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Top 10 Simulation Games
Simulation Games allow you to create and build entire cities, airports and much more. As well as letting you experience the joys of controlling interesting vehicles, visit fascinating places, or enjoy a simulated experience.

My Hospital

My Hospital Manage and develop your own virtual hospital in this amazingly addictive simulation game, My Hospital! 9 rate

Hobby Farm Show

Hobby Farm Show Experience the hectic day-to-day at the hobby farm in this time management game, Hobby Farm Show! 8 rate

Farm Slam

Farm Slam Play match-3 games to get what you need to restore an old and rundown farm in Farm Slam! 9 rate

Hay Bay Farm

Hay Bay Farm Featuring a superhero theme, Hay Bay Farm is a classic farm simulation game that has a quirky cast of superheroes whose storyline you can gradually reveal. 10 rate


Farland Rescue your shipwrecked crew and build a new life for yourself in the wilderness known as Farland! 9.5 rate


FarmCliff Roll up those sleeves and start working to restore your storm-wracked farm in this brand-new farm simulation game, FarmCliff! 9 rate


FarmLand Grow crops, raise animals and produce a variety of delicious foodstuff as you raise money to repurchase your confiscated inheritance in this entertaining farm sim, FarmLand! 9 rate

Hay Day

Hay Day Rebuild your own dream farm in a brilliant sim game where you can control and create every aspect of your dream stead. Grow and harvest crops and feed your animals to make a huge holding of your very own. 10 rate

Klondike Adventures

Klondike Adventures If you are looking to tame the wilds and make a broken down station your own then this is the game for you. Discover a host of new friends, activities and places as you turn this untamed place into your very own farm packed with crops and livestock. Play with your friends and enjoy this Alaskan wilderness. 10 rate


Seaport Build yourself a stunning port town full of amazing buildings, crazy characters and a fleet of your very own. From ancient vessels to modern day monsters you are able to create a fleet of ships and send them out for profit. 10 rate

Red Crimes: Hidden Murders

Red Crimes: Hidden Murders Collect evidence, analyze them for clues and solve various homicide cases that happened in your jurisdiction in Red Crimes: Hidden Murders! 9 rate

Piano Free

Piano Free Play the digital piano on your phone or have fun tapping along to popular tunes via its Magic Keys and Magic Tiles mode in Piano Free by Gismart! 10 rate

Zoo 2: Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park Many people are looking forward to your family zoo's demise... will you be able to save it? Play Zoo 2: Animal Park and find out! 9 rate

Ancient Aliens: The Game

Ancient Aliens: The Game Enjoy a conspiracy-filled, city-building experience in this brilliant idle-like simulation game that’s based on the popular TV show, Ancient Aliens. 8 rate

Crush Crush

Crush Crush Work to earn some money, pick up new hobbies to build character, and pursue the anime girl of your dreams in this idle dating sim, Crush Crush! 8 rate

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