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Nosgoth 10 rate In the world of legacy of Kain whats left of the vampires are bent on destroying the once slaved race of humans. In the war that follows you get to decide which side you fight for, and then battle in a darkly brilliant new game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Jump into the brutal world of PvP based on the acclaimed Legacy of Kain universe in Nosgoth, the team-based MMOFPS game that centralizes on the never-ending war between humans and vampires. Choose 1 from up to 4 classes, each with their own unique abilities and skills, from each side of the war! Enjoy the dynamic gameplay by alternately playing as a vampire and a human in every match! Don’t forget to feast your eyes upon the astonishing gothic themed graphics and maps as well! If you love to get yourself some fast-paced action as a vampire hunter or as a vampire, Nosgoth is definitely the game that you should go to! Try it now!


The story picks up where the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver left off. With the execution of Raziel and the disappearance of Kain, the vampire clans of the empire fell into a chaotic civil war while humanity, the former ‘cattle’ or slaves of the vampires, began to reunite to rebuild their homes. As the humans grow in power, they started to occupy large parts of southern Nosgoth, tipping the vampires off to the dangers posed by the humans. In face of this new danger, the vampire clans bonded together in an attempt to repel the humans from Nosgoth. This spawns the endless to-and-fro battle between humans and vampires for the control of the land of Nosgoth that you will be participating in soon enough!


To start, you will need to select a game mode first. There are currently several game modes that you can choose from, namely team deathmatch (4 vs 4), new recruit (4 vs 4 for players under rank 10) and also a siege mode. The objective of team deathmatch mode is fairly straightforward – the first team to reach 30 kills will win the first round, then the sides will be switched for the second round. If getting 30 kills is a bit of a stretch, particularly if your opponents are equally matched in terms of skills, the team with the most kills after the timer ends will win instead. By the end of the second round, if both sides scored 1 points each, there will be a third and final round (also with the sides swapped) which will determine the victor. New recruit mode is technically team deathmatch but for newer players, players with rank 10 and below. This is a great training ground for newbies to learn how to play the game.

The third mode, siege mode, is just recently released (less than 1 month ago) and has a more special objective instead of merely killing your opponents. In siege, humans will need to claim various important strategic locations within the map by holding them for a short amount of time to score points. To hold, they will need to remain within the vicinity of the capture point and ensure that it is free from all vampire presence. The vampires, on the other hand, will need to harass the human team and to prevent them from capturing any location. This game mode perfectly reflects the asymmetrical dynamics of the game due to both sides having different objectives!

In Nosgoth, the matchmaking in the game is pretty much fair, but due to the low population, you may sometimes get lumped together with some of the more experienced players. Anyway, experienced or not, the most important thing in this game is team cooperation. Players will have to watch each other’s backs and stick together. Going off alone will make you an easy picking for your opponents.

After choosing a team mode, you will then need to select your class before you can start hunting humans/vampires. The incredibly-balanced classes in Nosgoth are perhaps among the most interesting parts of the game. Currently, there are 4 classes for both humans and vampires – humans have hunter, alchemist, scout and prophet, while vampires have reaver, tyrant, sentinel and deceiver. Each class has a rather steep learning curve with some classes having an even steeper learning curve than the others, particularly if you have not played any games like Nosgoth before (examples include Wolf team and Left for Dead). These classes, along with their respective abilities, will need to be purchased to unlock with in-game gold or runestones (real life money). Don’t worry though, by the time you hit level 20, you would have gotten most of these classes.

Unfortunately, it is rather impossible to cover everything that is unique (there is plenty) for each of these classes. In brief though, humans are generally easier to kill and specialize in long-ranged weaponries. Their weapons deal much more damage than mere melee damage as well! For health regeneration and additional ammo, humans will have to stop by mini replenishment stations that are scattered across the map. These stations will deplete after a few uses and will slowly regenerate over time. They can be performed best in tight enclosures, like inside a house rather than out in the open (for obvious reasons that will be explained later in the vampire section).

For vampires, they are, of course, naturally hardier and much difficult to kill (they are supposedly immortals after all!). Being supernatural beings, they can move superfast and can also scale up buildings so rapidly that they will put any of the assassins in Assassin’s Creed to shame! They are unable to carry weapons and, instead, rely heavily on their powerful melee attacks, thus, they will need to speedily close in on their prey in order to deal some heavy damage. There is even a special gargoyle-like flying vampire, called the Sentinel, which can zoom into the fray and pick up a human player, then drop him off from up high to kill him. Unlike humans, vampires can regenerate their health by feasting on fallen human players. If the location is too exposed, you can even drag the corpse to somewhere safer to feast on its blood.

Each class has their own leveling system. This feature is similar to that of another game, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Phantoms. This means that you may have a level 20 Hunter, since it is your favorite class, but a level 1 Scout. The loadout for each class also varies. However, generally, you can have a special ability, a primary ability, a secondary ability and a perk max, per loadout. You can save your favorite loadouts for easy access too!

The game also offers a plethora of weapon or ability choices for both factions. Weapons/ abilities are sold in a rather unique way in Nosgoth. You can opt to buy the weapon/ability you want for a 7 days trial (much cheaper, but is not permanent) or if you’re sure with your choice of weapons/abilities, you could also opt to purchase it outright permanently. However, the cost to own a weapon/ability permanently is really high – 5 times that of the cost for the 7-days-trial, bringing the total cost into the thousands. Considering that you can only earn at most 120 gold per game, provided that it’s a good game for your team, it will take you plenty of games just to get yourself that brand new weapon/ability you like.

However, if you prefer to skip all the grinding, you can spend some real money to buy runestones, which can then be used to exchange for the weapons/abilities you want. In spite of this, the Nosgoth is in no way pay-to-win as all the non-cosmetic items that you can buy at the shop can be purchased with either in-game gold or’s just that free-to-play players will need to grind a lot more for the items. Additionally, no matter if you win or lose, you may also earn certain rare items after a match.


The community at Nosgoth is growing very rapidly since its open beta release last month. There are already 30 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! The developers behind the game even set about to establish Nosgoth as an eSport at the eSports League (ESL) by announcing a Nosgoth Beta Cup Series just this month! With time and plenty more patches, this game can be a great competitive game!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Nosgoth is downright gritty, with plenty of gore and very goth-like, and that perfectly fits the game’s theme. Each character or weapon model and the game environment are richly detailed as well! Furthermore, once the animation starts for an action, for example, feasting as well as any other class abilities that require some form of casting or channeling, you cannot stop it until it has run its course. Whether or not this feature is intentional, it will slightly increase the game’s difficulty. Note: Do not expect sparkling vampires. The sound in Nosgoth manages to create a pretty eerie atmosphere for you to play in, making the gameplay even more immersive! The sound effects of the weapons or the involuntary growling of the vampires are great ways to identify the positions of any opponents close by too.


All in all, Nosgoth is an exciting and fun MMO action/TPS game that pits the vampires against the humans in an all-out bloodbath. Gameplay-wise, Nosgoth offers a huge variety of play styles that you can experiment with by trying out the different classes and the perfect loadout (the abilities). There are also a range of game modes that you can try out in the game. In terms of storyline though, the game deviates quite a lot from the original lore in Legacy of Kain, and thus, it may disappoint fans of the original single player games. If you love games like WolfTeam (scaling walls and using claws to attack) or Left 4 Dead (switching sides after a round is done), Nosgoth is a great and unique free-to-play game that you should definitely try!

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by Aethyna Feb 24, 2015
In the world of legacy of Kain whats left of the vampires are bent on destroying the once slaved race of humans. In the war that follows you get to decide which side you fight for, and then battle in a darkly brilliant new game. Nosgoth Prophet Characters in Nosgoth Nosgoth Stand Off Read More
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