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The Household 9.7 rate Start your very own household in this popular simulation game, The Household! Build up your farm by planting and harvesting crops as well as clearing your land of weeds and trees. You can also keep adorable farm animals and feed them so they’d grow. Think you have what it takes to build up a household? Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Plunge your shovel down on the earth and start up your very own household in this popular and fun-to-play simulation game, The Household! In this game, you’ll start with building up your farm by planting, growing and harvesting crops as well as clearing your land of weeds and trees. You can also keep adorable farm animals and feed them so they’d grow. You can even use the materials you’ve gathered to craft more advanced materials and goods too! As your farm blossoms and more buildings are added to your farm, your little household will expand into a thriving town with other characters moving in! Do you have the patience and the dedication to build a household you can be proud of? Play The Household to find out!


Before you start putting those hardworking green thumbs to good use, you’ll first need to create your character! Choose the gender of your avatar and customize him or her to your preference! There are plenty of customization options available - from physical characteristics, such as hairstyle and color, eye type and color and face shape, to a huge variety of clothes/ costumes and accessories (like hats). The best part is that almost all these customization options are available for free! Awesome, right?

Once you’re satisfied with the looks of your avatar, you’re ready to start your virtual life! There are a couple of important resources that you’ll need to keep an eye on in The Hosuehold. This includes money (obviously), food and wood. The easiest resource to obtain, in any substantial amount, is definitely wood... initially anyway. To get them, you’ll just need to spend energy points to chop down forest trees that are on your land. Each tree has its own “number of hacks” left and when all the wood is depleted, the tree will be uprooted and removed, effectively clearing up some space for you to place your buildings or crops later on! You can also use your materials to craft more advanced materials such as boards, bricks, beam and wooden planks. Crafting in The Household is instant, provided that you have the materials you need.

Sometimes, you may even experience a random encounter while clearing trees, like fireflies or a wild but harmless bobcat that you can take photos of (while using up energy points of course). There are also more dangerous encounters like hungry foxes. For this sort of encounters, you’ll have to use your energy points to fight the foxes off with your bare fists! Besides trees, you can also clear your land of any weeds, wild flowers and stones to free up some more space as well! By doing so, you may earn some bonus energy points and even collectibles, in addition to the usual experience points and coins.

“What are collectibles?” you may wonder. Well, every action that you’ve performed in your household may drop a collectible item that is related to the task at hand. There are many collections that you can complete, including cleaner’s collection (by clearing up weeds and stones) and chicken collection (by feeding chickens, including the baby chicks), to earn some special materials in return! For instance, by completing the cleaner’s and chicken collection, you can get stones and eggs respectively.

Food is another resource that you should gather in The Household as it is important to purchase more energy points from the market. To obtain food, you’ll need to create a garden. The game offers a large variety of crops – up to 56 different types - such as watermelons, a range of tulips, cucumbers, corn, rice, beetroot, peas, bamboo and many more! As they say, “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”. Thus, similarly to other farming games, you’ll need to plant, grow and harvest these crops in a timely fashion as the crops will wither after some time. Thankfully though, the duration before a crop withers is rather long (10 days - can you imagine that?), so you don’t have to get yourself too worked up about harvesting your crops on time.

Furthermore, the farming aspect of this game is rather different than in other farming games. You’ll still buy seeds from the market, but instead of needing to purchase garden plots, your seeds come together with their own plots! You just need to find a suitable spot to place them and that’s it! Besides crops, the game also offers quite an array of trees that you can plant too, like birch, apple, oak and fir trees. Most crops and trees are available for purchase right off the bat, though there are some that are level-locked or locked until you get enough friends added.

You can even keep animals as sources of food at your household as well! The types of animals provided are pretty varied. There are around 13 different animals in total, such as goose, sheep, hen, brown goat and pigs, though quite a lot of them are locked in a similar manner as to some of the crops. In addition, instead of purchasing the adult animal from the market, you’ll be buying the baby animals. So, technically, you’ll be buying a gosling instead of an actual goose. Thus, you’ll need to feed them, which uses up energy points. After certain number of feedings, these baby animals will grow up into adults that are able to provide animal produce. Do take note that all these crops and animal produce, when harvested, are grouped together as food, which you can trade in for more energy points at the market.

The last but most important resource in The Household is, without a doubt, money! The steadiest way to get more money at once is by constructing buildings, such as houses, winery, candy shop and many more, and then collecting the profits from them. The building process can be a tad bit tedious since it usually consists of several stages. Every click you make on the building, which uses up 1 energy point and some materials, will take you one stage further in its construction. After all the stages are done, you’ll still need to complete the construction, which requires special materials that can be obtained randomly via clearing weed from your land. You can also ask your friends for the materials or you can spend gems (premium currency) to buy more. With the addition of buildings on your farm, you’ll soon be able to develop your small farm into a thriving farming town!

To attract more people to your town, you may want to decorate your place with decorations as well! The game provides a rather lot of decorations that you can buy – from smaller stuff like folding stool and basket of cherries or wheat to larger stuff like a table set for a meal, campfire and tent. For players who love flowers, there are quite a range of flowers (patches of them) and flower bushes that you can buy and place to brighten up the place with their colors too! If you’re running out of space, you can expand your land by asking your friends for certificates and having sufficient money.

The Household is also a social game, so don’t forget to drop by your friends’ farms and help them out with some chores! Feed animals, harvest crops and remove thickets at your friends’ households to receive bonus energy point and fire (used in crafting). You can perform up to 5 actions on your friends’ households per day though, so do remember to come back tomorrow! Besides that, the game contains many more other features that will be unlocked only when you have the necessary items. For example, when you have your own lake, you can fish there to obtain fishes!


The community in The Household is rather large! There are almost 440 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page, and if you need dedicated friends to help you out with the many social aspects of the game, this is the perfect place to meet and add them! Not to mention, the community in this game is extremely helpful, so if you have any questions at all about the game, don’t hesitate to ask!

Graphics/ Sound

The Household contains graphics with a nice cartoonish look. The graphics may look similar in art style as to the game, Happy Family, but that’s just because both games are produced by the same company. Besides graphics, the game also contains a very enjoyable country music that is rather upbeat and suits the game perfectly. It may just be able to get you up and dancing to the beat!


All in all, The Household is a very well-developed and rather unique simulation game that allows you to enjoy a combination of a farming simulation and a town-builder rolled up in one nifty game. In this game, you’ll need to develop your farm first by planting and harvesting a variety of crops and trees as well as tending to and feeding your many farm animals. Clear your land of any weeds and wild trees to obtain the materials you need to construct new buildings that you can earn some profits from! As more buildings are added, your small household will grow and attract people to settle down in your booming farming town! Sounds like just the game you’ve been looking for? Well, don’t wait! Play The Household now!

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New Game Added: The Household

by Aethyna Jun 15, 2015
Start your very own household in this popular simulation game, The Household! Build up your farm by planting and harvesting crops as well as clearing your land of weeds and trees. You can also keep adorable farm animals and feed them so they’d grow. Think you have what it takes to build up a household? Play now! Flower garden in The Household The Household: Hen house Tomatoes in The Household Read More
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