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Game of Emperors 10 rate Develop your empire from the ground up and amass an army that will make your enemies tremble in this brilliant and in-depth MMO strategy game that you can play on your browser for free, Game of Emperors! In this game of emperors, only mightiest will survive and emerge as the victor. Are you one of the mighty? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Developed by the leaders in browser strategy games, Imperia Online, Game of Emperors is a breathtakingly in-depth MMO strategy game where you don’t only develop your empire and your troops; you are also more involved in the day-to-day and the overall management of your empire from your royal lineage and the path of succession to deciding on a suitable government structure to use. In a game of emperors, only mightiest will survive and emerge as the victor. Are you one of the mighty?


The entire premise of this game is really simple and is made clear through its comprehensive tutorial – you are to found a city, build an empire out of it, advance whatever technology that’s available, recruit a whole bunch of soldiers, and lead your army to victory on the battlefield. However, the tutorial might be a bit restrictive though since you can’t really skip it, and although I wouldn’t recommend skipping any tutorial, it’d be nice to have that option.

Anyhow, once you’re done with the tutorial, you’ll be given the choice to active Beginner’s Protection or not. Unless you are a pro at this, the protection will go a long way to help you get up on your feet and allow you to at least be able to compete with the other players that have been on the server for quite some time.

Now, I’d like to point out that Game of Emperors is very different from the other MMO strategy games you might have played before – it is even different from Imperia Online itself. The main difference here is that Game of Emperors provides a wide range of realms (a.k.a. servers), each with a specific end date indicating when the realm will be wiped and another game will begin afresh and a list of bonuses or perks that are given to players to server-wide. Once the time for a realm is up, the top players will then win a prize and likely have a nice head-start in the next game they go into.

In the case of a new player though, you’ll simply be plopped into a random server that’s somewhat beginner-friendly at first, but you can choose which server you’d like to play on later.

Not to mention, building and upgrading your many buildings in Game of Emperors is incredibly easy and convenient since you can do all of that from a single menu at the Town Hall. Best yet, for building duration of 15 mins or less, you can instantly complete the tasks, freeing up the queue for more construction work.

Well, actually, you won’t be able to queue up building processes but you can do so for researches. Advancement in a wide variety of topics is crucial for the development of your empire, both economically and militaristically, but these discoveries do usually take quite a while to complete. As such, you are given 2 research slots each for the normal university and the military one.

Certain researches will unlock new building and recruiting options, allowing not only construct new structures but also stronger troops for your army. There is a wide range of units you can recruit in Game of Emperors, including spies from the Spy School, a variety of archers and infantry from the Archery and Infantry Barracks respectively, and even siege weapons from the Siege Workshop. These units seem to be upgradable, though this aspect is not obviously indicated. In a later level, maybe.

That said, developing an empire and an army is a very costly endeavor and to be able to keep up with these advancements, you’ll need a lot of resources and funds. Most of the resources can be produced and collected from the lumber mill, iron mine, and stone quarry you’ve built and upgraded, but you mustn’t forget to allocate your available idle population to work in these locations or you’ll get nothing. You can also trade any excess resource you have with friendly players via the marketplace.

Gold might be a bit short most of the time because it is used a lot. You can earn it by imposing tax on your people after you’ve built houses for them. The tax you impose is decided by yourself, so if you really need to, you could always charge a premium tax rate to more rapidly fill up your coffers at the cost of your people’s happiness. There are also quests and Acts of Ruling that you can quite easily complete to get some much needed additional resources. If you’re feeling lucky, you can even gamble some of your gold or diamonds (premium currency) at the Tavern for a shot at winning the jackpot.

Interestingly, if you need a serious ton of resources over a not-so-short period of time, you might want to consider switching your government structure (from the default Neutral to Imperialism, for example) just so you can make use of a structure that offers immense economic benefits. However, do note that each government structure will have its own disadvantages as well. It’s pretty much a give-and-take system where you gain benefits at the cost of something else. You can change your government anytime you want, but there will be a 12-hour period of anarchy in between governments where your empire will have to sustain negative effects.

At the Palace, you can also access your imperial family tree where you can decide who to appoint as your generals and governors. Each member of the royal court (and that’s including noblemen and women who are not really family members) will have their own perks to offer to the administration if they are appointed and it is up to you to decide which perks you’ll want in either a governor or a general. Even if they are found incompetent at first, you can put in the resources to train them and make them competent. You can marry off your royal sons and daughters as well, and decide on the path of succession through the appointment of the Crown Heir.

Like most MMO strategy games out there, once you’ve got an army, you can venture out to start conquering the regions around your city. There are multiple options you can choose from whenever you encounter another player’s city. You can simply attack them and plunder some resources (remember to bring more supply wagons!), turn them into a vassal for your empire, or annex them into your empire (yes, there’s a difference).

However, before you do any of that, it’s best if you send your spies to check out the place first – if you’re successful, you can get details about a rival city such as the resources it has, the size of its stationed/ defending army as well as the composition of said army. You can then make use of the battle simulator function in this game to estimate your chances of success before ordering your troops to march. After all, you won’t want to just send your troops to their deaths while angering a strong, neighboring player, right?

If your city is ready for the “next step”, you can even take over neighboring lands by founding new colonies or annexing terrain to expand your empire’s borders. You can even found some military outposts around just so you can exert your influence within a region. There also events, or Tournaments as they are called, where you’ll get to compete with other players on the leaderboard by performing a specific task such as recruiting troops or advancing research.

Being a freemium game, Game of Emperors does offer an in-game shop where you can buy a variety of items, including more diamonds, experience tomes for governors and generals, mystery boxes, skill reset tomes and more. There are also special, limited time only packs, and a premium VIP system where you’ll not only get to collect daily diamonds in addition to a lump sum over a period of time, but also a list of perks for both your army and your empire.


Similar to most games in the genre, Game of Emperors provides players with a way to work together and conquer vast swathes of the map that no one empire will be able to do – Alliances. There are many types of Alliances you can join with some being more competitive and demanding than others. By being part of an Alliance though, you’ll not only get the Alliance-wide technology boost, but will also be included in massive Alliance-vs-Alliance battles, feuds, and sometimes, diplomacy. You’ll be expected to contribute resources and soldiers whenever you can as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Personally, I love the soundtrack/s used in Game of Emperors. The music is not at all repetitive and is actually very pleasant to listen to. I dare say some players might just leave the game on just so they could listen to the music while doing something else off the computer, such as cleaning their room or doing some work. The graphics in this game is fantastic as well. The artwork has a rather distinct albeit slightly cartoonish style to it.


Featuring incredibly in-depth strategic elements that are not only rather realistic but also rival that of war simulators, Game of Emperors is an impressive, browser-based MMO strategy game. Along with the usual humdrum routine of building up your empire and conquering other players’ castles, you’ll actually get to decide your own royal lineage and government structure, annex territories, build military outposts to expand your influence and reach, and even have fun enjoying some downtime gambling at the tavern with the commonfolk. Game of Emperors will astound even the most ardent of browser MMO strategy fans and it is definitely worth your attention especially if you’re a huge fan of the genre.

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by Aethyna Jun 20, 2017
Develop your empire from the ground up and amass an army that will make your enemies tremble in this brilliant and in-depth MMO strategy game that you can play on your browser for free, Game of Emperors! In this game of emperors, only mightiest will survive and emerge as the victor. Are you one of the mighty? Game of Emperors: World map Imperial family in Game of Emperors Game of Emperors: Researching new tech Read More
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