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Pig & Dragon 8.3 rate If you are looking for a new Match 3 game then look no further than the spectacular Pig & Dragon! Find Dragon Eggs and raise them to help you collect orders and stop the nasty Pig from eating all of the food. With enjoyable gameplay and over 600 levels of actin there is everything you need right here. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pig & Dragon brings a whole new style to the Match 3 genre with a fun twist. Right from the start you are able to see how much fun this game can be, with lots of different fruits and vegetables to match in order to help the dragons find food, but they will aid you in your foraging. As you begin to play you will have a little help from a friend that will give you tips each time you come across something new.

You will have one dragon ready to help you from the start, he is called Peppy and is a red dragon. As you play he will gain experience points for each level you complete, these will add up to his level, which is important as the higher his level the more help he can give you. This is the same for all of the dragons and there are 6 different dragons that you can have as you play more of the game.

In each game you will need to collect the fruits and vegetables in order to complete the level, each level has different things that you need to collect, and as you progress you will find there are some items that help you, and occasionally blocks, nets or baskets that will get in your way. You can see what you need to collect on the left side of the screen, and it will say how many you have left to get or if you have completed part of the list.

When you make a match on the board, some of the fruit and vegetables next to it will gain 1 point. This point lasts for one turn, and if you then match an item that has 1 or more points these are added to the total. For example you make a match tof 3 peppers, one of them has 1 point on it, so your total collection is actually 4 peppers. If you manage to make another match next to an item that has a point but was not used, you gain another point there, so it becomes 2. The maximum number of points on any item is 9, so 3 carrots with 9 points each would be a total of 30 towards your order. Matching up vegetables that have lots of points is the fastest and best way to complete a level.

This is where the dragons are able to help you too, under each dragon is a bar that fills up. When the bar is full it will add its level in points to all of their color vegetable or fruit on the board. So Peppy who is red will add 1 point to every pepper on the board if you fill up his bar. If he was level 2, he would add 2 points to every pepper. As you can see this can be really helpful and add some pretty high numbers to the peppers which you may need to collect in a level. To fill up the bar, you just need to match the item that is the same color as the dragon, if you have more than 1 dragon, they will add points to only their color, but if you need berries and peppers, then Pepper and Beryl will be very useful by adding lots of points.

As well as the dragons, you can also increase the number of points on the fruits by matching 5 of one colour together. If you match into an L or a T shape you will make a butterfly that will add 2 points to the items of the color you matched. If you match 5 in a row either horizontally or vertically it will add 5 points to 2 of the items next to it, which normally means you get 6 points on one of your fruits or vegetables.

As you work up through the levels you will also find a couple of different things for you to collect. There are flowers that appear under some of the items in your board. You can move the flowers as normal, and when you make a match with the fruit or vegetable on it you will collect both the flower and that item. However every time you make a match the item on a flower changes to a different one. So a Lemon will turn into a Pepper and on the next turn it may become a Berry. This can be quite fun and it brings an interesting change to the levels.

Another often seen feature is the water barrels. These barrels will add 1 point to everything on the line that they are on when you make a match next to them. This means that every match you make will give you points on lots of items. That sounds great and it is very useful, especially on a Gem level. The downside is that these barrels do not move at all, so you may find they block a match that you need to make.

As well as the special items there are also boosters that you can use in the game. Divided into 2 different sets that you choose either before you begin a level or for you to use inside of a game. Before the level starts you can spend some of your gold coins on boosters that will give you a jump start. You can begin play with 1 point on all of the fruits or vegetables you have a dragon for. Another booster gives you 2 extra moves or can double your score. These are unlocked as you play and they are worth using when you know you need them, rather than using your coins every time, play a level a couple of times first and see if you need it.

The in game boosters are also unlocked as you level, and there are several different things you can do, from clearing everything in one line to adding a point to every single fruit or vegetable you need. You will receive 3 for free when you unlock the booster, and also for every section of the game you complete you will get 2 of one of the boosters for free. When you run out you can spend diamonds to replace them.

At the end of each stage you will have a Pig level, here the pigs will try to eat all of the fruits and vegetables and you need to use your dragons to scare them off. The Pigs have a certain amount of health, and each time you fill up the dragon bar it will shoot the pig and remove some of its health. When it is 0 the pig will run away and leave the food alone. You also need to complete the collection orders too, so beware that removing the pig is not the end of the level. The dragons will also full up all of their colored item too as well, so you still get that benefit.

As you play you will discover more items to collect and different challenges that are placed in your way. This keeps these games fresh and fun to play, and as your dragons get more levels and you have more available you can really rack up the points quite fast. Overall there is a real sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that comes with Pig & Dragon and it can be really fun to play.


There are over 1 million players for Pig & Dragon worldwide and there is a very active community surrounding the game. As well as this there are lots of updates and new levels that come out so there is always something to do in the game, which is really nice and can keep players interested.


Pig & Dragon is a really cute game to play and has a really nice simple layout. When you make matches you can easily see where your points go, and when the dragons add their special abilities to the game board. There is a pleasant background music to the game and the sounds are quite fun and cutsie too, though after a while they can both become a little frustrating as they loop a lot.


If you are looking for a fun new game then Pig & Dragon is a really good one to try, there is a really nice feeling when you play and there is a smooth entry for you too so the game is not really hard really quickly. The dragons is a nice addition to the match 3 genre and it brings something unique to this game. There is a lot of fun to be found here and it is well worth a visit to the farm.

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Dec 18, 2014
If you are looking for a new Match 3 game then look no further than the spectacular Pig & Dragon! Find Dragon Eggs and raise them to help you collect orders and stop the nasty Pig from eating all of the food. With enjoyable gameplay and over 600 levels of actin there is everything you need right here. Pig & Dragon Pig Level Flowers Level in Pig & Dragon Pig & Dragon Barrels Read More

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I'm have a hard time going to my other game now ,i've beat the level and it won't chat now please help me I'm still playing 340 and I want to move to the next level but it won&apos...Full Review
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