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My Hospital 9 rate Have fun managing and developing your very own virtual hospital in My Hospital! Treat a variety of hilarious illnesses using your own line of medicines which you’ve produced at your lab. With so much to do and so many stuff to uncover, this game will keep you engaged for the days or even months to come! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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My Hospital is a fun and incredibly addictive hospital-themed simulation game where you get to manage your own virtual hospital. The game does away with realism in its gameplay and lets you treat your patients with a variety of miraculous concoctions like elixirs, pills, syrups, and capsules that you produce at the lab yourself. Naturally, the illnesses that your patients can contract are as equally hilarious. There are also plenty of fun daily quests, bonus goals, and events for you to complete, and you have a pharmacy where you can sell and buy cures as well.


After finally graduating from medical school, you came home to find a special gift on your doorstep. The gift contains a treasure map of sorts, which eventually led you to a brand-new hospital. Apparently, your super rich grandpa decided to give you your own hospital to manage as a really expensive graduation gift.

Now, it’s time to practice your craft and grow your hospital into the success story that it can be!


The game starts you off with a compulsory tutorial that is very easy to understand and fast enough to complete. Soon enough, you’ll be taking off the training wheels and managing the hospital as you see fit.

To be any good in this game, there are a few important game mechanics that you’ll need to understand, and if you have any experience playing farm simulation games, you should already have an idea of how these stuff work. For starters, you’ll be producing your own medical cures at the lab. Every cure in this game is made from or basically is an elixir. Elixirs can be produced at the test-tube racks at the cost of panacea. Panacea, on the other hand, is an almost limitless resource that will stay that way as long as you upgrade your panacea-producing machine to match your panacea usage.

As mentioned, elixirs can be instantly used as cures for certain illnesses. You’ll mostly use it at the many doctor’s rooms in this game. Note that different doctor’s rooms treat different sicknesses – they aren’t general practitioners apparently - and hence, will require different medicine. Treatments at the doctor’s room take time as well but thankfully, you can queue up multiple treatments at a time. Also, the doctor’s rooms come with their respective doctors in tow, so there is no need to hire extra staff on the side. The same goes for diagnosis stations manned by nurses.

Using elixirs this way will earn you some coins, but if you really want to earn more, you’ll need to use these elixirs to produce more complex medicine. At the lab, you can build various machines that will allow you to produce syrups, pills, nose drops, eye drops, capsules and more. These complex medicines will often require multiple elixirs to produce, including elixirs that can only be mixed at the Elixir Mixer. All of these machines have limited queue slots, but of course, you can always unlock more slots using the game’s premium currency, Hearts.

Every medicine you produced will be stored until they are needed. Elixirs are stored in your tank while the rest, including non-medical items like upgrade materials, goes into your medical storage. You can upgrade these storage units as long as you have the required materials. You can even expand your lab or your hospital simply by spending coins to snap up neighboring land. Naturally, the cost extra plots will increase as you acquire more land.

Now, there is actually another way you can treat your patients, that is through treatment rooms. These rooms house your longer-term patients since they usually require more complex treatment which may include a combination of medicines. These patients are brought in by your resident paramedic and each of them come with their own patients’ card so you can immediately know what’s wrong with them and which medicines you will need.

Interestingly though, if you keep getting patients that you don’t have medicines for, you can choose to reject any patient you don’t want to treat just so you can get a new one. This is somewhat cruel to do in real life, but in this game, it’s just part of managing a virtual hospital and doing business.

To help you along, the game does provide you with a ton of freebies or at least easy ways to earn rewards. You can, for instance, complete daily quests or bonus goals for extra Hearts or coins. You can also click on speech bubbles to not only read what funny stuff your patients or doctors may have to say, but also for the chance of getting a free upgrade material. There are free goodie boxes which you can open every few hours, or you can choose to “collect” them just so you can accumulate your rewards.

The Bubble Boy Stand located in between the emergency entrance and your hospital’s main entrance provides a fun little mini-game where you can get some free items as well. The mini-game’s really simple to play – just pick a bubble and see what stuff you’ve won. If you want to, you can even purchase boosters that will either double the rate of XP earned or your rewards from curing patients. If you’re lucky, you can get a free booster in one of those free goodie boxes from time to time.

Don’t forget that you can decorate your hospital and lab with a variety of décor. There’s even a patio in between your hospital and your lab that you can spruce up with some nice flowers, shrubs, and benches.

My Hospital may have some pretty repetitive gameplay but as you advance through the game, you’ll gradually unlock new facilities that will allow you to do more stuff aside from just treating your usual patients or crafting medicines. For example, the very first feature you’ll unlock is the pharmacy. Here, you can buy and sell a variety of goods – they don’t have to be medicines. The VIP ward is the next new feature you’ll unlock that will allow you to treat busy and often demanding celebrities.

At level 12, you’ll unlock the Kids’ Waiting Room which will allow you to treat kids in addition to adults. Furthermore, the medicinal garden which is unlocked at level 15 will let you grow special medicinal herbs that you’ll need to produce more advanced medicines. The Anti-Epidemic Center, on the other hand, will allow you to work cooperatively with your friends and fellow medical practitioners to tackle an epidemic by contributing medicines.

As a freemium game, My Hospital has an in-game shop where you can spend real money to buy virtual currencies like Hearts or coins. There’s also a section in the shop where you can donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to show your support.


My Hospital is a very social game, especially in the later levels when you’ve unlocked the Anti-Epidemic Center. Friends that you’ve added to the game can prove to be mutually beneficial since both you and your friend will have first dibs on each other’s pharmacy listings.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is really amazing. I love how adorably small the little people are in the game. However, it would be nice if we can zoom in further and see every little detail of the hospital we’ve built. In terms of sound, the game does have a nice background music, but it isn’t exactly the memorable sort. The music does help set the tone of the game and it matches perfectly with the somewhat quirky theme.


My Hospital is by no means a realistic hospital-themed simulation game, but it is a very good game nonetheless. The gameplay is fun and engaging in addition to being very easy to grasp, and although at times repetitive, the generous rewards of your progress, be it a new feature or a new range of decor, made everything worth it.
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New Game Added: My Hospital

by Aethyna Feb 22, 2018
Have fun managing and developing your very own virtual hospital in My Hospital! Treat a variety of hilarious illnesses using your own line of medicines which you’ve produced at your lab. With so much to do and so many stuff to uncover, this game will keep you engaged for the days or even months to come! My Hospital: Managing a hospital Collecting elixirs in My Hospital My Hospital: Treatment rooms Read More
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