The Godfather: Five Families

by Richard
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The Godfather: Five Families 9 rate The Godfather: Five Families is a browser-based game that focuses on the Godfather universe. You pick from one of the prominent families fighting over who will rule the streets of New York City. It’s a classic city building game where you climb up your way to become the most powerful Mafia family. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The Godfather: Five Families is a browser-based strategy game that takes place in the Godfather universe. Players will pick from the five families where they climb up the ranks to become the most powerful Mafia group in the streets of New York City. You build your turf for enhancements and hire more people to work for you in taking out rival gangs to earn respect in your neighborhood.


The game takes place in the Godfather universe in 1935 featuring some of the prominent crime families though it does not tackle some of the primary characters of the movie trilogy. It focuses more on the five families that are battling for supremacy for New York; the Barzini, Stracci, Cuneo, Corleone and Tattaglia. You as a member of the crime family that you have chosen must earn the respect from your higher ups and from your rivals to become the best in your city.


The Godfather: Five Families is all about becoming the biggest and most powerful crime family in your city, and you have to do everything you can to reach that. With the game primarily focused on city building, so you need to build up your empire from scratch if you want to be on the top.

You need to construct new buildings in order to unlock new features to enhance your neighborhood, such as creating hideouts to recruit gunmen. You also need to have a stable flow of resources such as money, food, steel and cement as these are crucial in recruit new members, constructing or upgrading buildings and researching new technologies, you can produce more of these resources by building restaurants, steel mills and cement factories, or you can earn them by attacking rival areas or from quest rewards. As for generating money, you can optionally get them from key structures, some can provide a large amount of money but the waiting time is longer, you can unlock more of these buildings as your level becomes higher.

Influence and respect are important factors in the game. Gaining higher influence means you can recruit powerful gunmen to your side and allows you to have a larger army at your side. You can get more influence by constructing more apartments and upgrading them to the highest level. Respect on the other hand shows your current power, the higher it is, the better it tells on how well you improved your city. You can earn more respect by attacking gangs or other players, you can also earn more when you upgrade your city.

There are two areas that you will be focusing on upgrading; your central neighborhood where you increase the amount gunmen and resources you have and your estate where you unlock new technologies that improves the performance of your city. The research tree provides all the important enhancement for your family, it can be found in the Library and the higher the research level is, the longer it will take to complete. You can also construct new building on your estate, these can also provide bonus enhancements for your neighborhood structures and even reduces cooldown times for recruiting new units.

Later in the game you can assign people as your advisers, there are different seats for certain departments, they can provide bonus perks for your gunmen, production and defenses. So be sure to fill in any vacant slot once you have the chance to put someone as your adviser.

In combat, you can attack gangs in their area or other rival players. Just like in any city building games, you send out troops to a target location and if they succeeded in defeating the target area, they can earn experience points, resource and loot. This is also where you can earn Respect points, just keep in mind on the level of the player you are attacking as your army might get eliminated easily if you are taking on a high-level player. This also makes you open from any incoming attacks so it is best to deploy defenses for your estate and city as you can lose resources when you get attacked.


The game does not have as many active players, but there is still a healthy community that is willing to help newbies. You can interact with other players in the global chat or make a private message with each other. There is also the clan system that is very similar to the standard guild system where players can form their own and earn special perks.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals are all simplified, no 3D characters, all are in pre-rendered graphics with simple animations, when viewing some of the reports from the battles or even at the research tree, you can see some animated effects on each portrait to help visualized what happened on the report. The music has that 1930’s to help make you feel you are in that timeline, unfortunately the tracks only have two (one in your turf and the other outside the city) which is a bit disappointing as the second track only provides an ambiance effect.


The Godfather: Five Families is a fun browser game whether you are familiar with the Godfather lore or just into Mafia games. The theme matches well with the city-building gameplay, though it may not have any original features, it still provides some fun factor to the game experience. Gamers who are into browser games especially city-building games must try The Godfather: Five Families

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New Game Added: The Godfather: Five Families

by Richard Mar 10, 2017
The Godfather: Five Families is a browser-based game that focuses on the Godfather universe. You pick from one of the prominent families fighting over who will rule the streets of New York City. It’s a classic city building game where you climb up your way to become the most powerful Mafia family. The Godfather: Five Families: Your estate Choose a family in The Godfather: Five Families The Godfather: Five Families: Don't mess with the Don Read More
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