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Angry Birds Friends 10 rate Angry Birds are back with a new game called Angry Birds Friends, where you can still play the same old game, but this time you can challenge friends for the highest score. Use the new power ups to defeat the evil pigs as they try to steal your eggs. Play it now on Facebook, Android or iOS! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Angry Birds Friends lets you play the most famous family of mad birds, but this time they are taking it to the competitive level. You can still play the same popular birds, but now you've got special power ups to help you fend off the green pigs so they can't steal your eggs again. You can also compete with other players or your Facebook friends on who can earn the highest score. Angry Birds Friends can now be played on Facebook.


Set in the world where round-shaped animals exists, it focus on the story of small cuddly birds that were enjoying their time with their family, until the evil green pigs started to steal their eggs just to be fried as pig meals. This caused the birds to become very angry and vowed to take back the stolen eggs from them. The story is very basic but enough to create a plot for the game to give some proper understanding in the game mechanics.


The objective of Angry Birds Friends is to eliminate the Green Pigs with the use of the available birds on your arsenal. All you have to do is fling the birds towards the green pigs and destroy as many obstacles and pigs as possible, you can use the destroyed structures in eliminating the pigs, but you have to make a well-placed shot in order to do so, one wrong move and you cannot eliminate the pigs in a single attack. You can adjust the trajectory and angle of the shot, so the farther you pull the slingshot, the longer the distance of the trajectory.

Each birds have their own special abilities that can become a big advantage in completing levels depending on how you use them. There is the basic red bird named Red that is the standard attack that you just throw and deals normal amount of damage, then there is also Chuck that can dash mid-air when executed, Blues is a tiny blue bird that can shoot three versions of itself when activated, Matilda is a large white bird that can shoot eggs below, then there is Bomb who can self-destruct when activated, and the giant Terence who dish out massive damage than Red when thrown. At a start of a level, there will be different set of birds that will become available and you cannot switch to different birds as they can only be used in a certain order.

The Green Pigs have different type, and each may require more damage to be eliminated, there some who have helmets for added protection, so it is important to plan your shots when dealing with them. And to help with your assault on the pigs, a new feature has been added for Angry Birds Friends. There are now the new power-ups that can provide a big boost to your birds. Some of them include increasing the trajectory of your shots, then there is one that lets you add a new Wingman to your birds that can either replace your current bird or add an extra bird for any last ditch effort to clear the level, there is also an pig tracker that helps you track your shots on the nearest pig or maybe a power up that lets you boost your damage to the structure or pigs. These power-ups have limited consumption and can be replenished by purchasing them.

And speaking of purchases, you can earn Angry Bird coins when clearing out levels, the better your performance, the bigger the amount of coins. Aside from purchasing more power ups, you can acquire new set of slingshots to upgrade your old one. It can also add some boost in terms of damage to certain structures like wood, glass or concrete, depending on what particular slingshot you equipped. Another alternative way to purchase these items is by real money, or purchasing the coins with real cash, though you can still enjoy the game without actually spending.

The game currently has few levels but more are unlocked every week to provide new set of content for the players to enjoy. However there are no other game modes available, which means you will only be stuck in one particular game mode, but there are weekly and monthly events to keep the content more engaging to the players.


Angry Birds has a large community, it is all thanks to its popularity from its first game, and it was since then carried on to other new titles. And in terms of player interaction, that is the newest feature for Angry Birds Friends, you can add your Facebook friends and challenge them to get the highest score in certain levels, and you can do comparison on who is on the top 3. If you are feeling competitive, you can take on Leagues, where each week you can get to challenge other competitive players in getting the highest score.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals are just the same as with the original. The cutesy animated creatures in 2D along with some real physics on the obstacles when toppled or destroyed. They also produced crazy screaming noise when thrown to add some novelty into the game. The background music may lack some tracks but the single track is already enough to make it more memorable to the franchise.


Though there are only minor additions to the game, it is still enough to keep players entertained for a social game. Angry Birds Friends still has its old magic and it works well even up to this year despite the mechanic is already a few years old. Players will still enjoy it and can now compete with other players around the world.

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New Game Added: Angry Birds Friends

by Richard Nov 3, 2016
Angry Birds are back with a new game called Angry Birds Friends, where you can still play the same old game, but this time you can challenge friends for the highest score. Use the new power ups to defeat the evil pigs as they try to steal your eggs. Play it now on Facebook, Android or iOS! Angry Birds Friends: Similar Angry Birds' gameplay By the beach in Angry Birds Friends Angry Birds Friends: It all came tumbling down Read More
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