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by Richard
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Cubic Castles 9 rate Cubic Castles is a 3D voxel-based create-your-own-world kind of adventure from Cosmic Cow. The game allows you to do anything you want; build, destroy, create and share. It promises to provide an isometric gameplay that has that old-school adventure game feel with fun sandbox elements. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Cubic Castles is a free to play 3D sandbox game that uses voxels as its art direction. The game lets you do anything from out of the box, you can do the usual platforming and adventure levels or you can just destroy the environment or maybe build it just the way you wanted.


The gameplay of Cubic Castles is very similar to the popular Minecraft game and the rest of the blocky sandbox game that also follow the success. You roam around the level and you can destroy any blocks and use it to create your own building or whatever you may like creating with.

The controls in the game is very basic that it would not provide any difficulty to any new players who are new to these kinds of games. You can move around the area with the standard WASD keys, for camera adjustment, you use the Q and E keys instead of the mouse. The spacebar is the standard jump function and when pressed twice, it can perform a double jump, and the third press will let you do a stomp action that can destroy or damage blocks that will be struck.

Interacting with objects can be done by left clicking on them, you can toggle from pulling out the blocks or just interacting with them, some objects will automatically interact with you when you approach them. You drag the tab below to open up your inventory, it contains all the looted items from the field and you can drag on the item to throw it out or put in an anvil for crafting. Clicking on the looted or crafted blocks lets you place them in your highlighted location, you can stack as many blocks as you may like.

The only problem with the game is the camera angle, you can only rotate your view but you cannot zoom in or out that lets you see the larger view of your area. This would leave to obstructed areas that were blocked by rocks or trees that still cannot be seen even if you rotate your view. Another concern is the required loading time when moving to a room in the same level. It takes around a couple of seconds to completely load the area regardless if it is small, this can consume more time if you are exploring an area.

You can create your own world or realm as what it is called in Cubic Castles. In your own realm, anyone can visit it and interact with you, however they cannot alter any objects in your realm except for you, but there are ways that will allow them to alter your realm through your realm settings. The same goes when you visit other realms.

There is an all action and platforming game called adventure mode. Here you can play the game like an ordinary platforming game. It starts off when you were summoned by three hooded figures in the middle of a desert and you lost your memories and you must travel to uncover the reason for your appearance to this world and regain your lost memories. It is more on action and platforming and building is disable so you can focus more on the gameplay.

There are a lot of premium item features in Cubic Castles. You can purchase gold blocks that are used as currency for the premium items, these items are mainly for cosmetics such as skins and hats to customize your avatars, though some of these items can be found in the game without spending, but the rare ones are only purchasable. There are some perks that you can purchase that lets you get bonuses in your realm of better stats. But you can still enjoy the game without actually spending.


A lot of players are active in Cubic Castles. And these are from different countries as players can see each other’s country flags beside their names to tell what country they are playing. You can interact with other players by chatting in the world chat or by just sending them private messages. You can gather at the public realm to interact with each other or visit other player’s realm and play with their world. This adds up a lot of replay value to the game as you can explore more worlds and enjoy building your own thanks to the community interactions.

Graphics/ Sound

Cubic Castles features an isometric viewpoint in 3D polygonal environment and characters. The designs are heavily inspired by Minecraft due to it being a sandbox game, but the developers made it a bit different by making the characters cuter. The sound effects are reminiscence to cutesy platforming sounds to blend well with the art design, and you can hear gibberish noises when NPCs try to talk to you which adds that comic humor. The game lacks any music that provides some mood to your experience which can be a let-down to some who prefer to have music.


Cubic Castle is a fun game for those who wants to enjoy a more simplistic Minecraft-like game. It has a healthy community that you can interact with and it also supports mobile devices. Though the camera controls may be an issue, it still is a great game. Those of you who want to experience a simple sandbox game can give Cubic Castles a try.

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New Game Added: Cubic Castles

by Richard Jan 20, 2017
Cubic Castles is a 3D voxel-based create-your-own-world kind of adventure from Cosmic Cow. The game allows you to do anything you want; build, destroy, create and share. It promises to provide an isometric gameplay that has that old-school adventure game feel with fun sandbox elements. Cubic Castles: Warp to another realm Hanging out with friends in Cubic Castles Cubic Castles: Farming Read More
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