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TORIKO: Puzzle PVP Game 9 rate Match up cute little squarish birds called Toriko in a unique way in this competitive match-3 puzzle game, TORIKO! Chain up your matches, earn combos and send your opponents “gifts” to slow down their progress. Do you have what it takes to get huge win streaks and be among the elites on the leaderboard? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Match up cute little squarish birds called Toriko in a unique way in this competitive match-3 puzzle game, TORIKO! Chain up your matches, earn combos and send your opponents, be it an AI or an actual human player, “gifts” to slow down their progress. You can even send Toriko emojis to your rival during a game to say hi or just to taunt them. If you have a hunger for highly competitive and challenging match-3 game that relies primarily on quick reflexes and a good eye for combos, TORIKO is definitely a game you’ll want to try.


TORIKO starts off with a nice tutorial that teaches you how the game works. Basically, to play, all you need to do is to swipe at least a Toriko bird down to put it into your tray and then swipe upwards to match it with other birds of the same color.

Sounds a bit like a bubble shooter game, doesn’t it? But wait, that’s not all! You can actually swipe down multiple times, meaning that you can stack up the birds you collect in your tray (as long as they are of the same color), before swiping upward to make a match.

Not to mention, unlike a traditional match-3 game, there’s a huge orange button at the bottom of the board that you can press and hold to spawn new rows of Torikos for you to match with. Why would you want to do that you wonder? After all, if the rows of birds manage to reach the bottom of the board, then you’re done for.

Well, it’s a pretty risky move I’ll have to admit, but it’s quite strategic. By having more rows and possibly larger clusters of Torikos that have the same color, you can obtain more combos that will super-charge your score. Of course, there’s also the nice little side-gift – additional rows of Torikos - that you’ll be sending to your opponent, catching him/her unawares.

That said, in TORIKO, the main factor that will determine whether you win or lose a match is not only the strategic aspect, but also the speed. If you are able to make 2 matches within the short duration where your opponent is only able to make 1 match, you can easily overwhelm your opponent with more rows than he/she can handle. It’s simple math!

By making combos, you can also send some unique blocks that will slow your opponent further. There are egg blocks that will need to be cracked first into torikos before matching them up; frozen birds which have a layer of ice than can only be thawed with a match; and bubbles – their only purpose is to prevent you from making combos. Sometimes, you may find some electro birds among the unique blocks you receive. These birds are there to aid you as they will clear all the other birds of the same color on the board when matched.

Aside from special blocks, there are also weapons and items that you can use to either give your opponent some grief or to provide yourself with some relief. Weapons are the stuff you can send to your rival to make it difficult for them to make matches. There is a variety of weapons, including pinwheel which turns all your opponents’ blocks transparent for a limited period of time; paintbrush that paints your rival’s board black; blitz which will summon 3 waves of attack, and bomb that will shake your rival’s board.

Items, on the other hand, are stuff that you can use on your own board to help ease off some of the attacks sent by your opponent. They include Wild Lightning that will clear the last 4 rows of each column; Wild Bird which will summon an electro bird that can be matched with other birds of any color; and Rally that will rearrange all the birds on the board by color, clearing all the bubbles in the process.

Most of the items and weapons are unlocked at certain levels, but some of them will require you to have enough Feathers (game currency) to purchase them. Feathers are earned by playing matches though you can watch a video ad at the end of every match to double the feathers you get. In addition to selling more feathers, the shop also sells a permanent feather booster for real cash. Don’t forget to equip your new items and weapons to bring them to the “battlefield”.

In TORIKO, you also get to choose which game modes to play. There are 3 modes in total, namely Training, Link Battle and PvP Battle. In Training mode, you’ll be battling an AI that can interestingly improves as long as you’re winning. In some way, the level of the AI you’ve finally lost at can be equated to your actual skill level in the game.

Link battles and PvP battles, on the other hand, are multiplayer modes. Link Battles allow you to duel your friends while PvP battles will put you up against a randomly matchmade player from all around the world. For PvP battles, there are win streaks to maintain and ranks to attain just so you can slowly but surely climb up the leaderboard. That said, I find it hard to get an opponent for the PvP battle, so you’ll probably be playing Training or Link modes more often.


The community in TORIKO isn’t very large and hence, it might be difficult to find a match in the game’s PvP Battles game mode. That said, it’s nice to note that the game has an in-match chatting system that’s primarily based on cute little Toriko emojis. More emojis can be unlocked as you level up or purchased using feathers.

Graphics/ Sound

TORIKO has really kawaii graphics – just look at how adorable the little birds are! It does bring to mind the birds from Angry Birds, though all the birds here are more friendly-looking. Interestingly, the game provides no music, but during a match, you’ll notice that are there sound effects, namely that of birds popping out of existence, when you make a match.


In short, TORIKO is a rather interesting match-3 game not only because of its competitive nature, but also the unique gameplay. It’s rather disappointing that it can be hard to find a match in the PvP Battle mode, but if you enjoy playing the game, do recommend it to your friends and help the community to grow. You’ll then be able to enjoy a good battle, get win streaks and rank up on the leaderboards.

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New Game Added: TORIKO: Puzzle PVP Game

by Aethyna Jun 17, 2017
Match up cute little squarish birds called Toriko in a unique way in this competitive match-3 puzzle game, TORIKO! Chain up your matches, earn combos and send your opponents “gifts” to slow down their progress. Do you have what it takes to get huge win streaks and be among the elites on the leaderboard? TORIKO: Using paintbrush on your rival Level up in TORIKO TORIKO: Send and receive cute emojis Read More
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