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Planetside 2 10 rate Planetside 2 features large-scale maps that allow hundreds of players from each side to battle against one another in hopes of claiming victory over larger regions of Auraxis. Play as any of the six classes and bring glory to your faction. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Planetside 2 is an MMO first person shooter that is the sequel to the original that was released in 2003, it was developed by Daybreak Game Company; who owns some of the major MMO franchises such as EverQuest 2, DC Universe Online and Lord of the Rings Online. It features a massive battlefield where hundreds of players can compete from different sides on which faction will take over a territory.


The story takes place at the original Planetside game where it focuses on the fictional Auraxis; new planet that is rich in resources and three factions are waging war to claim territory on the said planet. The three factions include the Terran Republic which is an authoritarian colonial government, the New Conglomerate which are a band of freedom fighters who does not believe authoritarian rule, and the Vanu Sovereignty that is a cultist-like group that relied on ancient alien technology.


Most of the original aspects of the original Planetside were still retain but improved to compliment the updated visuals and core gameplay. Planetside 2 focuses more on combat with the improved controls and new level designs.

Starting a new game will let you choose which faction to join, there are only three factions in the game (Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty). Then you will opt to customize your avatar with a limited selection of option from facial appearance to skin color, and that is it. The game lacks any customization on your character at the start and you can change its outfit by purchasing it later on, either with in-game or real money.

You will then be placed in a tutorial mission, complete with a guide that explains to you the basics, from the basic movements mapped on the WASD keys, jumping on the spacebar and crouching on the left ctrl key, and it has a sprint function on the shift key. It also explains the combat system in the game, where each class plays differently and how to capture enemy bases.

There are five classes available, the light infantry, heavy infantry, infiltrator, medic, engineer and MAX suit. Each of them plays differently such as the light infantry having jetpacks to jump higher and infiltrators having cloaking devices and MAX suits having two equipped weapons simultaneously. Also you can check the loadout equipment of each class to give them different play roles, like replacing the assault rifle with a shotgun for the light infantry to make it strong in close range combat.

Just like in some games like Battlefield, you select a certain spawn point during match depending on the situation of the battle, your team can place a vehicle that allows spawn near an enemy base as long as it won’t be destroyed. You can spawn vehicles that you can pilot during the battle, and it feels like a futuristic Battlefield game. Keep in mind that controlling vehicles will have a different control layout and if your vehicle gets destroyed while you are still piloting it, you will also be killed.

The goal in every battle is to occupy the enemy base to claim its territory, and to do that, you need to capture key bases by entering it and activating the console. But other players will try to counter you and your team, so proper teamwork and communication is important. With hundreds of players joining you, the game can lag at some point if your PC can’t handle a heavy load of characters appearing on screen. You can look for a different game at any time during your match so it will be quicker to switch to a new server. You will be gaining experience when killing enemies and can earn achievements when completing certain tasks like killing enemies with a MAX suit or resurrecting allies with a medic.


There is an active community in both the PC and PS4 versions. Players can interact with each other through chat and during battles, they can coordinate with each other for a smoother battle plan. Switching to a different match is quick as you don’t need to leave your current match, you can start searching while you are still playing and will prompt you to move if a suitable room has been found.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals are impressive, but not that of a high calibre that we see in newer games. The character models especially on the facial appearance are very dated with jagged model faces, but the armor design and the weapons are impressive and can still compete with other newer MMO games. The soundtrack features some great scores that have epic tunes for that massive scale wars. There are also voiced dialogues to help out flesh the scene and not just simple one liners like throwing a grenade or yelling, these have longer dialogues that help you become aware of your surroundings and making it authentic.


Planetside 2 is one epic MMO shooter where a lot of players can join in a single match that will take more than an hour to finish. With a wide range of classes to try out, you won’t get tired of playing the same type. Fans of epic-size battles such as Battlefield will definitely enjoy this game as the mechanics feel so familiar, and even sci-fi fans will love this one thanks to the political backstory of each faction. So, if you have a powerfuk PC with a decent connection, you should get Planetside 2.

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New Game Added: Planetside 2

by Richard Apr 9, 2017
Planetside 2 features large-scale maps that allow hundreds of players from each side to battle against one another in hopes of claiming victory over larger regions of Auraxis. Play as any of the six classes and bring glory to your faction. Planetside 2: Finding an aircraft Operating a turret in Planetside 2 Planetside 2: Assaulting a watch tower Read More
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