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by Aethyna
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Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch 10 rate With a unique gameplay and interesting mechanics, Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch is definitely not your average match-based puzzle game. Experience what this game has to offer, hatch and collect a series of adorable dragons, and uncover more worlds to explore in this brilliantly innovative casual game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch is currently in its beta phase. We'll be updating our review once the game is released, especially if there are any major changes.


Here to revolutionize how matching games should be played is this brilliantly-designed and completely unique, casual puzzle game, Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch! In this game, you’ll be matching at least 2 – not 3 – gems together to “upgrade” a gem and complete the level. Hatch a new dragon’s egg to uncover new worlds filled with more exciting puzzles to solve. If you’ve been looking for a casual matching game that’s one-of-a-kind, look no further than Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch. This game will wow you!


Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch is not at all like any of the matching games you might have played before, and due to this, the game starts off with a detailed tutorial teaching you how to play the game in a step-by-step manner.

Basically though, instead of needing 3 gems to make a match, you just need a minimum of 2 gems in this game. However, you can clear entire clusters of gems of the same color as well. As opposed to pressing on a gem and swipe to make a match though, you actually need to tap to select a gem or a cluster of gems and tap again on a neighboring gem to match it.

Once a match is made, the matched gem is then upgraded by a rank. So, the most basic purplish-white gems can be combined to make a yellow gem, while yellow gems can be matched to make a green gem, and so on and so forth. The entire “hierarchy of gems”, if you will, can be a bit difficult to remember at the beginning, hence, you should make use of the info button at the top.

The interesting thing about this game mechanic is that – and you’ll probably realize this yourself after just a few levels – this game offer some rather strategic gameplay too since you’ll need to decide which gem to fuse all the other gems to. The position of that second tap during a match is incredibly important for further fusing. You can get a meddlesome gem away from the match you need to make or direct an upgraded gem to the location you need on the board simply by planning where to place your second tap.

Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch also has a combo system that will add multipliers to the score of your next match. Best yet, combos can be chained up together, allowing you to accumulate multipliers up to a maximum combo of 10x. Combos that you make even have another beneficial effect – they will freeze the moves counter... and yes, like most casual puzzle game, there’s a moves counter in this game.

If you ran out of moves, you’ll fail the level and will lose a life, but if you have any leftover moves, they will all be used up to grant you extra points in a bonus round at the end of the level. Aside from having limited moves, you’ll also start to encounter obstacles as you progress to the later levels, including mud tiles that can be cleared by matching the gems on top of them, rocks that can be destroyed by matching near them, and ice tiles.

The level progression in Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch is quite different as well. Every dragon you get offers a new world for you to play in, and currently, there are 5 to 6 dragons, and hence, worlds, available. Each of these worlds contains multiple levels with another dragon egg at the end for you to hatch. Like most casual games, you can earn up to 3 stars per level.

The dragons don’t only unlock new worlds, they also have their own power-ups that you can then use in the game. For instance, Buster, your second dragon, has a special fireball ability that allows you to destroy any gem or tile. These power-ups will be transferred to later worlds as well, but in order to use them, you’ll need to spend coins. Coins, in turn, can be earned by simply playing levels.

In the earlier levels though, if you really conserve your moves and plan ahead, you should be able to earn a 3-star rating for each level without needing to use any power-up. That way, you can save up your coins for the later and much tougher levels. If you need more coins, you could always buy more coins using real money.


Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch is a new game that is not yet officially launched, and hence, I’d say the game community is still fairly small. However, due to the Best in Show: Audience Choice Award that it has won in the Casual Connect event in Asia, the game has gained a certain amount of fame among indie developers and enthusiasts alike. The game community is likely to grow once it is released.

Graphics/ Sound

Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch may just be a casual game, but it is definitely a cute one. The gems look so pretty and the dragons are absolutely adorable. Personally, I like that the borders of the grid will change into beautiful rainbow colors once a combo is active. In terms of sound, the music used in the game is rather nice to listen to while playing.


In a nutshell, Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch is a very innovative, free-to-play match-2 puzzle game where you can hatch and collect various adorable dragons in addition to solving puzzles. The game’s unique and strategically-challenging gameplay sadly may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a casual puzzle game that’s designed to put your brain on the treadmill, this is definitely the game you need to check out. Try it today!

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New Game Added: Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch

by Aethyna Jun 9, 2017
With a unique gameplay and interesting mechanics, Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch is definitely not your average match-based puzzle game. Experience what this game has to offer, hatch and collect a series of adorable dragons, and uncover more worlds to explore in this brilliantly innovative casual game. Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch: Explore new worlds Getting a 10x combo in Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch: Big match Read More
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