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Marble Combat 10 rate Set in between the nostalgic 70s and 80s, Marble Combat takes what was previously a simple childhood game and turns it not only into a digital version of the beloved pastime but also gives the game a brand-new feel and a more competitive edge. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Marble Combat takes what was previously a simple childhood game and turns it not only into a digital version of the beloved pastime but also gives the game a brand-new feel and a more competitive edge. Put your marble navigational skills to the test via time-based challenges in single player or compete with others in a team either to capture points or score goals in a marble rendition of foosball!


Marble Combat is a surprisingly easy game to learn, but I’ve quickly realized that the game can be incredibly challenging to play. In fact, even the final task in the tutorial can be a tad bit difficult to achieve. I only managed it not by going the route the game designers obviously wanted me to take, but by using a more creative approach.

The game itself has generated quite the buzz mainly because of its unique multiplayer mode. There are two types of multiplayer modes for you to enjoy, namely “capture the point” and “marballs”. “Capture the point” is a game mode where marbles from two teams, red or blue, will compete to “hold” a point for as long as they can just so they can generate score points. They might want to “bump” out other team’s marble from the point as well to deny their opponents any points. At the end of the day (there’s a time limit), the team that reaches 1000 points first wins the game.

On the other hand, “Marball” game mode is slightly more interesting mainly because it’s a marble-lized version of foosball. The goal of the game is to score as many goals as you can for your team by “kicking” (you can use the “dash” key to “kick” the football) into the opposing team’s goal post. Of course, like real life foosball, there are many plastic people that move automatically in the game. So, you won’t just need to navigate the field and kick the ball carefully; you will also have to avoid being “kicked” by one of these plastic footballers straight into a wall yourself!

Now, although Marble Combat seems markedly more fun in multiplayer mode, the game does have a single player mode for those of us who just want to enjoy the game alone.

The single-player mode comes with 4 time-based challenges that you can choose to play – simply run your marble through their respective entrances, roll over the word “start”, and the clock will start ticking. These challenges generally test how well you can control your marble and how intuitive you can be to find creative ways to reach a potentially hard-to-reach area since you’ll only have 10 seconds to go from one checkpoint to another.

These challenges can be quite stressful though, and if you just want to roll around the map, you can play the single player mode as well. As long as you don’t go through any of the challenge gateways, you can roll anywhere you like on the map – the map is a kid’s bedroom – and explore.

You can also have fun interacting with the many interactable items in the game, such as circus cannons and mouse traps that will launch you into the air when you roll your marble into or onto (respectively) them. There are even musical instruments that you can play using your marble, and if you fancy a fun ride, you can hop on one of the carriages on the wooden toy train or grab an airlift from a paper plane or a makeshift hot air balloon.

From the very start, you’ll get two marbles to choose to play as, but as you complete achievements, you’ll unlock more marbles. You’ll also get to choose up to 4 abilities from the dozens available to use prior to entering a game (multiplayer only). Featuring abilities that let you use grappling hooks or turn your marble into a bomb, there are plenty that you can mix and match from to get the best ability lineup to augment your play style.

The only major downside for this game is that although the animation for the marble and the objects that it can interact with is pretty well-done, sometimes, the camera tends to get “all tangled up” if you happen to roll your marble under tight spaces or at the edges. When that happens, your marble may end up getting stuck. Thankfully, you can reset your marble if that happens. The in-game physics for the marble and the objects around the map in the game works really well too!


Despite having tons to offer, Marble Combat doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of players at the moment. I can’t seem to be able to find a full group of players to join me in a multiplayer match. However, it’s maybe because of my time zone though!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is simply astonishing, and the developers spared no expense in making the game as fantastic-looking as a child who enjoys playing with marbles would have liked. In fact, if you manage to get your marble close to a window, you can actually look out of it and see neighboring houses.

Plus, since the game is set in somewhere between the 70s and the 80s, you can probably spot tons of references to that time period like VHS tapes (also note the titles on those tapes, you might be amused!) and old-school game controllers. Even the music sounds realistically like those old-school radio tunes you’d hear in old movies. However, for some reason, there seems to be an annoying buzzing sound that covers the music from time to time.

As mentioned before, there are also musical instruments like the xylophone and an electric piano that you can actually play around with by using your marble. You can jump on the drums as well – they double as a trampoline too! – but I’ve noticed that the sound that comes out of it seems to be more like the sound of marble hitting solid ground. This is something the developers can change to make it more realistic.


Marble Combat is truly an impressive game that not only gives life (and love) to the age-old children’s game on the digital platform; it also provides players who had enjoyed playing marbles “back in the day” a strong sense of nostalgia. Personally, I think the map you get to play in for the single player mode is possibly the dream bedroom of any kid of that time period, and being able to explore every nook and cranny of the place as a marble just brings out the kid in me.

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New Game Added: Marble Combat

by Aethyna Mar 16, 2019
Set in between the nostalgic 70s and 80s, Marble Combat takes what was previously a simple childhood game and turns it not only into a digital version of the beloved pastime but also gives the game a brand-new feel and a more competitive edge. Marble Combat: Cannonball Unlock fantastic marbles in Marble Combat Marble Combat: Tutorial Read More
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