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Warframe 10 rate Warframe is an online third person action game that is set in an alien futuristic world. The game focuses more on co-op play rather than in competitive PvP matches which helps unfold the story and lore of the game. Its gameplay has influences from popular third person shooters such as Gears of War and Mass Effect. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Warframe is an online third person shooter game that has a futuristic science fiction theme. It focuses more on its story with a series of player-versus-environment matches though it still has it fair share of player-versus-player matches aimed for competitive players. Its gameplay features a run and gun game mechanic that allows a depth of strategy during combat and a wide range of different character classes with unique traits and skills.


Warframe puts you in the shoes of the Tenno; an ancient race of warriors that are finally awaken from its deep cryosleep. They are locked in a handicapped war against different races namely the human cloned race of the Grineer, the robotic mega corporation of Corpus, The Infected from the fallen victims of the Technocyte infection and the mechanical beings called the Sentinels. The Tenno must fight back with the use of special biomechanical suits called Warframes that amplifies their abilities.


Warframe focuses more on story-based missions that allow itself to unfold more of its lore and help immerse players into its rich universe. Some of the missions are located in different planets of the solar system, as well as the moons of known planets.

The combat mechanics were borrowed from some popular action games such as Gears of War and Mass Effect, where players can take advantage of walls for cover and then dash or roll to avoid enemy fire then engage them in melee attacks. This provides a very intense gameplay experience as you will always be in the middle of a fire fight but lets you escape from harm by covering or strafing.

Just like in any MMOs, Warframe features a wide range of classes in a form of Warframes or its biomechanical suits. At the start of the game you start off with just the three basic classes, and each of them has special abilities that make them unique. For example the Volt uses electrical attacks to stun enemies while the Loki uses stealth abilities to sneak behind enemies for the fatal blow and the Nyx focuses of psychic abilities such as mind control to manipulate enemies. Each of the classes can carry three different weapons; one for their primary weapon and the other as their secondary and the third being their melee weapon. Progressing further into the game allows you to unlock more classes that will be more superior from the basic classes.

All of the equipment in the game can be upgraded or modded. You can acquire mods from quest and mission rewards or from enemy loots. Adding them to your equipment can provide better enhancements and stat bonuses as long as there are enough slots on the upgraded item. There are also pets in the game known as Companions, these accompany your avatar during missions and can provide assistance during combat. You can equip your companions with armor and mods to improve their stats and can level up in the same manner as with your avatar.

There are different missions found in Warframe and your progress will be recorded for every mission you completed. Completing missions allows you to unlock more and each of these include a narrative that explains the story of the game, you can also complete side missions called The Void that can be accessed when progress midway to the game that allows you to acquire Void Relics.

There are also PvP content for those who are into competitive gaming in the form of Conclave matches. You can complete missions by yourself or with a friend who is online, however the issue with playing solo is that the difficulty of the missions when paired with other players is not properly balanced, which can prove difficult to complete when playing alone. Some of the missions are not just eliminating all enemies, there will be certain scenarios where you must solve simple puzzles in order to progress further to the mission.

Since this is a free-to-play game, it is no surprise to see premium items being sold to players. You can purchase Platinum points with real money to purchase items such as new Warframes, weapons and mods, but you can opt not to use real money to acquire these as players who do not want to spend money can craft these equipment but at a longer pace compared to those who will actually buy them. Only the EXP modifier and other premium consumables are required to be purchased with Platinum points.


Warframe has a heavy following thanks to its unique feature. There communities that are active in the game as well as competitive players who are looking for challenges. New players will have no problem finding partners for their missions as there are plenty of active players online. And for those who prefers PvP matches, there are also plenty of them waiting for you. Players can also trade their crafting materials and other gear to the market, where the others who are in need of certain materials for their crafting will be able to purchase them.

Graphics/ Sound

Warframe has one of the impressive graphics in the MMO scene thanks to the Evolution engine. The character designs are very detailed and almost lifelike as the biomechanical armors has that fleshy texture.The animations are also impressive with ragdolls effects providing almost real physics when bodies are being blown off the screen. The soundtrack provides an ambience feel of living in deep space, the use of synthesizers provide a futuristic techno vibe to the game along with orchestral scores to pump up the adrenaline rush during combat.


Warframe provides a very satisfying PvE content where most free to play games fail to deliver. And not to mention providing a very solid PvP content for competitive players. The item mall feature is very optional as you can acquire powerful gears without spending any real money. Players who are into third person shooters or even console games will definitely enjoy playing Warframe for a long time.

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by Richard Feb 20, 2017
Warframe is an online third person action game that is set in an alien futuristic world. The game focuses more on co-op play rather than in competitive PvP matches which helps unfold the story and lore of the game. Its gameplay has influences from popular third person shooters such as Gears of War and Mass Effect. Warframe: Melee combat New armor in Warframe Warframe: Co-op Read More
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