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Soldier Front 2 8 rate Push your twitch reflexes to the limit in this exciting MMO shooter game, Soldier Front 2! Buy amazing-looking weapons and enjoy the many unique and fun-filled game modes in this game today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Are you looking for a Call of Duty-like game without the hefty price-tag? Well, introducing Soldier Front 2 is a team-based (mainly) MMOFPS game that has all the features that made Call of Duty so popular… and more! The game offers a huge variety of both conventional and some not-so-conventional weapons, including the famous AK47, sniper rifles, shotguns and many more! There is a plethora of unique, exciting and fun game well, including a Left4Dead-like horror mode, whereby humans are pitted against zombies or the alien survival mode, in which the Xanthid (alien) will start swarming in from every direction on the map and your only objective is to survive for as long as you can! Sounds like your type of fun? Great, you can download Soldier Front 2 for free and start owning noobs today!


Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you will be asked to create your codename. Your codename is permanent, so it’s best to choose your codename wisely. Next, you will be given your first character outfit for free. The game has a variety of uniforms, such as Delta Forces, SAS and US Special Forces, that you can choose from and buy using in-game money, called SP. These uniforms are purely aesthetic in nature. If you have some in-game money to spare later on, you can swap out your default outfit for a better looking one! After all, you won’t want to go into battles looking like a newb, right?

Soldier Front 2 also boasts of having a huge cache of weapons, both conventional and unconventional ones that are available for sale – some of the unconventional ones, include the kukri and the crossbow. Select a primary (assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, machine guns or shotguns) and a secondary weapon (handguns) that you like for your character’s loadout! You can even choose and buy the type of grenades, from the standard-issue hand frag grenade to the much more unique and non-lethal grenades, like flash and smoke grenades that you would like to use! You’ll be given a default basic combat knife for free in this game, but if you prefer to, you could also spend some real money to buy yourself a newer and better melee weapon. This is the same case for guns as well! Best of all though, these weapons that you’ve bought are permanent!

So, before you jump in the fray, you may want to have a general idea of the one of the most interesting aspect in Soldier Front 2 – its slew of fun-filled and unique game modes! There are single battles, whereby you’ll just have to shoot anything that moves since that ‘anything’ is most certainly not you! There are no allies in single battles and every man is for himself! However, if you enjoy playing in the company of a band of brothers, then you should definitely check out Solder Front’s team battles, such as team deathmatch, whereby one team is relentlessly pitted against the other, or the classic bomb defusal.

There are also various special game modes which include alien survival, alien defence, horror mode, sniper duel mode, party mode with knives only as well as the hero mode! For alien survival modes, you will have to face swarms of aliens, the Xanthids, in an attempt to survive for as long as possible. In alien defence mode, the Xanthids have invaded your territory and you will have to kill waves of aliens while fiercely defending your team’s core. This mode may remind you of first-person-type ‘tower’ defence games, such as Sanctum and Orcs Must Die. In the Left4Dead-esque horror mode, one member in your team will be randomly selected and turned into a zombie right after the game starts. Then, his main objective is to spread the infection to the rest of the human players, effectively converting fallen humans to the zombie team. The game will end once the timer ends or once the zombies managed to infect all human players in the game.

The most interesting game mode in Soldier Front 2 is most probably the hero mode! The gameplay for this game mimics MOBA games whereby players have to destroy the other team’s turrets (a.k.a. towers) and nexus, while earning money from farming creeps or players to buy guns, perks and other upgrades from the in-game shop. It’s basically a MOBA in first person view and it is extremely fun to play! Perhaps, some of the MOBA developers may take the hint and create a game like this in the future as well!

Once you’ve chosen the game mode that you like to play, you will just need to join any room that has an available spot and you’re ready to start your kill streak! Similarly to any MMO shooter games, Soldier Front 2 has a ranking or levelling system that is determined by your accumulated experience points from all the matches that you’ve been in. Thus, if you want to be the top of the pack, you’d better be ready to dedicate a good portion of your time into climbing that rank ladder!


The community in Soldier Front 2 doesn’t seem as toxic as other competitive MMO shooter games like Call of Duty, though there will still be times when you’ll encounter players who ruin other people’s fun by camping, trolling, griefing or raging. There have been complaints as well that quite a number of the game’s community are using aimbots, wall hacks or any other hacking programs, or exploits (like quick-scoping) to help them get ridiculously high kill streaks. These are rather common scenes that you’ll encounter in most MMO shooter games, and taking into account of other MMO shooter games, Soldier Front 2 can be considered as a game with a pretty good community, overall. This game is also a part of the eSport-linked list of games and there had been several tournaments for this game to date.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is pretty good, considering that this is a free-to-play game. The environment looks well-polished and its guns look realistic enough. The different uniforms that you can buy in the game look absolutely awesome as well! While there’s an upbeat theme music while you’re in the lobby waiting, there aren’t any music in the game. This is actually a great thing since there won’t be any sound to distract you from the game. The only sounds that you’ll hear while playing is the footsteps of your character as well as any people nearby and of course, the different sound effects of gunfire.


In short, Soldier Front 2 is a great MMOFPS game that mimics Call of Duty in many ways and yet manages to stand out with its very unique and fun-to-play game modes! There is a game mode that allows you to play as a zombie, while there is also another mode that allows you to play a tower-defense-like game in the first person shooter view! Not to mention, you can even play in a MOBA-like hero mode in the FPS perspective! There is also a huge range of weapons, including some unconventional ones, like crossbows, grenades and uniforms that you can buy in the game. If you like variety and first-person shooting, you should definitely try Soldier Front 2! It’s free-to-play after all!

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New Game Added: Soldier Front 2

by Aethyna Mar 4, 2015
Push your twitch reflexes to the limit in this exciting MMO shooter game, Soldier Front 2! Buy amazing-looking weapons and enjoy the many unique and fun-filled game modes in this game today! Soldier Front 2: Shooting the enemy Female shooter in Soldier Front 2 Soldier Front 2: Gun camouflage Read More
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