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Moshi Monsters 9 rate There’s a new world where you can choose a monster and guide him through many adventures in town in Moshi Monsters. Play lots of fun games to earn Rox and spend it on cool monster outfits, decorations for your home and of course, some delicious food. Play today and have fun with your little monster! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Moshi Monsters is a kid-safe virtual world with unique and colorful monsters in Moshi World. Choose from many different monsters and customize its colors and bring him to his home. Your monster can go around Moshi World and check out the sights, go shopping, get delicious food and meet new friends.


Moshi Monsters is free to play but you can become a Moshi member and enjoy more features of the game. To play for free, you only need to register before playing the game. Once you’re in, you get to choose a monster type, give it a name and choose its main color and an accent color. There are six monster types to choose from, and you can change their colors if you want. Your customized monster will then be taken to his home. He’ll be guided to the garden, where he can grow flowers and summon Moshlings. Moshlings can be pets for your monsters. Different kinds of Moshlings come from different seeds, and you get to pick from three kinds of seeds. Once your Moshling is there, you can take him home with you.

The first thing to do for your monster is to feed him, which you can do at the Food Factory. Here, you can start with a Pizza machine. To get pizza, you need to play a baking game. You get to make the pizza dough, put sauce and toppings and wait for your pizza to be ready. You can also drink some refreshing colada, but you have to play a short game first before you get your fizzy drink. Keep exploring the Food Factory to see what else you can eat and drink. You can get food here for your Moshling too.

After the tour, you’re free to make your monster explore the rest of Moshi World. The main thing to remember is to feed your monster every day so it doesn’t get hungry. If your monster gets too hungry, you won’t level up no matter how much activity you do. The next thing on the list is to earn some Rox, which is mainly done by playing games from the different parts of town. Use the Map and mouse over an area to check if there’s a controller icon. That means you can play games in that location. In Moshi Fun Park, you can select from a wide variety of games for you to play. Keep playing different games to see which ones you like best!

Another way of earning Rox aside from playing games is completing the Daily Challenge and Practice Puzzles once a day. These activities can be accessed directly from your home, so watch out for them and be sure to complete them to earn more Rox.

Once you’ve earned a good amount of Rox, you can start shopping around. In Main Street, you can buy food for your monster and Moshling from the Gross-ery Store. This is great if you don’t want to spend too much time in the Food Factory just to feed your monster or Moshling. You can also buy seeds for the garden if you want to grow more flowers and get a different type of Moshling. Non-members can have up to 2 Moshlings for a monster. If you acquire a third Moshling, you’ll have to choose one to go send to the zoo. There’s also Yukea, where you can buy fancy decorations and furniture for your home. Everything you buy is stored in your Inventory and can be accessed from the drawer icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Go back to your home and open your Inventory to drag decorations and furniture into the room.

You can also shop for clothes for your monster in the Monstro City Marketplace located on Sludge Street. There are six shops here, one for each kind of monster. Choose your monster type and start browsing for cool outifts. Although you can dress up your monster, the changes won’t be visible to you when your monster is at home, but visitors will be able to see when they come over.

Speaking of visitors, you can click on other monsters when you’re walking around a location. There’s a button for adding them as your friend or visiting their home. When you have friends, you can send them gifts every day, and you’ll get gifts in return. Friends can also become best friends by clicking on the star next to their name on the Friends Tree. For non-members, you can have up to three best friends, but Moshi members get up to eleven. When your monster is at home, he’ll see a BFF News button, where all his best friends’ activities will be shown.

There is so much more to discover in Moshi World, and it’s up to you to go to each location in the Map and see what’s in store. Some locations will have characters with exclamation points on their heads. This means there’s a quest waiting for you, and you have to click on the character to learn more about it. Completing quests help you earn more experience and level up.


Moshi Monsters have a massive following, as seen in its Facebook page following of over 700,000 people. There’s also a large forum on the Moshi Monsters website where you can register to participate if game discussions, get updates about the game and send messages to other players. Watch out for announcements of game events that you can join to win cool prizes!


Moshi Monsters have very colorful, big and bright images that’s great for young children. Some games, especially from the Moshi Fun Park, may not have games with the same big graphics, as they differ in style and size. For the most part, the images look wonderful and the sound effects are cool, too.


Moshi Monsters is an amazing game that’s sure to bring hours of fun adventures and thrilling games. There are lots of interesting places on the Map to discover and you’ll never run out of things to do. What’s more, your monster can take care of his own pet, go on exciting missions, dress up his home and make friends. So try out Moshi Monsters and have a blast in Moshi World with your one-of-a-kind monster!

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New Game Added: Moshi Monsters

by Kim Jun 9, 2016
There’s a new world where you can choose a monster and guide him through many adventures in town in Moshi Monsters. Play lots of fun games to earn Rox and spend it on cool monster outfits, decorations for your home and of course, some delicious food. Play today and have fun with your little monster! Sludge Street in Moshi Monsters Moshi Monsters: playing dress up Bobble Bots game in Moshi Monsters Read More
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