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Toy Blast 9 rate Match the same color cubes under the toys and try to bring the toys down to the ground. With every chapter you will encounter new toys and new challenges. Are you ready to have some fun? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Help the young girl collect her toys in Toy Blast, an exciting and addictive matching game that has a gameplay that mimics Pet Rescue Saga! To do so, you’ll need to match up same-colored cubes under the toys in order to bring the toys to the ground. The game also offers a huge variety of in-game goals and obstacles that keeps the gameplay fresh to the tentative end, while you wait for them to add more new levels to the game! There are even boosters that you can buy to tackle those much tougher levels. If you love playing Pet Rescue Saga or any other similar games, well, Toy Blast should definitely be added to your Facebook library of games. You won’t regret it, guaranteed!


The game starts you off immediately with a tutorial at level 1 after logging in! To play this game, you just need to click on 2 or more matched (same color) cubes to collect them. However, there are special cubes that you can earn if you managed to match up 5 or more cubes in one go!

For instance, by matching up 5 or 6 cubes, you will earn the rotor. These rotors are randomly assigned a direction, either vertical or horizontal, while they are formed. Rotors are able to clear either an entire row or column, depending on the direction of the rotor. For 7 or 8 cube-matches, you’ll be rewarded with the explosive TNT! TNT clears its neighbors in a 3x3 square around it when you clicked on it. The best special cube in Toy Blast is definitely the puzzle cube, which is formed when you match 9 cubes and above together. Puzzle cubes are able to collect every cube of its color when clicked on.

You could even combine 2 or more adjacent special cubes to create a super-duper special cube that will automatically be triggered to unleash its amazing effect! For example, by combining the puzzle cube with the rotor, you’ll turn all the cubes with the same colors as the puzzle cube into rotors! You could also try combining rotor with another rotor instead – you’ll get a super special rotor that clears both row and column! Awesome, right?

Though there is no time limit in this game, you are given limited moves for each level. Thus, every move you make is very important in Toy Blast! However, thankfully, the game is not as difficult (initially anyway) and you can easily obtain the maximum 3 stars for each level even if you screwed up a couple of moves in the game. Furthermore, once you’ve completed a level, all your leftover moves will trigger the Toy Blast mode, whereby randomly selected cubes will turn into TNT or rotors and they will be automatically activated, taking other cubes along with them while giving you bonus score points! You can never have “too many” score points after all!

Toy Blast provides very simple game mechanics and gameplay and yet the game can be pretty challenging as well! The game increases its difficulty level by adding in obstacles such as beach balls, bricks (white and black), caged cubes and many more! Each of these cubes will require different number of matches nearby before they can be removed. For instance, white bricks can be removed with just 1 match, but with an addition of 1 black brick onto the white one, you’ll then need to perform 2 matches in order to clear the brick. However, most obstacles can be cleared by just 1 match.

Moreover, the game offers a variety of game modes to keep things interesting and fresh. The first and most basic game mode requires you to collect certain colors of cubes until the goal is complete. However, as you progress into the game, you’ll encounter goals like “Bring the toys to the ground to collect them” or “Make enough matches to pop all the beach balls on the board”. Quite often, you will also encounter levels that contain goals which seem to combine any or all of the above game modes mentioned. Toy Blast can be a rather ‘ruthless’ game that way!

Thus, for this kind of levels, it may take you a couple of tries before you can get through it. Each time you failed though, 1 of your 5 lives will be lost. These lives will be regenerated at a rate of 1 life per every 30 minutes, but you can always speed things up by buying the lives outright using real cash.

To avoid unnecessary lives lost in Toy Blast, you may want to consider purchasing boosters to help you out with a tough level. You can spend some money to start a level with rotors, TNTs or puzzle cubes. There are also toy tools that you can buy while you’re playing in the game too. Some examples include the drill and the train. The drill is able to clear any cube or item on the board while the train works like a horizontal rotor and is able to clear every cube in a row. These boosters can be very useful when used properly – it may even determine whether you’ll win or lose a level! So, be sure not to waste those free boosters that are given to you!


Toy Blast has almost 100 thousand likes on its Facebook page and that number is increasing gradually as its player base increases. Its fan page is a great place to meet and add new friends who share a similar liking to the game as you do! With new friends, who play Toy Blast, you can set up a gifting ring, whereby players in the ring gift other players more lives and receive lives in return. It’s a win-win situation! If you needed help with any of the levels, you can try asking the more experienced players on the fan page too!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the game suit perfectly to its toys’ theme. Everything in the game is bright and colorful! The background image for the game as well as for its map interface is beautiful in its cartoony way too! If a score was to be given to Toy Blast purely for its graphics, it will have earned a solid 9 out of 10. The game also contains a very cheerful-sounding music. It is the sort of music that you’d hear in a Disney adventure movie while the protagonist is journeying through a beautiful and magical place! The game’s sound effects are pretty impressive too!


In Toy Blast, your help is needed to collect the missing toys of a young girl via a very addictive matching game! Although the game mimics generic matching games in many ways, it stands out by providing special cubes that you can get when you match big chunks of same-colored cubes together! The game also offers a huge variety of in-game goals and obstacles that keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting and there are even boosters that you can buy to help yourself out from some of the tougher game levels. All in all, if you’re a huge fan of games like Pet Rescue Saga, then Toy Blast is an excellent choice of game for you! Do give it a go!

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Need more explanation

1) You need to give tutorial/ more explanation on how the "fans" work or the "blue and pink" rings work.
2) When you earn time 2 hours or 24 hours should be the actual play...Full Review
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