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by Adeaphon
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World of Warcraft: Legion 10 rate The Legion have returned to Azeroth with the intent to destroy it all and only the mightiest of heroes stand in their way. Explore a whole new set of zones, level up to 110 and wield some of the world's most powerful artifacts in your crusade to end the demon threat forever. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The Legion have returned to Azeroth with the intent to destroy it all and only the mightiest of heroes stand in their way. Explore a whole new set of zones, level up to 110 and wield some of the world's most powerful artifacts in your crusade to end the demon threat forever.


Once more the skies above Azeroth are raining demons, in the changed timeline the world of Draenor still exists, and after your defeat of the Iron Horde you are faced with an old threat. But this time they mean it as an invasion the like of which has never been seen hits the Broken Shore.

The demon lords are back, and they bring with them new enemies, but you have new allies too. The awakened Demon Hunters take up arms for the cause, and there are new zones with their own peoples to befriend. With some dramatic changes to the world and its people this expansion brings an old enemy back with a vengeance.


Welcome to the 7th expansion of the amazing World of Warcraft. This review will cover the changes that have happened and all of the new features you can enjoy. With much of the classic gameplay still here, with a few twists and some amazing new bosses to take on.

One of the best features of World of Warcraft: Legion is the new Artifact weapons, each class and spec has a special unique weapon. These vary from the much loved Ashbringer and Doomhammer to newly discovered items that you get to wield. These weapons have immense power to begin with, and a unique set of appearances. Where it gets even better is that these weapons have their own upgrade trees.

You gather artifact power in the world, from quests, dungeons and special boxes. This is then spent on upgrades that affect the item level of the weapon and grant boosts to your skills or give you new ones. The more powerful your artifact is the more you can do with your class and specialization. But fear not, you can collect all of the artifacts for your class as you level.

Once you have your artifact, you are then able to view your unique Class Hall, each one has a special place to call home that is tailored to the lore and story of the character you play. Here there are storylines for you to play through, a map where you can send a small group of elite followers on missions and many useful tools for getting around and learning about the game.

As you progress through the game you will also be able to play through a series of new dungeons. These are tied to the storyline, but they also have an impact through to the endgame and beyond. From the normal versions to mythic + there is a boss with loot for you even past the point of current raid gear. There are also new raids, with the latest patch 7.1 releasing a new one within 3 months of launch and at least 2 more in the plan for the rest of the game.

If you don’t want to take part in the group activities there are also lots of quests you can do in each of the zones, rather than the old routine of the same quests all the time there is a huge list that changes every few hours. There are also Emissary Quests where every day you can complete 4 quests for a certain faction in a zone and receive special rewards. This is a nice way to help you keep up the reputations and mix up the quests you do each day.

The crafting system has also been revamped, now there are many quests where you can earn unique patterns, and working to get them all can be a huge benefit in the auction house. Many of these quests are tied to dungeons or special creatures throughout the world. This adds a fun dimension but makes the end recipes that much harder to get. Which is a good thing considering the ease with which you could get items from crafting.

Speaking of which, getting gear for your character is now in many ways much easier, you can get some really good gear without ever stepping into a raid, though the best is still reserved for those with the skill to get it there are a lot of different things you can do. The weekly quests when you are level 110 can have epic items, there are dungeon drops and a weekly special world boss that has an epic too.

Overall these changes, while not drastic by themselves have added up to a brilliant new expansion. World of Warcraft: Legion has a huge amount for you to do. There is also a great feeling as you play through the zones, there is a lot of thought that has gone into them, the quests are fun and the dungeons and their multiple difficulties make for a brilliant replayability. Altogether this is a brilliant addition to the story and lore of the original game, blended with some new things that make it just amazing to play.


As you would expect for one of the biggest games in the world there is a community to match. Not only are there millions of players all over the world, but the game is accompanied by numerous fan sites, information and addon sites and its own active community on the Blizzard forums.

More than ever you are able to play with your friends too, the Real ID feature allows you to run raids and dungeons with anyone you know in any realm, so being in a different place does not stop you. The Guild, Looking for Raid, Random Dungeon and PVP features are all still here, and streamlined to make them even easier to use.

As a new or returning player there is a lot for you to do and you can jump straight into the action with a huge range of tools available to help you join a group or guild. But more than that, the world you explore is full of other players and there are many options for you to help each other out and discover the adventure.


As with all content expansions the graphics for World of Warcraft have been expanded, with new animations, cutscenes and creatures in the world. There were also several changes to the overall look and feel of the game and even more graphics options added for you to play with. At the maximum settings this game looks incredible.

All of the new zones have a lot of music unique to them and each has its own flavour. As well as these the sounds of combat and the background add to the feel of the game. The cutscenes are also fully voiced by the same actors as previous expansions. All in all it adds to the immersion of the game and brings it to life.


With its extensive new gameplay, exciting dungeons and changes to the end game content there is a huge amount of fun to be found here. The consensus is that this is the best expansion for a long time, and it really shows. With the patch 7.1 out already and the details for the next 2 announced there is a lot of content coming.

With their determination to fix the issues of the last additions and a larger development team the future for World of Warcraft: Legion is an exciting one. There is a huge amount of things for you to enjoy either as a casual or hardcore player, solo or with friends you will find both fun and rewards waiting for you.

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New Game Added: World of Warcraft: Legion

by Adeaphon Nov 7, 2016
The Legion have returned to Azeroth with the intent to destroy it all and only the mightiest of heroes stand in their way. Explore a whole new set of zones, level up to 110 and wield some of the world's most powerful artifacts in your crusade to end the demon threat forever. King Varian in World of Warcraft: Legion Illidan in World of Warcraft: Legion World of Warcraft: Legion Valkyr Read More
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