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Pokémon Go 9.5 rate Set off on an epic Pokemon adventure as a budding Pokemon master in this incredible augmented reality game, Pokemon Go! Do you have what it takes to be “the very best like no one ever was”? Well, dive into the wonderful world of Pokemon today and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Leading the charge in augmented reality games, Pokemon Go is not only a pretty revolutionary title – it is definitely one of the most hyped game thus far. That’s not at all surprising, considering that the game franchise has millions of fans who are all too eager to head off on an epic Pokemon journey of their own... and now they actually can – with Pokemon Go! In this game, you’ll get to capture more than 100 different types of Pokemon (with more Pokemons in the pipeline) in various locations around the map. Battle other players in gyms to prove you’re the best of them all! You could even trade Pokemon with friends (in the future), or venture off into the “wild” with your team of budding Pokemon trainers to “catch ‘em all”. Do you have what it takes to be “the very best like no one ever was”? Well, dive into the wonderful world of Pokemon Go today and find out!


To start playing, you’ll first need to pick an avatar to represent you in the semi-digital world of Pokemon Go. You can choose between playing as a male or a female Pokemon trainer and you can then customize his or her looks by changing the hairstyle, hari color, facial features, clothes and even every trainer’s trusty backpack. Once you’re done, simply add in a username and you’re good to go!

Greeted by Professor Willow, you’ll begin your journey in Pokemon Go with your very own and your very first starter Pokemon. You can choose between the iconic fire (Charmander), grass (Bulbasaur) or water (Squirtle) Pokemons, though if you refuse to choose any of them, apparently, you'll be given a Pikachu instead. With your chosen Pokemon by your side, you can then go out into the real world and start hunting down other pocket monsters in the region.

Unlike the traditional Pokemon games that you may have played before in the past, Pokemon Go actually requires you to have your trusty smartphone in your hand, and perhaps even strapping on a Pokemon-themed backpack and cap, and go out your home to explore. By traveling around (by foot, bicycle or even car), you will have a chance of bumping into a Pokemon encounter that will allow you to fill in another gap in your Pokedex.

Pokemon encounters are pretty much random, so you might want to let the Pokemon Go app run in the background as you go about your errands. When a Pokemon appears, your phone will vibrate to notify you of the encounter. You can then face the wild Pokemon using the camera option on your phone or using the default, non-AR background.

Now, how do you capture a Pokemon in Pokemon Go? It’s surprisingly easy in some ways. As opposed to needing to battle the wild Pokemon and reduce its health to a low enough level for capturing, you simply need to play a mini-game of sorts. In this mini-game, you’ll need to aim and throw your Pokeball at the correct location within the “capture circle” to maximize your chances of a successful capture. Naturally, you should aim for the green circles for possibly a higher chance of success but definitely to earn more experience points. Although the thrill of having to battle a wild Pokemon is lost in this game, the game design is well-warranted – After all, you wouldn’t want to get stopped too long to battle a wild Pokemon while you’re in the middle of something right?

There are over 140 different types of Pokemons at the moment and that number will definitely increase over time. In fact, the game is going to reportedly release another 100 (next gen) Pokemon at the end of this year. After all, the Pokemon franchise has hundreds of Pokemons so there are definitely plenty more to go!

Not to mention, you can also capture the same type of Pokemon multiple times. This is actually a main aspect of the game since each Pokemon is given a Combat Power (CP) value. Of course, the Pokemon with the higher CP will deal more damage during battles. To get Pokemons with higher CPs, you can either try your luck at capturing one or you could pick the Pokemon with the highest CP that you have and raise it using Stardust and the Pokemon’s specific candy. You can get Stardusts by capturing any wild Pokemon while you can get the candy by capturing only duplicates.

Pokemons can also “level up” by gaining experience and they can earn experience whenever they are used in combat. With every level up, your Pokemon will increase its CP and health points. Pokemon Evolution is another way for you to power-up your current Pokemon as well. All you need to do is to capture the same Pokemon multiple times to fill up the evolution shard meter.

Besides Pokemons, there are also plenty of hideouts where you can collect free game items from. The goodies may range from more efficient Pokeballs like a Great Ball or an Ultra Ball to valuable consumables like Revive and Potions. If you’re lucky, you may even get a Pokemon egg. Pokemon eggs can be hatched simply by travelling. How many eggs you can incubate concurrently depends on how many egg incubators you have – all players have 1 unlimited incubator by default with additional purchasable incubators that can only be used for 3 times before breaking down.

Ready to test your mettle in Pokemon gyms? Well, Pokemon Go provides a slew of gyms that you can challenge; each of them is placed in a public and well-known location in real life. However, before you can go hammering on the doors to the gym, you’ll first need to pick a team to join. There are 3 in total – Red team or Team Valor; Blue team or Team Mystic and Yellow team or Team Instinct. Each team vies for control of the gyms in their region.

Whenever your team controls a gym, you can help your team out by stationing your best Pokemon there as one of the obstacles a gym challenger will have to face. You can also battle against your own teammates in a friendly fight to increase the prestige of your team’s gym. The higher the prestige, the more Pokemons your team can station there to defend the gym from the other teams. Your opponents will have a more difficult time capturing your team’s gym even if they can defeat the Pokemon lineup you have as they will need to reduce the prestige of a gym to neutral before they can claim it as their own. However, do take note that prestige drops a lot faster than it increases, so in other words, no matter how strong your gym may be, eventually, it will fall.

The combat in Pokemon Go is also a lot more simplistic than the other Pokemon games. Instead of having 4 skills to choose from, you’ll only get a lower-damage basic attack and special attack which you can only trigger by the “tap, hold and release” mechanic after filling up the attack meter. Interestingly, due to the mobile nature of the device you’re playing Pokemon Go on, you are actually given the chance to dodge attacks from your opponents.... that is if you can react fast enough. The combat in the game is much faster paced, making it quite challenging to play despite the lower number of attack options.

If you have any fainted Pokemons after a battle, you cannot simply bring them to a Pokecenter for a free revive. Instead, you can only use a Revive item or Potions to restore their health to a more battle-ready level.

That being said, Pokemon Go do provide Pokestops that are are located near busy and well-populated areas, where you can claim freebies, like various types of Pokeballs, Razz berries which can reduce the chance of a Pokemon from running away, Pokemon eggs, revives, and a range of potions.

There's even a cash shop in the game where you can buy items like lure modules, which increase the chance of a Pokemon appearing nearby, egg incubators, more Pokeballs, incense that can increase the chance of capture, and more. All of these can be bought using Pokecoins that in turn can be earned by stationing Pokemon in gyms and collecting the daily free coins, or by spending real cash.

Aside from the occasional glitches which can be easily solved by restarting the app, the only major downside of the game is that the app is a huge battery drain. Thankfully, there are many ways you can ease the load off your phone, such as bringing external power banks and turning off the camera option during encounters. Let’s not forget that since the app uses data from Google Maps, you can help reduce data consumption and battery use by downloading the map of the location you’re going to explore beforehand.


There are a huge community of Pokemon fans out there in the world and well, these fans will surely populate the community in this game since it’s basically what all of them have been dreaming of since they first decided that they wanted to be a Pokemon trainer. However since the game is only released in several countries – the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan to name a few, the community is still pretty small by global standards. That will all change once the game is released to the international community though. I for one would be one of the first to go on the Pokemon journey, that’s for sure!

Not forgetting that the game also segregates all the players into 3 main (guild-like) teams. You’ll definitely be able to have fun socializing with your team members and helping each other out in your mutual quest to the best Pokemon master there is.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the game are pretty awesome. I love the part where you can superimpose a virtual object – a Pokemon, in this case – into a real life scene using your phone’s camera. In terms of sound, the music does remind one of the old Pokemon games on the Nintendo.


Being an augmented reality game, Pokemon Go is incredibly fun and pretty realistic, especially for a Pokemon fan who has longed to be a Pokemon master all his/her life. It’s almost like a Harry Potter fan getting a letter from Hogwarts – it’s just magical and well, the fans will, in this case, be able to actually live out their Pokemon dreams and fantasies. Besides being able to actually travel the world searching high and low for as many Pokemons as you can find, you can have fun battling other players at gyms, trade Pokemons or go hunting for useful items hidden in the various hideouts scattered across the map. So, are you ready to set off on an epic Pokemon adventure of your own? If so, strap on your backpack and put on a cap - it’s time to become the Pokemon master that you know you can be!

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New Game Added: Pokemon Go

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Set off on an epic Pokemon adventure as a budding Pokemon master in this incredible augmented reality game, Pokemon Go! Do you have what it takes to be “the very best like no one ever was”? Well, dive into the wonderful world of Pokemon today and find out! Voltorb spotted in Pokemon Go Pokemon Go: Game map Gym battle in Pokemon Go Read More
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