Top 5 Free Games Like Minecraft for PC

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Can't afford to buy Minecraft? Well, here are the top 5 games like Minecraft that you can play for free! WWGDB - Top 5 Free Games Like Minecraft for PC

There are plenty of games like Minecraft out there on the internet, especially the tons of apps on the mobile platform. However, when it comes to finding the best Minecraft-like games for your PC, things might get a bit difficult. After all, not everyone who loves Minecraft can afford to buy the game. If you happen to be one of the many stuck in this dilemma, well, we have just the games for you. Introducing our Top 5 Free-to-play Games Like Minecraft for PC!



Taking the cake on this list is the hugely popular, voxel-themed, sandbox MMORPG, Trove! The game is a perfect blend of all that's good about Minecraft and yet has tons of fun RPG elements which changed up the whole gameplay.

The game itself is similar to Minecraft is many ways. Firstly, the game has a crafting pretty simplistic yet in-depth crafting system that's modelled after Minecraft. This means you'll need to have the correct crafting table/ tool in order to craft a specific item. The building aspect is pretty similar as well. Since both games are voxel-based, you'll be spending a lot of time placing 1 block after another as you build up your own hovel in the land you have staked a claim on. There are also many interesting creatures or monsters to fight, places to explore and places to dig into in Trove.

However, unlike Minecraft, Trove offers a more extensive character progression in terms of leveling up, skills-leveling and more. Best yet, Trove utilizes its sandbox aspect to allow players to create their own dungeons and submit them to the developing team for evaluation. If the dungeon is designed well enough (mainly not too ridiculously hard to defeat), the dungeon will be implemented in the game and other players can try their hand at conquering the so-called death trap you've conceived for a chance to win some amazing loot.

Trove definitely deserves its spot on the top of this list, and if you haven't tried the game, you may want to check it out. It's really that good! The game is also available on consoles.



The next game on the list is the popular and child-friendly sandbox game, Roblox. Although Roblox is technically a sandbox game, meaning that you are free to use the materials they have, which happens to include blocks, to build whatever you like, the game is not a "sandbox" in a way that's similar to Minecraft.

Yes, you are still able to create amazing structures on your own plot of land in Roblox and share it for all to visit, but Roblox is unique because it provides a ton of scripting options (along with their respective tutorials), allowing players even the younger players to be able to build their own games more easily. In fact, many have ventured to claim that creating a game on Roblox can be likened to using Scratch, another popular code-learning site. A number of the young game developers on the site have even pursued their tertiary education in game development or, in general, the IT fields too.

Since the game is free-to-play, it can be a tad bit restrictive though. For young players wanting to develop and publish tons of games, they might need to spend some real cash and purchase a Roblox Builders Club membership. Only then they will be able to fully utilize everything the game has to offer and maybe even make some extra cash on the side from selling virtual stuff in their games. Not much of a game developer yourself? Don't worry! You can choose to simply enjoy playing the wide variety of fun games other players have created as well.



Played straight on the browser, Kogama is another sandbox game that's more alike to Roblox in many ways than with Minecraft. It is child-friendly and has plenty of tools a player can use to build their own games using the voxels and functions (logic and advanced logic gates), such as time triggers, checkpoints, smoke, fire, light and pressure plates, or even helpful pickups like sword, various guns and health kits, available.

Kogama also has a healthy and thriving in-game marketplace where players can go to buy a variety of models using game currency, rapidly accelerating their game developing process. Unlike Roblox, there are no limit as to how many games you can create in Kogama. You can even invite your friends to build a game on Kogama together!

Of course, if you simply want to relax and have fun, there are tons of player-made games for you to enjoy. Simply pick the one you like and hop right in!



If you're looking for a game that's exactly like Minecraft, but is slightly nicer-looking and is free, well, you might want to drop by BlockWorld instead!

Available for Windows 8 (and possibly above) through the in-built Windows Apps Store on your PC, BlockWorld is a lot similar to Minecraft since the game is not inspired by Minecraft, but is built based on the game. Here, you can build whatever you like using the voxels you've collected from mining the game environment.

Although the gameplay of both Minecraft and BlockWorld is basically the same, the graphics in latter is slightly more varied and polished than the former itself. However, BlockWorld doesn't provide a multiplayer option the last we've checked and well, as the BlockWorld is still an indie game, the development of the game is quite slow in comparison.

If you're interested in a BlockWorld-like game with more RPG aspects, you might want to other game 2.0 Studios have also produced – CraftWorld. The game's only available on Windows Phones though.


Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles managed to snag the last spot on this list not only due to the game's fun sandbox MMO gameplay and adorable characters, but also because of the fact that this game is completely free to play!

In this game, you will get a realm to call your own. This is where you can create whatever you like alone or co-operatively with your friends. Once done, you could even invite your friends to visit you in your realm or you can go and join them at their own realms.

Like Minecraft, you'll need to mine for blocks and other raw materials before you can start building. Mining is a crucial part of Cubic Castles since it's also the main way for you to earn some cubits (game currency) as well. You can always sell off any extra stockpile of blocks that you don't need in a shop that you can build in your realm.

Of course, let's not forget that by being an RPG, there's character advancement in play. So, every block you mine will inch you closer to being a higher level in the game, allowing you to unlock new and better perks that in turn will make you a better miner.

Obviously, Cubic Castles isn't your standard "pure sandbox" game, but it's more Minecraft-y than Trove because of all the digging and building. So, if you love all the mining and building of Minecraft but you'd prefer it in an MMO setting, then you'll love Cubic Castles. Do give it a try!

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