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by Richard
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Villagers and Heroes 10 rate In Villagers and Heroes, you get to explore and do other sorts of adventure in this massive sandbox game combined with MMORPG elements. Play as either a warrior, a mage, a ranger or a priest, and pick which profession you would master. Sounds like fun? Well, it is time to start your journey - play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Villagers and Heroes is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG that combines the aspects of sandbox gaming where players can create their own houses and farms and explore the entire world on their own pacing. It also features some of the RPG elements found in the game such as crafting and farming plus the basic combat that gives a wide variety of options for players to interact.


The game puts you into a medieval fantasy world of the Seven Realms where you play your own adventure and help uncover the secrets in the world of the Seven Realms. Its name was based on the seven major district dominions, from the four eastern kingdoms (Ardent, Stormhold, Greenhaven and Sunkentooth) and the three western kingdoms (Thorncrest, Halcyon and Glittermore). Each of the kingdoms has its distinct landscapes and people which can produce different classes and materials unique to its kingdom.


What makes Villagers and Heroes unique is the combination of an MMO game with RPG elements of quest hunting, loot collecting and character development and then a blend of sandbox games where players can create or build their own adventure. It has that mix of Minecraft and Everquest that would mix well and create a very interesting game.

At the start of the game, players will begin creating their own avatar, starting from designing its appearance up to its gender. Though the customization options on creating a very unique facial appearance may be limited, so some players who want to take their customization to the extreme may feel short.

Aside from the facial customization, players can select their preferred kingdom as this can provide certain perks and bonus and then picking a character class and other professions like blacksmithing, fishing, farming, tailoring and many more. These options will have its importance in the later parts of the game.

The RPG elements in the game is somewhat straightforward, you complete quests from NPCs that will also provide additional lore to the game, and these quests are mainly comprised of fetching items to talking at different NPCs and to killing a certain number of monsters. It is easiest and the fastest way to earn levels that will unlock more skills for your character and use some of the epic gear found from loot in monsters and bosses.

The controls are very similar that with any of the modern MMOROPG out in the market, the standard WASD for the movement along with a sidestep or roll movement when double tapping in any of the movement keys. Missing from the feature is the option to click on certain areas to move, especially on maps, which could provide convenience when exploring in farther areas. But the map feature in Villagers and Heroes provides easy navigation as it points you what you are looking for. Combat is very traditional, it depends on the damage per second basis when fighting, so it feels like you are exchanging blows with an opponent in equal amounts.

But the good thing with Villagers and Heroes is that the combat and quest hunting is not mandatory, as you can progress in your level by doing other things. And one of them is by crafting. You can choose from the different professions available in the game, and for every continuous usage of a profession, it improves it skills and increase levels, which in return will unlock more rare materials. The professions can help you gather materials needed for your house or for an epic gear if you prefer to do more hunting and questing.

There is also an item mall for players who want to spend more in the game. It features a lot of consumables that can provide convenience for players when adventuring, though these items can also be acquired without spending by means of completing quests or drop from monsters. There are also the cosmetics that are unique and can give players a much premium experience, though these items are required to be purchased with real money.


Though the game may be from an indie developer, the followers of the game is pretty big and active. There are some players roaming around the map interacting with one another. You can even join in certain guilds that will provide some benefits such as additional materials and larger storage. And you can even trade materials with one another.

Graphics/ Sound

Though the game may provide a large world to explore, the visuals are not that breath-taking like in some triple A games. With some minor details on the texture and having a cartoony feel on the art designers, it provides a more vibrant look into its world. The sound department still provides good amount music and voiced dialogues, like when interacting with NPCs and grunts during combat. The music is not that spectacular as some are very forgettable, but still enough to keep the mood when playing.


In the end, Villagers and Heroes may seemed like an early release of World of Warcraft, but it is actually not. As it provides a more sandbox feel to its game rather than a massive RPG world, it allow players to explore their game in their own pacing rather than following a storyline to reach the endgame. However there are some minor concerns in the game, but mostly in terms of control issues, but in regards to gameplay balance, the game is very entertaining to play and gives a whole new experience.

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New Game Added: Villagers and Heroes

by Richard Dec 8, 2016
In Villagers and Heroes, you get to explore and do other sorts of adventure in this massive sandbox game combined with MMORPG elements. Play as either a warrior, a mage, a ranger or a priest, and pick which profession you would master. Sounds like fun? Well, it is time to start your journey - play now! Villagers and Heroes: Tending to sheep Character customization in Villagers and Heroes Villagers and Heroes: Magical combat Read More
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