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DayBreak Online 7 rate DayBreak Online is an action MMORPG by Global Games. The title features a robust guardians system, four distinct classes, and an immersive fantasy world. You’ll explore a vast world with your friends and companions while fighting monsters and other players. You can also join guilds, get married, and go on an adventure. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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DayBreak Online would have been a totally fun MMO experience. After all, the game is well-optimized and is pretty well-made, though it looks and feels like a mobile port. However, the game does not have English language support: in-game languages are only Chinese and Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, it’s still a playable game, due to it providing an experience similar to other MMORPGs.


In DayBreak Online, you’ll play as some sort of an adventurer and you’ll have the option between four distinct classes. These include the Rider, which is the usual melee class, the Hunter which is a bow and arrow-wielder, the Magician whose role is self-explanatory, and the Manipulator, a unique class that uses dark magic and the “ghosts of the gods”. Though we can’t say anything about the plot and dialogue, the DayBreak Online’s world is an absolute wonder and it’s worth saying even you can’t understand what the characters are saying.


In DayBreak Online, the game starts off in typical MMO fashion: you’ll start off in a small village right after you’ve created your character. You’ll then end up talking to NPCs to work on quests, get experience, and of course, brand new gear. You won’t get to understand anything on-screen unless if you speak the language, but we all can assume that it’s standard MMORPG affair.

Controls are fairly intuitive: you can move around using the WASD buttons while attacking via the mouse buttons. You can create shortcuts to use skills and items via the numbers button. There are also a plethora of controls options where you can use tab and control to auto-attack which comes in handy especially if you’re facing a large mob of characters.

Most of the gameplay is centered around defeating large groups of monsters, especially at the start. As you’ll progress though, you’ll get quests wherein you need to go to dungeons and areas where you’ll face large monsters. It’s pretty straightforward and though it’s nothing new, you’ll still have a lot of fun with it. Though it’s an MMO, you can grind and explore the world alone without any help, though it’s more fun with friends and other players. There’s a huge focus on the Guardians mechanic which are basically avatar-like creatures that give your character skills and buffs. Of course, you’ll need to collect and use ones that are more attuned to your play style.

Speaking of other players, DayBreak Online’s gameplay is centered around playing with or against others. There’s a robust selection of game modes, ranging from 3x3 and 1v1 PvP, Border Defense, and football (well hey, it’s published by a Brazilian company). Apart from which, there’s also a huge focus on the marriage and divorce mechanics, item crafting, and duels.

Since it’s a freemium game, there’s a focus on freemium items and buying PvP status. Though it’s not pay-to-win, you’ll get to unlock more features like new guild houses, hairstyles, and other cosmetic items.


Currently, the game has a large player-base though it wouldn’t be easy to make friends unless if you’re a Chinese and Portuguese speaker. Regardless, you can still explore with others and fight monsters together. There’s also a good guild mechanic wherein guilds have their own halls and players can decorate their own rooms.


For a game initially released in 2013, DayBreak Online looks fantastic. Sure, it may not be up-to-par with most console and PC games, yet it holds up well when compared to its high-budget peers. Thing is, the game looks and feels like a mobile port (especially if you look at the graphics and intuitiveness of the controls) but regardless, it still looks great.

The aspect that deserves the most praise is the game’s overall art style. It feels all over the place, but in a way, it’s something for everybody. For example, some clothes are medieval fantasy inspired armor, while some costumes go for a more modern look with jeans and punk rock shirts and goth lolita clothes for the manipulator-class characters.

DayBreak Online’s world and monster designs also stand out. Though the monsters aren’t as detailed as those in Monster Hunter and the world isn’t as large like in The Witcher series, they’re pretty well-made and enough to give you an immersive experience.


Overall, DayBreak Online is a decent MMO that would have warranted a playthrough if only it supported the English language. Nevertheless, it’s a game where you can do a lot, explore various places, and fight numerous monsters. Give the game a shot and exploring its world, summon new spirits, and fight with your friends!

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New Game Added: DayBreak Online

by Mikhail Jul 8, 2019
DayBreak Online is an action MMORPG by Global Games. The title features a robust guardians system, four distinct classes, and an immersive fantasy world. You’ll explore a vast world with your friends and companions while fighting monsters and other players. You can also join guilds, get married, and go on an adventure. Fighting monsters in DayBreak Online Flying in DayBreak Online Using a rifle-like weapon in DayBreak Online Read More
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