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Argo 10 rate Become immersed in an online combat experience that is practically like no other, where a single mistake, a single poor decision could be the end of your line of duty. Learn to play smart quickly by using the terrain to your advantage or you may yourself and your squad dead faster than you can say Argo. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Argo is developed by Bohemia Interactive who have taken the original Arma 3 system and engine and fine-tuned it to be perfect for intense, online combat. There’s an unrestricted terrain for players to use and explore, as well as plenty of obstacles to use for cover whenever the need presents itself. Argo prides itself on being a hardcore and highly-tactical FPS title and it’s safe to say it is one of the closest games to that title out right now and it is completely F2P for all.


Argo doesn’t quite have the same sort of introduction you would expect from your typical FPS game, as it doesn’t have the player go straight into a tutorial. Instead, they give the player the option to pick from a selection of different game modes that change some of the rules around and typically changes just how fast or slow-paced you want the game, depending on what mode you decide to choose.

The majority of game modes have you playing in a 5-vs-5 setting, where it is one team against the other in an area that has plenty of terrain, plenty of houses and cover to hide behind or inside, as well as plenty of bullets flying everywhere you look.

In regards to most other FPS games, it controls almost exactly the same with its simple controls, but it does have a few changes here and there to make things a little more tactical for everyone playing. For instance, you can peak around a corner, so only a small fraction of your head is poking out so you’re that much safer when trying to push yourself further up.

To increase this tactile feel the game has got going on for it, there are also public voice coms for anyone willing to converse with the rest of their team. This is an element of the game that’s easy to appreciate, because it means if you’re working with a team that’s willing to coordinate with you, you can make tactile and strategic decisions that you might not be able to make in other FPS games and that’s what makes Argo a little more interesting.


Currently, you can go online and quite easily find a forum for Argo to discover new hiding spots hidden throughout the world, trade new tips and tricks that have been found, and even group up with a dedicated team to increase the player’s chance of winning. Since the game is still considered relatively new, Argo is building up more and more of a player-base as time goes by, so those forums do become a little more useful with every passing day and in a game that is this difficult and challenging, it’s nice to have that community support backing you.

Graphics/ Sound

Using many elements of the Arma 3 engine, Argo receives many of its best features, with the graphical fidelity being one of them. Character models are well designed, along with the terrain and the rest of the environment, but where this truly shines is in the weaponry. The developers have made sure to make the weapons as close to the real-thing in real life and that’s not something developers typically manage to get right, which is what makes the graphics for the game that much more impressive.

For the most part, the sound in this game is really quite well done. As many players would expect, the sound of the weapons when they are fired off sounds great and comes close to their real world counterparts; at least as best they can. With this sound decision, it actually makes firing your weapons a lot more fun and satisfying, which is something many developers don’t get right with their games.

One aspect of the sound that isn’t so well done is the voice acting of the narrator, which sounds like a very dull and monotone woman that periodically says “5 points to victory.” It’s a dull voice and doesn’t add to the experience of the game and while it may not be a massive detriment, it’s an unfortunate addition to the game.


Overall, Argo is a full conversion of the realistic, military shooter Arma 3, but it manages to take some of the best parts about it to create a hardcore, FPS multiplayer shooter, without being so hardcore that it’s hard to grasp. There’s a lot to learn when first playing the game, which can make it hard to approach for the first time, but if you can force yourself past it then there is a lot to learn for individuals that wish to try a more difficult and tactical FPS game that rewards smart plays.

For the time being, there are a couple of bugs and issues here and there, along with an irritating announcer that you can turn off at your leisure, but it’s all manageable for a good looking F2P game that offers something the FPS genre doesn’t get much of nowadays.

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by Other Contributors Aug 21, 2017
Become immersed in an online combat experience that is practically like no other, where a single mistake, a single poor decision could be the end of your line of duty. Learn to play smart quickly by using the terrain to your advantage or you may yourself and your squad dead faster than you can say Argo. Argo: Link game mode Armory in Argo Argo: Raid game mode Read More
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