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Farmandia 8 rate Enjoy a traditional farm game with a few new twists in the stunning Farmandia! Here you can not only grow crops to sell at market, you can look after animals, and even magical creatures too. Enjoy themed buildings from Hawaii to Holland and manage every aspect of your new brilliant farm. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Looking for a way to escape the crowded metropolitan that you live in? Although a beach would be a good choice, the countryside isn’t too bad either! Introducing one of the top farming games on Facebook, Farmandia! This game offers plenty of unique crops and trees, cute farm animals, special buildings and decorations, and, of course, lots of beautiful graphics! There are also achievements for you to strive for and a main objective that is to up the value of your farm! Farmandia even stands out from other farming games by giving its players their very own aquarium to take care of! So, if you fancy experiencing a virtual life of idyllic farming, you can try out Farmandia!


Since Farmandia is a farming game, the routine of harvesting your crops and fruit trees, ploughing the planting plots and replanting is to be expected. There are simply too many crops for you to plant – around 100 of them! Some of these crops are rather unique and unheard of in any farming games such as Shiitake mushrooms and corpse flower, while there are also usual crops like wheat and corn. Furthermore, some crops, mainly flowers, can be grown just so your bees can gather nectar from them while most crops can be processed in later levels to produce processed goods that will sell for far more money than raw goods!

Unlike Farmville, all of Farmandia’s available crops have a rather long growing duration with the shortest at 2 hours and the longest at a day! Although the speed of the game will definitely be slow, this feature is suitable for players who are unable to play for long durations at a time. The game also harshly punishes players for not collecting their crops on time as the crops will dry up after some time. However, you can ask your neighbours to help you revive your plants for free or you can purchase the magic tool to revive your dried crops. Neighbours can help you to accelerate your crops too!

Besides bee keeping, you can also rear as many other farm animals, like cows, ducks, pigs, sheep, rabbits and chickens, as you like. There are also trees that you can plant to harvest fruits or tree sap, such as birch, oak trees, spruce and apple trees.

In Farmandia, you are given two plots of land – one is basically your farm while the other is a pond. The farm is your centre of produce and you would probably be spending a lot of time here. You can build buildings and machineries here. You can also plow farmable plots (where else could you plant your crops, right?). In this game, you are given unlimited number of plots to plow and these plots are free! This means that if you really want to have a 100% productive farm, you can fill your land with plots. It’s also interesting to note that the game allows you to create ponds on your land, more for aesthetics rather than for functional purposes. However, considering that you are already given a pond on your second land, this is somewhat redundant.

On the other hand, the pond on your second land does not contain any farmable land, but you can use it as a place to breed your ducks and to plant trees. You can also decorate it as well! At the market, you can purchase decorations, like fences, stone paths, hedges, picnic tables and many more! You could also keep your unused decorations in your tool shed – limited up to 20 units though. As usual, if you want to be 100% productive, you could always fill the place with trees and turn your land into a plantation – it’s all up to you!

The gameplay in Farmandia can be somewhat confusing at first. This is because all harvested items (crops, tree products and animal products) are auto-sold for coins, but there is still the option to process your crops into processed goods. Where would you get the raw materials needed to craft new goods to sell? This is where the ‘processing’ button comes into play! Whenever you want to collect items for processing, you must remember not to harvest it in the usual way. Instead, you should use the ‘processing’ button located at the bottom of your screen (second from the left).

Having this sort of gameplay doesn’t make Farmandia such a popular game to play, mainly because the gameplay is not exactly player-friendly. You can imagine how many times people may have forgotten to use the ‘processing’ button and ended up auto-selling all their hard-grown crops. Moreover, the factories that you will need to process goods are very expensive and can go up to half a million coins and above. Hence, you may need to play for quite some time before you can earn enough to build your first factory. There are plenty of other buildings in this game, besides factories, such as animal pens or shed. There are even houses that you can build that will reward you with emeralds (a currency that is used mainly for event-related items and rare goods)! In Farmandia, you are allowed to change the colour of your buildings with a price as well.

Similarly to Farmville, you can buy machineries in Farmandia. However, you’ll need to buy it using diamonds (real money currency) and there is no option for you to get machineries via coins. If you do get one, the machine will only be helpful when you have a huge farm with plenty of plots to harvest.

Is your farm getting a bit crammed? Well, you can expand your farm by buying new land! In Farmandia, you will need to add a certain number of friends in order to unlock new land. The first land only requires 5 friends or neighbours to unlock, but this number will increase by 5 every time you want to purchase a new piece of land. Furthermore, for some of the more unique buildings, you will need plenty of clicks from your friends as well. If not, you could always spend some real money and buy the new land or to complete the construction of your buildings with diamonds.

The only, and unspoken, objective in this game is to increase the value of your farm by adding more buildings, trees and by harvesting more crops. However, this may get a bit boring after awhile, thus, Farmandia provides plenty of achievements for you to aim for! Achievements can be gained by collecting crops, trees or animal products, constructing buildings, buying houses, use machines and craft processed goods. Practically everything you do in-game counts towards an achievement, but you’ll need to do them plenty of times in order to get the achievement!

Last but not least, what makes Farmandia stands out from the rest is, without doubt, its aquarium. With your own aquarium, you can populate it with up to 20 different types of exotic marine life, such as the Aurelia jelly fish, lion fish, shellfish and sea horse - all of which require diamonds or emeralds to buy. There is also other underwater life, such as sea anemone, corals and kelp – some of which can be bought by coins. This aquarium is not just for show either! You can actually harvest the fishes for more coins to spend!


There are over 400,000 likes on the Facebook fan page for the Farmandia community! What’s more is that these are players from all around the world! If you need neighbours to unlock new land or features, these players are more than happy to help you out. If you enjoy meeting with fellow farmers on Farmandia, be sure to drop by the Farmandia community Facebook page to say hi!


The graphics in this game is quite nice. However, the game employs a kind of 3D graphics that may look rather out of place in a farming game. Some items look nice when rendered in 3D, but some don’t look as good.

In addition, you can choose your own background music to listen to in Farmandia! There is a list of 7 sounds for you to choose from, such as ambient, farmandia, lucky farmer and Christmas bells. Each of these sounds is equally catchy and upbeat. The awesome music in this game will be able to turn a bad day upside down any time!


Farmandia is your run-of-the-mill farming game that somewhat mimics Farmville in many ways, though it does have a lot of unique crops as well. Since this game focuses heavily on having plenty of neighbours/ friends who play Farmandia, you will need to get a group of dedicated friends to play in order to have a great time. It’s not as fun to play alone anyway! The most distinctive feature in Farmandia is definitely its aquarium. It’s fun to have your very own virtual aquarium that can also provide you with some extra coins! There are achievements that you can earn in Farmandia too! Farmandia may not be the best farming game there is (Farmville is currently holding that title and doesn’t look like the game is relinquishing it anytime soon), but it’s still worth your time if you like farming games very much. Try it now!

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New Game Added: Farmandia

by Aethyna Dec 4, 2014
Enjoy a traditional farm game with a few new twists in the stunning Farmandia! Here you can not only grow crops to sell at market, you can look after animals, and even magical creatures too. Enjoy themed buildings from Hawaii to Holland and manage every aspect of your new brilliant farm. Farmandia Market Day Duck House in Farmandia Farmandia Animals Help Out Read More
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