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Darwin Project 10 rate Darwin Project is a battle royale game developed by Scavengers Studio. It lets you play as either a participant of the battle or the Director, where you add a few things to the battlefield to spice things up. Gather resources and craft your own items not only to fight, but also to survive the environmental hazards. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Imagine you’re dropped into a huge wilderness with nothing but your axe and a bow with no arrows. As a camera drone hovers above you, you wonder how and why people get a kick out of watching you and 31 other competitors fight each other as you suffer from the bitter cold and harsh terrain. You give out a sigh and try anyway: you cut down trees to craft arrows and traps and anticipate supply drops wherein you can craft weapons. You receive a message from the Director, and suddenly, you’re taken to another location, swapping you with another participant. One of the zones starts to close and you’re forced to move out into a safe area, ready yet afraid of engaging in combat.

This is the experience Darwin Project provides. If you’ve watched or read the Hunger Games, you are in familiar territory. With that said, players are dropped into a two kilometer arena, full of dangers and environmental hazards. Surviving doesn’t only mean beating other players in fast-paced fights, but also dealing with the cold and harsh climate. It’s a real battle royale survival experience, one thing other games in the genre like Fortnite and PUBG don’t offer.


Story is not Darwin Project’s focal point, though it’s still rather interesting. Set in a distant future, the world - specifically Canada - has turned into an overpopulated dystopia. Instead of birth and population control, the rulers decided to create a reality show where 32 participants fight to the death to keep the people in control. The premise is a little exciting, but it is definitely something nobody would ever want to experience in real life.


Darwin Project’s gameplay starts off by dropping you in random places across the large, sprawling map. The area is snowy, hilly, and forested, full of numerous vantage points in various locations and places to loot like ruined houses and cabins. The first order of businesses is not to thin the numbers of your opponents, but to survive. As soon as the game starts, the bitter cold starts to creep in and affect your player. If you don’t start cutting down trees and making a campfire, you’re left to die of hypothermia even before you encounter your first opponent. There are seven zones in the map, and these can be shut down, forcing players to move out and go into the safe zones.

After you’ve created a fire to warm yourself up, the next task is to craft up arrows for your bow. Usually, the first part of the game is dull, as players try to set themselves up for the late and mid-game. Every once in a while, wildcards in the form of electronics drop into the battlefield for players to pick up. Once you do, you can craft more advanced weapons and gear, like shields and other devices to help you fight or escape. In the inevitable occasions of players meeting each other and engaging in combat, the contests end up being a test of marksmanship and mettle. Jumping, flailing axes, and arrows flying everywhere are the norm. Note that there are also clues plastered around the map, enabling you to see enemy locations. This has strategic implications: do you engage them directly or should you just set up an ambush?

Finally, the game’s biggest appeal and what sets it apart from the other games in the genre is the presence of the Director. Basically, this player oversees the entire game and takes control of a drone hovering above the map. He can do a variety of things, ranging from giving aid and restoring a player’s health. Moreover, he can nuke a certain area, killing all players within range, give buffs and level the playing field. Of course, Directors can play favorites and not everyone will get the chance to experience a fair fight if he’s biased.


Considering the nature of its gameplay, Darwin Project’s community is active not only on Steam but also on Discord and Reddit. In addition, it’s also widely streamed on Twitch, given its nature. There are a few videos wherein competing streamers try to sing, dance, and do everything they can to have the Director help them, which is a little amusing to watch.


In terms of presentation, Darwin Project is at part with most triple A games today and its art style can be closely associated with Fortnite, but is not in any way a copy. With that said, it is an attractive-looking game requiring low specs, and provides a complete experience with minimal bugs and glitches.


Overall, Darwin Project has a different take on battle royale by adding survival aspects, making it an outstanding experience. Players who want anything similar to the Hunger Games would find themselves addicted, and after several hours, would still want more. The game is still a work in progress, given that it’s still in the early access phase. Granted, if you dive in today, there will be more content added in the future, giving you more to look forward to.

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New Game Added: Darwin Project

by Mikhail Jun 26, 2018
Darwin Project is a battle royale game developed by Scavengers Studio. It lets you play as either a participant of the battle or the Director, where you add a few things to the battlefield to spice things up. Gather resources and craft your own items not only to fight, but also to survive the environmental hazards. Player and Director in Darwin Project Darwin Project's beautiful art style Finding supplies in Darwin Project Read More
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