Valgrave: Immortal Plains

by Mikhail
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Valgrave: Immortal Plains 9 rate Valgrave: Immortal Plains is a battle royale with a unique focus on combos and magic spells. Here, you’ll get to play as legendary figures like Alexander the Great, Shakespeare, and Robin Hood. Team up with friends or go solo and fight various enemies, from fellow players to NPCs to level up and gain abilities.
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Battle royale games tend to focus on guns and fast-paced shootouts. This formula is already getting old, and we can’t help but lament the lack of variety.

Valgrave: Immortal Plains is like a breath of fresh air. Instead of the traditional formula of guns and “duck and cover” firefights, you’ll end up casting spells or letting your fists do the talking. Here, combat is actually encouraged and you need to fight instead of camp or run away, unless if your health is depleted, of course.

In any case, it’s a game like no other. Thing is, would it be something you’d be interested in trying? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Valgrave: Immortal Plains’ plot doesn’t play much of a role, although we can assume that lore mainly relies on the characters themselves and that the immortal plains are where they test their mettle against each other. After all, we’d like to assume that legendary figures such as the lady version of King Arthur, Shakespeare, and Alexander the Great want to test how they would fare against their peers. Other characters include Genghis Khan and fictional figures like Merlin and Robin Hood.


In terms of gameplay, Valgrave: Immortal Peers is a fairly unique one when compared to other battle royales. However, it follows the same concepts has a similar gameplay loop of dropping into a map, collecting items, gear, and spells, and finding and fighting opponents in an ever-dwindling play area.

What sets Valgrave: Immortal Plains apart is its outstanding combo and spell-focused combat system. Instead of mere guns and melee weapons, you can use magic spells to take out enemies from afar or mix things up with your fists. The spells and abilities you’ll have depend on your character and what you’ll pick up on the field. You can swap them out with others if you find some on the field.

Spells in Valgrave: Immortal Plains range from dropping meteors, a fiery protective circle, smoke bombs, boomerangs, and even spear throws. You can pick these up in rune-like tables scattered across the map, or do so by picking off AI-controlled monsters. Note that you can mix these spells up to form various combos. For example, landing a spell that pushes opponents back and using spear throw right away will let you put some distance between you a foe while damaging them at the same time. The game also requires you to get creative: test out and form combos on your own and find the ones that best suit your play style.

Thanks to Valgrave: Immortal Plains’ simplistic art style and graphics, executing the combos feels smooth and natural. A lot of battle royale games can be dull affairs due to the map sizes and lack of enemies. The game fixes this by introducing AI-controlled opponents which let you collect loot, spells, and gain experience so you can level up. To heal, simply move away from the action, stand still, and wait.

You can unlock characters by purchasing them, but note that characters are of equal strength. The game has no pay-to-win mechanics and purchasing new characters will only improve and add variety. It is also one of the few games with zero loot boxes, so you won’t have any problems buying new items like skins and cosmetics won’t experience predatory practices.


Although Valgrave: Immortal Plains has a great community on Discord and Steam, but unfortunately, the game lacks players. There just aren’t enough during weekdays and during the day that reaches the 40 player-per-game quotas. At times, you’ll be left with no choice but to play with seven to 12 players which isn’t the best way to experience the game. This also leads to long matchmaking queues which are quite annoying.


In terms of presentation Valgrave: Immortal Plains uses simple graphics and a seamless art style to ensure that the game will load well and can be supported by low-spec devices. Though the movement and overall presentation feel more like Minecraft and a higher resolution version of Trove, this leads to fairly smooth gameplay free of lag, framerate drops, and texture pops. In any case, the developers did an outstanding job creating a game that delivers in terms of user experience which is something some triple-A studios lack.

Meanwhile, the audio is satisfactory, though it could do more with a few improvements. Spell and combos sound effects sound fairly well, though there are certain imbalances like some spells being louder than others.


Overall, Valgrave: Immortal Plains is a battle royale like no other. It’s a highly-recommended experience and a must to try out. The game provides a breath of fresh air to the battle royale genre that is suffering from unoriginal and repetitive gameplay. Though it suffers from the lack of players which leads to AI-filled matches, there’s always a chance its player base will grow as the game continues to improve and impress.

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New Game Added: Valgrave: Immortal Plains

by Mikhail Dec 1, 2019
Valgrave: Immortal Plains is a battle royale with a unique focus on combos and magic spells. Here, you’ll get to play as legendary figures like Alexander the Great, Shakespeare, and Robin Hood. Team up with friends or go solo and fight various enemies, from fellow players to NPCs to level up and gain abilities.
Fighting an NPC dragon in Valgrave: Immortal Plains The world of Valgrave: Immortal Plains The world of Valgrave: Immortal Plains Read More
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