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Ylands 8 rate Ylands is a sandbox and a game creation title rolled into one experience. Here you can create anything you want, from small houses to large, populated worlds and even full-fledged games. Apart from creating your own, you can explore other players’ creations and experience them. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Games where players create vast worlds and different experiences are gaining a lot of traction. Great examples include Minecraft, Conan Exiles, Ark: Evolved, and Rust. Ylands belongs to this rather stellar cast but instead of just letting players create buildings and edit the world, this title enables them to make bite-sized games to large-scale immersive experiences, much like in the new PS4 exclusive, Dreams.

Now free-to-play, Ylands lets players jump into developer-made games and player-made experiences at their leisure. More importantly, you can explore the vast corners of your mind and gather every ounce of creativity to bring your ideas to fruition. With that said, should you give it a shot or are you better off playing other titles? Before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


There’s really not much of a plot in Ylands, except if you buy and download the paid Exploration DLC which is the game’s survival aspect. With that said, it dishes out free access to the creative tools as well as the creations of other players.


The first thing you’ll notice when you dive into the screen is the different modes on the home screen. Ylands presents various minigames, both made by the community and the developers. Meanwhile, Playlands is like a social hub. Here, players can gather around in a courtyard in front of a castle in a floating island and chat, play dress-up, and access a variety of minigames to play. Although the games themselves feel wonky, unrefined, and you cannot compare it to full-fledged triple-A titles. For example, there’s a game that lets you play mini-golf and even a battle royale. Granted, there’s a lot you can play, so it’s best to explore what’s available on the “All Games” tab.

If you’re someone who absolutely loves to build and create, you’ll have a lot of fun at Ylands. In Sandbox mode, you’ll have access to its robust creation tools. From there, you’ll be dropped into your very own set of islands where you can do whatever you want. Building a structure - like a castle, a house, or even a modern skyscraper - is like painting a picture. Even if you don’t have any creative or artistic tendencies though, the game makes it easy for you to create. The menial things, like selecting which pieces to use or repositioning the camera, are quite intuitive and easy.

Though it takes time to get used to the controls and the interface, take your time and explore. There are just countless options and building elements you can use, like concrete blocks or wooden planks. As for the game types, you’re free to choose. You can opt to create RPGs, survival games, shooters, and even sports games.

Let’s say you’ve managed to create a game or even a full-fledged world where players can explore and have fun in. What’s next? Well, you can share it with the community and when it gains traction or if it’s good enough, it could end up being featured on the front page. You can also ask for donations (paid through in-game currency) from players who entered and played on your world with in-game currency, conveniently called “Coyns”.

In addition to the Steam version, the game also has a mobile version - available on iOS and Android - that you can link your account. Though the features available there are quite limited, you can still access various games, Playlands, and of course, the sandbox mode.


Ylands has a large and robust community of players and creators. With that said, you’ll never have a shortage of games to play and worlds to dive in, potentially giving you hundreds of hours of playtime. In addition, it has a huge community on its official forums, as well as an active Steam Community, and more than a thousand Redditors. Moreover, if you need tips and guides, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that provide help.


In terms of presentation, you’d think that a game creation tool like Ylands wouldn’t look good. Thing is, it’s one of the most beautiful roly-poly games out there. Though it’s not as detailed as other games are, it’s absolutely beautiful. The lighting and the vibrant colors pop out, making the world - whether you’re in a vanilla sandbox or a fully-customized world - way more beautiful.


Overall, Ylands may not be the most popular sandbox game out there, but it manages to entertain and dish out not just a single experience, but a whole lot more. With its robust creation tools, it can potentially kick off your interest in game design. Though the developer and community-made games aren’t exactly as deep as you may want them to be, they hold up fairly well, and are definitely fun with friends around.

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Ylands is a sandbox and a game creation title rolled into one experience. Here you can create anything you want, from small houses to large, populated worlds and even full-fledged games. Apart from creating your own, you can explore other players’ creations and experience them. Home menu in Ylands Playlands mobile world Platforming level in Ylands Read More
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