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Tennis Duel 7 rate Tennis Duel is a tennis-themed game that follows the old, text-based browser game format, the likes of Mafia Wars or School of Magic. Experience the journey as you turned from being an amateur yet promising young tennis player to become a tennis powerhouse in Tennis Duel! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you still remember old text-based browser games on Facebook like Mafia Wars or School of Magic? If you do and that you also love tennis, well, Tennis Duel is perhaps the game you’ve been searching for all your life! Come and start your epic journey from being an amateur yet promising young tennis player to become a tennis powerhouse in both national and international tournaments! With the motto “train hard, play hard” in your mind, you’ll need to constantly improve your skills and push your limits. Of course, let’s not forget about upgrading the equipments that you’re using with the cash you’ve earned from matches. Be smart and stash your earnings in your bank so you won’t get “robbed” if you lost a match with another player. Fight against “boss players”, compete in leagues and tournaments, and rise up the ranks to become the best tennis player you can be in Tennis Duel!


The player that you’ll be playing (the player will be referred to as “you”) in this game starts out as a tennis enthusiast at the tender age of 10 years old. On your 11th birthday, your parents bought you a tennis racket. You’ve taken whatever free time you have to practice against a wall, but one day, you find yourself head-to-head with Goran, a tennis player, who has been playing tennis for 5 years now, in your very first and proper match. The rallies were short and it was all about who makes the first mistake. In the end, you won narrowly.

As you progress in the game, the story of how you’ve rise up the ranks to become a world famous tennis player will be detailed in your journal. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to play the game to find out!


Due to being a text-based game, the gameplay in Tennis Duel is pretty straightforward and simple. In this game, you’ll need to improve yourself as a tennis player and to do so, you’ll need to complete tasks and upgrade your skills.

For tasks, you’ll need to accept and then complete them by spending energy points. Some tasks are even consisted of several “stages”, so instead of pressing just the “do this task” button, you’ll need to repeatedly click on “continue” to keep spending energy to finish the task at hand. As you progress, tasks will require more and more energy points, but don’t worry! Energy regenerates rather quickly in this game, but if you want it to be even faster, you can use the premium add-on feature (which of course, will cost you some real money). Some tasks may even require you to buy particular equipments, before you can start completing them.

Every task that you’ve successfully completed (100%) will earn you experience points and money. Gradually your level will increase as you gain more experience. Leveling up will renew your energy, duels and confidence. It’ll also unlock new features, like matches, so you can challenge players and move up the ranking, or facilities and equipments. If you managed to reach level 100 in Tennis Duel, your name will be permanently entered into the hall of fame so players of the future will get to see that you’ve reached the pinnacle of your virtual career as a tennis player!

Moreover, there are also special tasks, which are called as “challenges”, whereby a “boss” will appear when you’ve completed the task right up to 99%. You’ll then have to play a match with the “boss” and if you win, you’ll get to complete the task. If not, you’ll just have to try again!

Doing tasks is a main way for you to earn money but it is dependent on the energy points you have and how you spend them. To get a steadier source of income, you’ll need to sign sponsorship contracts. Sponsorship deals will ensure a regular income of money for you, which you can check in the Finances section. However, if you didn’t log in for three straight days, your income from sponsors drops by 5%. For every additional day without a login your income drops by extra 5%. So, be sure to log in daily to prevent this from happening! Money can also be deposited at the bank for a small fee of 10% for safe-keeping.

Why money is so important? Well, to be good at your craft, which in this case is playing tennis, you’ll need money for getting the training and equipment you need! There are many ways you can improve your skills. The first and perhaps the easiest method are by improving your attributes (strokes, footwork and fitness). You just need to shell over some in-game cash to increase your attribute level by 1. Naturally, the cost to upgrade your attributes will scale up accordingly, so the ability to earn a lot of money is vital for when you reach the higher levels. Furthermore, you will also gain skill points which you can then invest to increase your energy, duel or confidence limit, so that you can play Tennis Duel more. Besides attributes and limits, there are also skills. Skills can be increased via practice which costs money as well as time.

In addition, you should definitely upgrade your facilities and equipments. Facilities help to improve your defenses and will protect you from unexpected attacks of your opponents in money matches. However, don't expect the facilities to help you when you challenge someone to a match! For equipments, there are 5 categories of items that you can buy - tennis rackets, shorts, apparels, caps, and shoes. Different items provide different boosts to stats, for example, the racket increases strokes while apparel, somehow, increases fitness. Some equipments can even be upgraded, for instance, the apparel can be further upgraded by adding special surface, thermo layer and ventilation holes.

Ready for a match? Great! Matches are the core of Tennis Duel. You can also duel other players for a limited number of times or you could participate in leagues, tournaments or even the Tennis Duel world tour. However, you should always be careful when you pick your opponents because every loss takes a toll on your confidence (as well as your cash at hand) which you need to challenge opponents. Your confidence drops faster when you are on a losing streak. You’ll need at least 30 points of confidence to challenge someone to a match. If you win though, you will earn confidence instead and some cash.

Nonetheless, due to being text-based, the matches aren’t as exciting as, unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to play the matches themselves. However, the game does provide a real time view (but not animated) to let you see whose court the ball is in as well as the score of the match.


Tennis Duel is a pretty fun virtual tennis game despite being text-based. The site boasts of having around 30 thousand registered players as well. The game itself also provides a chat box whereby you can chat with other players in the game. However, if you want to be a part of the Tennis Duel community, you should really sign up and join a club.

Graphics/ Sound

The 2D graphics in Tennis Duel is pretty common in any text-based games. It is nice enough to look at but it does feel a bit lacking for a virtual sports game as it doesn’t provide any animation. Furthermore, the game doesn’t have any music, so you can play your own playlist in the background if you like.


In short, Tennis Duel is an “okay” text-based and tennis-themed browser game that allows you experience the growth of an amateur tennis player to an international star! Perform tasks, play against “boss”-level tennis players and enjoy player-vs-player matches as you climb your way up the rankings in leagues and tournaments! Improve your skills and attributes, push your limits and upgrade your equipments in this game to ensure you’ll have the best possible advantage over your opponent! Don’t forget to put your hard-earned winnings away in the bank (for a 10% fee) to prevent other players from “robbing” you of them if you lose to them in a match. If you love text-based games and tennis, Tennis Duel is definitely a game that you might enjoy! Try it now!

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New Game Added: Tennis Duel

by Aethyna Jun 22, 2015
Tennis Duel is a tennis-themed game that follows the old, text-based browser game format, the likes of Mafia Wars or School of Magic. Experience the journey as you turned from being an amateur yet promising young tennis player to become a tennis powerhouse in Tennis Duel! Ready to duel in Tennis Duel Tennis Duel: Fighting to win A win! in Tennis Duel Read More
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