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Lucky Fields 10 rate Have fun managing and developing your virtual farm in this beautiful farm simulation game, Lucky Fields. Aside from growing crops and harvesting them, you'll get to sell your farm produce and crafted goods for some cash to fund your farm makeover. The countryside awaits! Come now and set up your virtual farm! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Grow a wide variety of crops, raise animals and produce a myriad of goods in your brand-new virtual farm in Lucky Fields! Sell off your farm produce to your neighbors or to random players from all over the world for some extra cash to spruce up your place with the best décor. You can even upgrade your buildings to unlock new goods to craft. Do you have what it takes to become the most successful farmer in Lucky Fields?


This game plays a lot like the usual farm simulation games you might have played before. Basically, you simply need to keep to the cycle of planting/replanting and harvesting your mature crops. There are no seeds involved. You can use the mature crops you’ve harvested to craft a variety of items. However, you’ll need to remember to keep at least 1 crop from each type in your Storage, just so you can get more of that type of crops later on. If not, you can either buy more using the game’s premium currency, gems, buying it using coins from the market, or by hiring a helper to find the crops you need.

There are plenty of crop types in this game as well, including potatoes, wheat, peas, beets and more, but you can only unlock them as you level up and advance through the game. That said, Lucky Fields does have one interesting element that helps it stand out from all the other farm games out there – rain. From time to time, rain clouds will visit your farm. You can drag them over to your crops and the rain will help you accelerate the growing process. However, the rain clouds will move just like real clouds do, so you will need to keep dragging the clouds back to your farm plots just so they are well-watered.

Aside from crops, you can raise animals at your farm too. Similar to crops, there are many types of animals here, ranging from the common chickens to bees. Different animals will require different feed though and you can get most types of feed from the feed mill. Unlike crops, animal produce, tools and any crafted goods are all stored in the Warehouse, but both the Storage and the Warehouse can be upgraded to increase their storage capacities, provided that you’ve got all the materials needed.

Crafting is another important aspect of the game. There are tons of buildings you can construct to produce a wide variety of items, be it pancakes, sugar, cream or even potato chips. However, the game limits you to only 1 building, unless you are willing to spend gems to build the second one. Each building also has limited queue slots, which can be expanded using gems too. Depending on the space you have on your farm, you might want to expand the queue slot first before considering spending gems to buy another building.

Not to mention, these buildings can be upgraded up to 5 times (5 stars) as well. Each star earned will unlock special perks for your farm, like 5% more gold for every order fulfilled, or faster crafting duration for your pancake shop. The townhouse you own on the farm can be upgraded too, but unlike any other building, you will need to have a sufficient amount of achievement points, in addition to the upgrade materials needed, before you can do so.

Decorating your farm is entirely optional, but it does feel good to have a farm that looks nice, right? Due to this, you might want to consider spending some of the coins you’ve earned on some décor for your farm. If you find that you’re running out of space, you can always use tools like axes, saws, dynamites and pickaxes to clear the many trees and rocks on your farm. You can often find plenty of these at really cheap prices (1 coin each) at the global market.

This brings me to a quick tip that I would like to share with you. If you want to level up fast, you can purchase plenty of dynamites, pickaxes and saws to clear the many trees and rocks, and earn some bonus experience points. This should easily get you up to level 8 or 9, but the thing is, you’ll need to be at a high enough level first to unlock the market.

Similar to most farm games, you can sell off the goods manufactured or even raw farm produce to earn some coins through a variety of means. You can fulfill orders via the bulletin board, complete requests by visitors to your farm, or even sell the items to other players through your own market stall. Your market’s listings can only be seen by your neighbors in the game, but you can send your listing globally, so that players worldwide can purchase the items you sell. To see what other players are selling, you simply need to tap on the mailbox instead.

There are tons of features in this game that will only be accessible later on, such as pets (level 10) and The Station (level 15), but you do get to enjoy playing a mini-game called the “Shell Game” where you can get a daily free chance to choose a random freebie to collect. Of course, if you want more chances, you can buy them using gems.


Lucky Fields is also a social game as it incentivizes players to add more neighbors. Players can get more market slots to sell their stuff by adding neighbors. Considering that markets are always accessible among neighbors, having more friends in your game’s list will also open up a new market for you to find and buy the items you really need.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is pretty superb. The visuals are obviously of high quality and yet the game runs really well on a mid-range tablet. There’s one bone I’d like to pick though – the names of the collectibles are still shown in Russian. If the developers could get it translated to English, that’d be great.

In terms of sound, I really like the soothing music that plays in the background, but I find that the ambient sounds, namely the sounds of bird chirping, might be a bit overdone.


Lucky Fields is a really fun farm simulation game that isn’t exactly unique – it pretty much offers more of the same. You’ll need to plant, harvest and replant your crops; raise various farm animals and use the produce you’ve collected to generate goods which can be sold at a much higher price. There are also some other entertaining mini-features you can enjoy if you get bored of simply farming. However, as common as its gameplay might be, there are some really special features in this game such as the little rain cloud which you can drag around to water your crops and speed up their growth and how each building upgrade grant you additional perks.

So, if you enjoy playing a farm game that has a slower pace and something different, you’ll want to try Lucky Fields. It may not be the next Hayday or Farmville, but it’s really fun to play!
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New Game Added: Lucky Fields

by Aethyna Nov 27, 2017
Have fun managing and developing your virtual farm in this beautiful farm simulation game, Lucky Fields. Aside from growing crops and harvesting them, you'll get to sell your farm produce and crafted goods for some cash to fund your farm makeover. The countryside awaits! Come now and set up your virtual farm! Lucky Fields: Creating goods Controlling the rain clouds in Lucky Fields Lucky Fields: Fish pond Read More
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