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Cultures Online 8 rate Recruit various heroes and go on expeditions across the world with them! Bring back loot that your heroes can equip and resources that your village could use to develop into a force that no one would dare to challenge! So, are you eager to embark on a journey to explore the various cultures of the world? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The popular strategy game franchise, Cultures, has come online in the form of Cultures Online: Heroes, bringing along with it a unique RPG/ strategy game element! In this game, you’ll create your main hero to lead your village to glory with, though more heroes can be subsequently recruited, at a cost, from the local pub. Go on expeditions across the world and bring back loot that your heroes can equip and resources that your village could use! Develop your village as well as your army so you could send them out on raids! Don’t forget to advance your technologies via the alchemist’s workshop so you can give your army an upper hand when facing the enemy! Eager to embark on a journey to explore the cultures of various civilizations from around the world? Well then, play Cultures Online: Heroes now!


To start playing you have to create your main hero first. Your main hero is important in this game and will be accompanying you on your adventures. Thus, the game provides you with 6 starter hero styles that you can further customize to your liking. Since your hero will only be viewed as a portrait, you can modify your hero’s looks such as hair style, nose, eyes, ears and accessories (face paint). Be sure to be completely satisfied with your hero’s looks before you head on to the game proper as, although you can change his looks later on, you’ll need to spend premium cash to do so.

You can also choose the class of your hero, namely the warrior, berserker or ranger. The warrior in Cultures Online is able to take a lot of damage, thanks to his large pool of stamina and his huge shield. He is best when is up against the ranger and is the perfect lumberjack when he’s at home. The berserker, on the other hand, is a crazed Viking who relies on his massive two-handed weapons to deal huge damage to his enemies. With such burly arms, he is suitable to work in the quarry when not off pillaging. The ranger is an agile yet formidable opponent, but she is not at all strong. Thus, she is best off researching in the alchemist's workshop when not off on expedition. Choose wisely as you will not get to choose your hero again!

Once everything’s done, you are then brought to your small Viking village on an island in the far north. Your village will start with only 4 structures, namely your chieftain hall, a merchant, the sailmaker, and of course, the Viking longboat you’ve travelled in, which you can later use to go on adventures. The in-game tutorial will kick-in and introduce the game to you.

The first thing you should know is how to start building in your village. As you may have noticed, there are plenty of empty plots in your village which you can later commission to have someone to construct a building for you. There are also decoration plots that lined the sea shore that are exclusive for placing decorations. To begin building, you’ll need resources, so let’s take a look at the game’s resource production and management systems!

In Cultures Online, there is a variety of resources that you will need, namely wood, stone, iron, gold, ideas and morale. Wood and stones are mainly used in building construction and those are the first two resources that you should be focusing on first. Thus, you should have your lumbermill and stone quarry set up before heading on to tackle the other resource types. On the other hand, iron is much more needed when you have your barracks set up and running as it is mainly needed for tools, weapons and armor! Furthermore, gold cannot exactly be mined in this game, but instead, you can plunder them by raiding other players as well as from hero expeditions. Gold is very important as it functions as money in the game, so be sure to not overspend your gold!

For ideas, you can gather them by building your alchemist’s workshop first. Besides generating ideas, you can also use it up at the workshop to research new technologies, such as military, windmill, gold panning pan and shelf to unlock new buildings or units, or even boost production! The resource production system in this game is uniquely different from any other strategy game and need some effort to get used to. Instead of producing resources by itself, you’ll need to place your heroes in these buildings as laborers, up to 6 of them, to start producing resources. This is limited by the fact that you can only have up to 7 heroes at any time (you can hire more at the pub for gold) and you’ll have 20 slots for your lumbermill, stone quarry and alchemist’s workshop to fill! So, you’ll need to know which resources you need most and focus on those.

The last “resource” in Cultures Online: Heroes, if you could even call it that, is morale. Morale may not seem much, but it is important in ensuring productivity. If it goes into the negative values range, you can be sure that the productivity in the village will sink. Thus, you’ll need to boost up morale by building amenity buildings, such as a mill. Buildings can also be upgraded to increase resource produced for the same length of time, but every upgrade will adversely affect the morale of the village. So, achieving the perfect balance is of utmost importance in this game! Moreover, if your village is beginning to feel a bit small, you could always expand your chieftain hall. For every 5 levels, you will receive a new building lot.

Empire-building is merely half of the game in Cultures Online – heroes are the other half! Besides playing a vital role as laborers in resource production as well as leading your troops to battle in raids, heroes can also go on adventures too! Heroes are played in the way that characters in RPGs do. This means that you can suit them up with armor and equip them with nasty-looking weapons! You can even enhance weapons and armor via the smithy after you’ve built the necessary building for it. Each of them has their own stat trees too, and every time they level up, you will get some stat points to invest. Your heroes can also earn some bonus stat points by working in your resource-producing buildings in town as well!

To send them off on expeditions to faraway lands and earn lots of experience and rewards, you can use the map option to view the available destinations. Each destination has a fixed range of suitable hero level. Don’t go into places with much higher level than your heroes are! The destinations will contain missions that you can pick up, which can be separated into 2 general types – repeatable quests (the quest giver is marked with an exclamation mark) and story missions (the quest giver is marked with a scroll icon).

Repeatable quests are randomized, but you may get the same one after awhile, while story missions are a string of 10 sequential missions that are much more challenging then repeatable quests. However, there’s a nice story behind these particular missions and you can unlock a new destination after completing these missions. Once a mission is taken up, you just need to wait for the very long travel duration to complete the quest and return to town. At the map, you can also view other adventuring players as well, but you can only attack them after you’ve built your watchtower in your town and turn on the PvP option.

A thing to note though! Whenever your heroes go on expeditions, you will wear out their wanderlust. Wanderlust shows how great the desire of your Viking is to go out on expeditions and it will increase daily to up its maximum cap. The amount of wanderlust lost will depend on the duration of the journey, and if you don’t have enough wanderlust, you cannot go on expeditions.


Cultures Online: Heroes has a rather small but tight-knitted community that mainly consist of Germans. If you enjoy playing with other players, you can band together by joining a tribe! Being in a tribe has many perks, including your tribe’s very own island that members of the tribe can contribute and develop!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in the game is pretty nice to look at and is of good quality considering that it is a 5-year-old browser-based game. The music in Cultures Online: Heroes is rather soothing and catchy at the same time. It does bring to mind the old-school semi-retro type of music you’d hear in Runescape.


In short, Cultures Online: Heroes is a decently-made free-to-play browser-based MMORTS/RPG that delivers a nice “old-school” feel. In this game, you play the role of a chieftain of a small Viking village on an island in the far north. Develop your village and your army to assert your power on the realm and make any potential invader think twice about angering you! You can also send your heroes off on expeditions across the world and bring home the riches to be shared with your people. You can even band together with friends in tribes and coordinate your war campaigns! Although it may not be as great at the Cultures game series, it tries its hardest to be. Thus, discover various civilizations from around the world in Cultures Online: Heroes today!

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by Aethyna Jun 4, 2015
Recruit various heroes and go on expeditions across the world with them! Bring back loot that your heroes can equip and resources that your village could use to develop into a force that no one would dare to challenge! So, are you eager to embark on a journey to explore the various cultures of the world? Quest givers in Cultures Online Cultures Online: Viking Cultures Online: Asian patch Read More
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