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Survarium 9.6 rate In a world of Kill or Be Killed you are fighting to survive in a stunning new MMOFPS. Choose your faction and enter this dark post apocalyptic world full of action. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A massive ecological catastrophe has reduced the advanced race of humanity into broken factions of survivors fighting to stay alive in Survarium, a free-to-play MMOFPS from the developers of the Stalker game series, set in the near future. The game has one of the best apocalyptic world designs (that is on par with Fallout games) in the free-to-play market and truly brings the feeling of being in an apocalyptic world to you! The gameplay is intense and somewhat realistic (for example, fall damage). Not to mention, your opponents blend very well with the environment, making spotting enemies really challenging. As the survivors’ philosophy goes “Kill or be killed”, prove your right to live in Survarium and give the game a go today!


What would happen if humanity lost control over what it created? How to survive when the familiar world you know drastically took the turn for the worse and had become a living nightmare? These are some of the daunting questions directed to you in the game’s background story. Do note that there is no storyline in the game due to being a purely PvP-based game as of current.

In this game, a massive ecological catastrophe had occurred on Earth. While the reasons behind it are only vaguely known, the apocalyptic effects that the event has brought on humanity are undeniable. Civilizations have derailed and countries collapsed. Anarchy is reigning supreme on Earth. Contaminations from chemical and nuclear power plants that sorely needed maintenance have also spread far and wide and nature has started to reclaim the Earth by evolving new alien-like species that can withstand the said contamination. Will humanity survive in this new and hostile land?


After signing up and installing, you’re ready to start! Currently, only the PvP aspect of the game is available, but don’t worry, the survival aspect will come soon enough.

Your character in Survarium will have a loadout consisting of 1 main/primary weapon, 1 side arm as well as a whole bunch of ‘armor’ (apparels) for different parts of your body. The items in the game have a durability bar each and when the bar is low, you will need to spend some money to repair it. However, repair is not instant and you will need to wait for a duration of time (usually take hours and sometimes up to days) before you can use the item again. This feature forces you to have a set of backup weapons and clothes just in case your main set is undergoing repairs. If you don’t like waiting, you can, of course, spend some real money to buy gold for the repairs or you could also use the gold to buy repair kits for quicker repairs.

You will also need to purchase sufficient ammo before you head into any match, least you ran out of bullets midway through the match. There is currently no way for you to obtain extra (free) ammo in the game, but if you die, you could go to your loadout to buy more ammo. Moreover, Survarium implements a stamina system that restricts how long your character can sprint. Stamina is used up when your character hold his breath while scoping to reduce weapon sway as well!

For character development, the game provides a skill tree system that consists of 5 different skill paths, namely firearm training, physical training, survival skill, technical skills and knowledge of the forest. Every level up will provide you with skill points which you can then place into the skill of your choice in your character’s skill tree. Only 2 skill paths are available at the moment, with the others coming real soon!

The gameplay in Survarium is pretty straightforward - point, aim and shoot your enemies while completing objectives. The game offers 2 different PvP game modes, all of which are 8v8 matches, for you to play in at the moment, namely ‘protective device’ mode and team deathmatch. More modes, such as the long-awaited for ‘free game’ mode, whereby supposedly, you will have to survive not only against hostile players but also against the very dangerous environment in a large open world (there will be sudden acid rains, radioactive smogs… and yes, nature is out to kill you in this game), will be released, hopefully in the near future. Besides free game, there will be massive clan vs clan matches as well as a training match (unranked) to aid new players to transition to the game, prior to pitting them against more experienced players.

In protective device mode, your team’s objective is to collect radio parts that are scattered around the map and bring it back to base. You can even steal radio parts that the other team has collected at their base and bring the parts over to your base. Bear in mind that they can do the same, so don’t forget to hang hold your base against any unwanted intruders seeking to steal your team’s radio parts. Teamwork and strategy is needed for this mode as players will need to know when to fall back and defend and when to push.

Team deathmatch, on the other hand, has an even simpler objective – the first team to get 100 kills or the team with the most kills within the time limit will win the game. This mode is the embodiment of the “Kill or be killed” philosophy and the game can get pretty brutal. It is practically a mode for the mass slaughter of your opponents and being trigger happy in this mode can work to your advantage. If… or when your character dies in the game, you’ll be respawned randomly at one of many respawn sites assigned to your team. The respawn time is really fast, allowing you to get back into the game rather quickly.

With the rubbles (in-game currency) that you’ve earned from matches, you can use them to purchase new weapons or clothes. There are also missions, some of which can be really tough, that you can complete to earn some extra cash and experience points. If you prefer to skip all the grinding, you can spend some real money for gold and then exchange the gold for rubbles, which you can use to buy anything you like in the game. Thankfully, the game has a reward system in place. If you’re lucky, you may just be among the few players that will win something good, besides the usual money and experience points, after each match. The ‘something good’ here include guns, clothes and ammo.

That being said, one of the most interesting aspects in any of the game modes is of course its map design. Survarium utilizes urban-themed maps, containing patches of wild grasses and weird-looking vegetation as well as plenty of dilapidated buildings. All these map features provide a host of hide outs and obstacles for you to take cover from enemy fire or for you to set up an ambush. There are many routes out from the spawning room and there are plenty of spawning rooms scattered across the map for each side; making camping a tad bit difficult (this is a good thing, by the way).

The environment in the maps is also designed in such a way that your opponents will be able to blend very well with their surroundings, making spotting enemies really challenging in this game. This is especially true when your opponents are wearing dull-colored clothes or outfits. Bright colored clothes will stick out like a sore thumb in this game.

There is also an exploration part to the game that allows you to find and collect artifacts that are scattered around on the map. These artifacts, such as larkspur, onyx, rattle, sponge and spring, are extremely useful in helping you to survive the match with minimal deaths. For instance, larkspur is very valuable due to the fact that it is able to speed up a wound’s healing as well as any severe injury or fractures.

As you explore the map, you will definitely encounter anomalies that you should avoid at all costs despite looking seemingly harmless. If avoiding is not possible, there are several equipments, like respirator, gas mask or oxygen tank that will protect you from breathing in dangerous gases or radioactive dusts. Some equipment will even save you from burns, electric shocks and allows you to move through highly polluted areas in relative safety.

In addition, there are generally no character classes in Survarium. Instead, the game provides you with up to 4 factions (with 2 out of the 4 planned factions currently available) that you can join. They are the Scavengers, Black Market, The Renaissance Army and The Fringe Settlers. Each faction has their own weapon specializations. For instance, Scavengers prefer long-ranged sniper rifles while the Black Market faction specializes in automatic rifles like the famous AK47. If you complete missions for your faction, it will reward you with exclusive faction-based weapons after you’ve gathered enough reputation. There are no penalties for swapping factions at the moment and you can switch factions whenever you like.


The community in Survarium is a hardy bunch! A quick look through Google will yield plenty of fan-art of the game as well as a chain of Survarium fan sites. Besides that, the developers keep the interest of its players constantly piqued with frequent contests and work closely with the game’s community in order to improve the game as well!. The game may not have the largest community just yet, but being a beta game, it is doing pretty well in garnering the support of new players worldwide.

With more features being released, hopefully, the community at Survarium will be able to rise as one of the biggest communities in the survival/ post-apocalyptic MMOFPS genre on the internet! After all, the game certainly has the potential to reach such heights!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Survarium is astonishing! It has everything a fan of apocalyptic sceneries will like! Patches of sometimes sickly-looking greeneries that you will need to hide in. Debris, trash and concrete littered everywhere on the map. It definitely brings out the decayed look that the Stalker game series is famous for. The game does not exactly contain any soundtracks. It mostly provides sound effects, particularly the report of its guns. This is a very important aspect of the game since it allows you to somewhat pinpoint the position of your enemies.


Although the game still requires plenty of tweaking, Survarium is still a pretty decent open beta MMOFPS, focused on team play, with a survival/ post-apocalyptic-theme. It offers a variety of different game modes, with the highly-hyped up open world mode coming soon (hopefully), along with a several beautifully-designed maps. The game provides factions for players to join and plenty of tough missions to complete. Survarium boasts of having a huge range of realistic weapons as well as clothes that you can buy and equip. If you like the MMO version of games that are along the lines of Fallout or Stalker (after all, the developers are the same), Survarium is one game that you shouldn’t miss out on! Try it today!

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