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by Mikhail
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Combat Arms: Reloaded 10 rate Combat Arms: Reloaded is a multiplayer FPS where you get to face off against enemies in fast-paced and explosive firefights. Take control of your own merc and use different weapons, from assault rifles to rocket launchers, and hundreds more to choose from. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Combat Arms: Reloaded is a nostalgia trip. It’s basically an improved and polished version of the old Combat Arms, created by Nexon. Reloaded was passed over to VALOFE, another developer, in 2017. So far, they’ve done a great job improving the game, and in a way, it’s so much fun. Considering that it is free, it’s a great option if you don’t want to spend any cash on paid options like CS: Go, Call of Duty, and the Battlefield series.

Combat Arms: Reloaded is a nod and a shining beacon that old FPS multiplayer games can still flourish. Though its gameplay is visibly dated, it holds up well today. Thing is, it might fail to appeal to anyone looking for an in-depth and immersive experience. It plays and feels like older FPS titles like CrossFire and Special Force which are quite ancient when compared to newer titles. With that said, is Combat Arms: Reloaded worth a shot or are you better off with pulling the trigger elsewhere? Let’s find out what it has to offer:


There isn’t any sort of plot in Combat Arms: Reloaded since the game is essentially a multiplayer FPS. Regardless, the game is all about mercenaries. Imagine your character as a hired gun sent to battlefields across the world to perform a particular mission. That being said, each map/location has its own interesting backstory. It would have been great if the game provided any sort of backdrop into the game’s world to pique the interest of players interested in lore.


Compared to newer shooters, Combat Arms: Reloaded lags behind. After all, is a game that has been around for quite a while. If you’ve been exposed to FPS titles like Destiny and Destiny 2 and newer iterations Call of Duty and Battlefield, Reloaded feels clunky and unplayable. Note that it’s an arcade shooter, far from the semi-realistic angles most titles are going for. It’ll take you a while to get used to the rather aged gameplay mechanics. Nevertheless, everything else is a standard multiplayer FPS affair, from the controls and game modes.

To sustain the good run of multiplayer games, developers push and add more content. Combat Arms: Reloaded is no different. Currently, the game has dozens of maps, though you playing on them depends on which game mode you’ve opted to play. Maps have various settings, ranging from ghost towns, urban areas, and even one inside a freezer filled with gigantic versions of regular food. Though the maps aren’t that big, they’re well-designed. Memorizing and getting used to the alleyways and hiding spots is crucial if you want to win your matches.

Combat Arms: Reloaded has 13 game modes. These range from the standard free-for-all to its own version of a battle royale. There’s even a zombie mode (Quarantine Regen) and VIP Elimination. Granted, you can try out different game modes and find out which one suits your play style better. This also means you won’t get bored easily thanks to its wide selection of modes to play. However, note that most of the players are concentrated on the team deathmatch and elimination game modes while others are largely ignored.

Combat Arms: Reloaded gives you access to over hundreds of weapons that can either be locked through progression or by spending real-life money. You can equip assault rifles, pistols, snipers, and shotguns, depending on your weapon preferences. Weapons are also highly customizable. Whether you want to look outlandish or just someone who is part of a military force, you’ll have all the freedom in the world.


Combat Arms: Reloaded’s community is quite large, which is a rare thing, especially for older games. Thousands of players are always concurrently playing, enabling you to get into matches with virtually no waiting time. The game also hosts a large community on Steam and its forums.


Although Combat Arms: Reloaded is an updated and essentially a remastered version of Combat Arms, the game still looks and feels dated. Don’t get us wrong though: the game looks absolutely marvelous. The textures are refined and the environments are detailed, but it lags behind its newer, triple A competitors. Moreover, the same can be said about its audio elements. There isn’t as much depth it pales in comparison to newer titles, but it’s satisfactory enough to deliver a playable experience.


Overall, Combat Arms: Reloaded should definitely be one of your options if you’re looking for a free-to-play FPS game. Although it feels aged and clunky compared to its peers, it holds up well like beef jerky served alongside steaming, medium rare steaks. Its game mode and map variety offers countless hours of entertainment and replayability. Every mode delivers a fresh experience. So, start your stint as a mercenary and dive into the battlefields around the world!

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New Game Added: Combat Arms: Reloaded

by Mikhail Jan 26, 2019
Combat Arms: Reloaded is a multiplayer FPS where you get to face off against enemies in fast-paced and explosive firefights. Take control of your own merc and use different weapons, from assault rifles to rocket launchers, and hundreds more to choose from. Ghillie sniper in Combat Arms: Reloaded AR with Holo sight in Combat Arms: Reloaded Sniper rifle in Combat Arms: Reloaded Read More
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