending to is being passed on to… (who else?) Sam herself! However, trying to run a farm without any help is extremely tough and she will need your help! Are you willing to help her?


Being basically a farming game, you will need to help Sam to plant and harvest a huge variety of crops, from crops that need a shorter duration to mature, like corn and clover, to crops that require a longer duration to mature, like soybean and vanilla. Crops are vital in this game as it is required to do almost anything in this game - most importantly; the cute farm animals require certain crops as feed. For instance, cows love clovers in this game. Thus, you will need to feed them clover harvested from your farms in order to get them to produce milk. Each farm animal will gravitate towards different types of crops and you will need to feed the right crop to get them to produce goods, like wool and eggs. Due to the importance of crops, it’s great to know that in Happy Acres, there is no such thing as withered crops! Hence, you won’t be hard-pressed to harvest your crops in the middle of the night!

However, in order to get your animals to produce goods, you will need to buy the baby animals from the shop and feed enough milk bottles to them until they mature. Milk bottles cannot be crafted or earned and can only be obtained by spending Sunstones (the currency that can be bought by spending real money) or by requesting help from your Happy Acres neighbors. Furthermore, the game also places a limit on how many farm animals you can own, though the limit will be increased as you level up.

There are also fruit trees, such as apple trees, orange trees and many others that can be harvested for a limited number of times before the trees turn old and wither. Similarly to farm animals, there is a limit as to how many fruit trees you can plant and this limit increases with your level. If you ran out of space, you can easily get more buy purchasing a building permit for the surrounding lands with money and, sometimes, with goods. In addition to unlocking a new feature, each purchased land will increase the number of plots that you can have on your farm so you can plant more crops as well! Sometimes, you will even get a much-needed, free material from the treasure chest on your new land!

As you will soon realize, the game cleverly organizes your produce into 2 categories – crops, which are stored in your silo and animal produce, which are stored in the barn. There is a storage limit for both buildings that can be easily upgraded with materials that you can obtain from harvesting crops. Moreover, Happy Acres is generous enough to provide the first upgrades for both your silo and barn for free! Isn’t that great?

After collecting and storing a whole load of ingredients, what is the next step? Process them, of course! In Happy Acres, there is a huge range of machines or buildings that you can construct, for a fee (some may even require some materials), to convert your low-value produce into high-value products! With a mill, you can produce a variety of flour while, with a dairy, you can produce butter and cream. Each processing machine or building will have a limited number of slots in which you could queue your crafting orders. The number of slots can also be increased by obtaining the required materials while harvesting crops. The only downside to queuing orders is that you are unable to cancel a queued item.

Having high-value items are useless unless you can sell them! This is why you are given your very own market stall in Happy Acres (after you reach level 9)! The market stall in Happy Acres is pretty unique in the sense that not only your neighbors can purchase the items listed on your market stall. By promoting your goods on the newspaper in the game, you are allowing other players in Happy Acres to buy your products! Advertising a product does not require any fee and it only requires you to place your item on your market stall for it to work.

However, there is a pretty short cool down that will prevent you from spamming the ‘promote’ button for all your goods – you are allowed to promote an item every 5 minute although each item, after being promoted, will stay promoted until it is sold. If players are not interested in your offer, have no worries! There are also in-game characters, who will snap up your goods as well.

Since you could promote your products, other players can do so too! Thus, if you need to purchase any farm goods, you can just go and grab the newspaper to see the items that are listed for sale along with their prices. By having a good eye on the market, you can easily earn a fortune from selling produce from your farm! Similarly to queuing, the only negative side to this is that you are unable to cancel any items that are placed on your market stall.

To keep any thread of boredom at bay, Happy Acres have plenty of fun and, sometimes, challenging quests, customer orders and board orders for you to complete! Quests are normal objectives that are supposed to help you along on your way to building a farm that you would be proud to call your own. Quests are limited and are usually unlocked after you reach a new level. Customer and board orders are very much different than quests though. Orders are tasks that you can fulfill to earn extra experience points and coins. There is absolutely no limit as to how many orders you can do each day and for every completed order, you will get a new one to take its place – these orders are endless! However, these orders will increase in difficulty as you complete them.

Customer orders and board orders do differ slightly. Although the game will gradually fill the board on your farm with board orders (as you level up), customer orders are limited to only 2 in-game characters visiting your farm at any time. Furthermore, unlike customer orders, the items requested by board orders will be delivered via your pickup truck and it will take some time to return to your farm. Customer orders also give you a slightly better reward than board orders. These orders are one of the best ways, besides selling your items to other players, for you to earn a living in Happy Acres.

Not to mention, with every completed order (doesn't matter if it’s a customer or board order), you will earn a small amount of reputation with that particular in-game character. After your relationship with that in-game character reaches level 2, you will get an additional 5% bonus coins and a chance for extra bonus rewards for every completed future order that you will be doing for him or her. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

It’s not all ‘profit, profit, profit’ in Happy Acres! You can also spend your hard-earned money on some decorations, such as a scarecrow or a bird house, for your farm. Everybody loves a beautiful farm after all! If you enjoy going after achievements, then you’re in luck! There is an achievement, or as the game calls it - ‘mastery’, for every type of crop, product and animal produce that you can harvest or craft in Happy Acres! During timed events, you can also earn event masteries by participating and crafting or harvesting event items.

One of the best aspects of this game is that, unlike Farmville, Happy Acres do not place a large emphasis on having neighbors. Sure, you may progress much slower than a player with troves of neighbors, but it’s still progress nonetheless! The game does not force you to spend any real money and, thus, it does not feel like a pay-to-win game. However, if you would like a faster gameplay, you could always invest a little bit of real money and buy boosts, like the watering can (instantly matures crops), with sunstones.


The community in Happy Acres are a tightly-knitted bunch and are consisted of players from around the world! They mainly communicate and share ideas or help requests at Happy Acres’ forums. So, be sure to head over there if you like meeting fellow farmers on Happy Acres!


The graphics in this game is simply adorable. Just take a look at those cute little farm animals roaming around your farm or those juicy looking crops that are ready for harvest. Each building and machine is beautifully-designed as well. Honestly, every part of this game is an eye-candy, that’s for sure!

Happy Acres also uses a catchy country music as its background music instead of the conventional and natural countryside sound, where you can hear birds chirping. This is a rather bold, but wise move as it sets itself apart from other farming games on Facebook by providing something unique.


Happy Acres is an extremely fun farming game with appealing graphics and sound. You can plant and harvest a variety of crops and fruit trees as well as rear farm animals for produce on your farm! The game has a range of buildings and machines that you can use to process your raw goods into processed items before selling them to your neighbors or to other players on your market stall! There are also fun quests, orders as well as masteries that you can complete to gain extra experience points and money. Happy Acres is perhaps one of the best new farming games on Facebook right now! So, strap on your coveralls and start farming in Happy Acres today!

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by Aethyna Dec 3, 2014
Trying to find a game with a nice countryside view to escape to from the hustle and bustle of the city life? Happy Acres may just be the right game for you! This farming game features adorable farm animals, a huge variety of nice-looking crops as well as quests. Happy Acres Cute Animals Pets in Happy Acres Happy Acres Family Read More

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