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Battle Carnival 8 rate Published by the very people behind Point Blank, Battle Carnival is a surprisingly entertaining MMOFPS game that blends the game features of popular character-based shooters like Overwatch with the gameplay of the age-old and yet iconic franchise, Counter Strike. The game’s currently in early access. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Published by the very people behind Point Blank, Battle Carnival is a surprisingly entertaining MMOFPS game that blends the game features of popular character-based shooters like Overwatch, Team Fortress and Paladins with the gameplay of the age-old and yet iconic franchise, Counter Strike. The game’s currently in early access and as such, it doesn’t have a very high population and many parts of the game are still labeled “coming soon”.


Battle Carnival has 3 game modes for you to choose from but out of the three – Normal, Rank and Practice – only Normal is available. Within this mode, you can play either Demolition or Domination. Demolition mode is a 5-vs-5, 3-min per round match where you and your opponents will try to plant or defuse the enemy bomb. Teams will switch between Offense and Defense after 5 rounds and play for a maximum of 10 rounds (or whenever a team wins 5 rounds). However, most of the time, the game turns into more of a Team Deathmatch (without respawns) gameplay where each team hunts down the opposing players instead

Domination mode, on the other hand, is a 6-vs-6, around 12-min per match game that is surprisingly not very popular among other players. This is because as opposed to having multiple checkpoints (and sometimes, secondary points) that you can eventually push like in Paladins or Dirty Bomb, this game only has 1 checkpoint and it expects your team to hold it to earn points or until the game ends.

In my experience, most of the time, many of the defending players got bored standing in place and wandered off to hunt down enemies or set up ambushes outside of the capture area, but if both teams are equally matched, which isn’t the case most of the time, then you may actually have some fun from the tug-of-war-like gunfights over the capture site.

In terms of maps, Battle Carnival has a nice variety for an early access game. Different maps are used for different game modes I reckon and since Demolition is the popular game mode, I’ve seen more Demolition maps (Casino, Proteus and the Shopping Mall) than Domination maps (Karma) unfortunately. But I’m pretty sure the game has more maps up its sleeves!

These maps are all very beautifully designed and are small enough to ensure conflict within the first few minutes after spawn. The bomb sites, A and B, are well-marked in Demolition mode, though, some players have complained that the maps are like mazes. Not to mention, spawning camping might become a problem in Domination mode, however, if one day more players decide to play it, but aside from that, I think their maps are pretty good overall.

Now, when it comes to gameplay, the characters you play are the key to determining your playstyle. All 7 early access characters are available straight from the start so you can have fun playing every one of them. Each character has their respective roles to play in the team mainly because these characters all have their own special abilities and weapon preferences. Sometimes, this makes certain classes uniquely poised to counter the characters on the enemy team.

In many ways, this reminds me of Overwatch since there are various characters for the many different situations that you find yourself in. And, like the game, you can also switch characters during respawn, but unlike the game, you will have access to the entire roster of characters to do so as opposed to having access to only the 6 you’ve brought along with you to the match.

For instance, if your team could use a healer, then you can play Cindy to give your team the support it needs. However, if the enemy team has Rhinos, you might want a shield-totting Phoenix on your side to help you push a bomb-planting site or a Killjoy to sneak behind their chokehold and stab the Cindy who’s healing all of those Rhinos to death.

Now, do bear in mind that the game’s in early access and plenty of tweaks are still needed to ensure that each class work well enough in the roles they are intended for. So, should you decide to try the game out now, you need to be prepared for “frustration” (a.k.a. raging) caused by some somewhat-overpowered (OP) character. Again, also remember that some characters are just better in certain situations or against a certain character and that this doesn’t mean a character is “OP”.

Characters aside, having a good aim and great head-tracking are still very useful skill to have in this game, or any shooter games in general. The controls are pretty much standard so you can quickly get into the game. Some characters, but not all, also have access to “secondary weapons” like knives, pistols, and in Rhino’s case, a friggin rocket launcher. You can switch between these weapons by tapping on the number keys they are assigned to. You have limited ammo to use as well so make sure not to waste them all shooting at a wall. You may not even have a knife to fall back to if you do.

Some players have complained about hitboxes but personally, I didn’t have an issue with that. Maybe they just missed due to latency or something. Talking about latency… this isn’t exactly a major issue since the game provides a server for every major region in the world, unless the region you’re in is huge. After all, playing on a server that’s on the opposite end of the region isn’t doing your K/D score any good.

Also, as the game doesn’t really have a lot of players in it, there isn’t a matchmaking system per se. Instead, the game has the basic match-balancing whereby one side will never have a lot more players than the other side. This is good enough for a low-pop game, but this isn’t a very good solution to the matchmaking problem… naturally.

What I really like about Battle Carnival is the Final Kill cam that it provides at the end of every match or round. You not only can watch a replay of the winning team’s final kill; if you’re on the said winning team, you can also “Like” the replay to give the player who made the final kill some extra experience points.

There are many other features which are “still under-construction” in this game, which includes Mission, Clans, Carnival Store and the in-game Shop.


The game cleverly avoided putting in an actual chat system, which can help when combating toxicity in competitive games. But in order to help players communicate, they have added in Radio Commands instead. These are pre-recorded dialogues that you can “shout out” to your teammates when needed.

The game apparently also plans on setting up a Clan system, but for now, it is not available.

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics-wise, I should point out that if you’re starting the game for the very first time, the visuals may look poorly optimized… and this is true. You may need to hop on over to the graphics settings and tweak things around for a bit, such as the resolution or switching from full-screen to windowed, before you can get sharper visuals.

The design aspects of the game, however, are pretty great as far as I can tell. I like the character models, the maps, and if you check out some of the game’s older Closed Beta footages, character skins.

The sound, on the other hand, may need a bit of tweaking I think. The sounds of footsteps while running only lets you know someone else is there but not exactly where that someone may possibly be. This, however, makes crouching great if you want to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

I particularly like the fact that the game provides a different lobby music when you change characters there. The music played seems to perfectly reflect each character’s origins and also personalities.


In short, Battle Carnival is a fun and really interesting hybrid-child of two of the biggest MMO shooter games in recent history, Overwatch and Counter Strike. The game does have problems that need to be addressed – it’s in early access after all – but you need to do your part to help the developers along by playing the game and sending them your feedback. To make this game work, they could use all the help from their fans and players they can get!

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New Game Added: Battle Carnival

by Aethyna Apr 27, 2018
Published by the very people behind Point Blank, Battle Carnival is a surprisingly entertaining MMOFPS game that blends the game features of popular character-based shooters like Overwatch with the gameplay of the age-old and yet iconic franchise, Counter Strike. The game’s currently in early access. Battle Carnival: Phoenix gameplay Adorable and quirky support character, Cindy in Battle Carnival Battle Carnival: Final kill cam Read More
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