March to Rome

by Aethyna
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March to Rome 10 rate Grow your city into prosperity, research to unlock new technologies, build your own formidable army, and lead your people on the march to Rome in this exciting MMORTS game! Do you think your leadership prowess is enough to get you to the top? Play now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Once benevolent and respectful towards their conquered civilizations, the Roman Empire has fallen into the depths of greed and corruption, and has started to treat your people like dirt. Being the leader of your people, you need to take some action and you did so by openly declaring war against Rome. In March to Rome, you’ll need to first grow your city into prosperity and start building your own formidable army. Upgrade various technologies to unlock new features as well as to improve your troops and city production. Don’t forget to shore up your defenses and band up with fellow players in an alliance so you could take on tougher challenges together. So, lead your people on the march to Rome and prove that you are not someone to be trifled with in this exciting MMORTS game.


With their rising greatness, fame and power, the Roman Empire is not exactly a merciful empire. Once it would have admired, grudgingly perhaps, of other countries greatness and show them the proper respect once the countries are conquered, but now, Rome is treating like them filth, oppressing them beyond what the common folk would tolerate. Not to mention, greed and madness for power has engulfed the nobles of Rome. Things are getting really out of hand.

Thankfully, leaders from various conquered civilizations like the Vikings, Franks, Goths, Celts, Thracians and more have risen to address this problem and possibly to earn freedom for their own people. Though, instead of banding up to defeat Rome together, they had to first fight among themselves to prove that they are worthy to take on the Roman Empire. You will be playing as one of the leaders. Will you be able to rise to the top?


Right, now that you’re the ruler of a new city, it’s time to get hustling! You don’t want to get caught with your pants down now... would you? First things first, resources! There are 4 different types of resources you’ll need in this game; they include iron, wood, food and stone. There’s a production building that you can construct to produce each of these resources, but unlike some MMO strategy games, you will actually need to assign your available (and currently idle) population to work. The game allows you to adjust how many people you’d like to assign to each production building via a simple slider, giving you complete control over your city’s resources production. So, if you happen to need... say, more stone, you can simply assign more people to work in the stonecutters you’ve built.

Besides these 4 resources, there’s also gold which you can obtain by levying taxes on your working citizens, completing quests or plundering other cities. Similar to assigning workers, March to Rome gives you complete authority over how much taxes you’ll like to impose on your people. With more taxes, you can get more money, but your people’s happiness will drop, potentially resulting in a drop in all types of resource production. Inversely, if you lessen taxes, you’ll get less gold, but your people will be happier. It’s crucial to find the best possible tax rate so you could maximize your city’s earnings and yet keep your people happy enough to work optimally.

Your resource production will need to match your city’s speed of growth. Thus, you can choose either to build more buildings that will require you to keep expanding your city limits, which can be pretty costly; or you could simply upgrade your existing buildings instead. Upgrades will cost resources and time, but they will free up more space in your city for other buildings that you may want to build in the future. Each building can be upgraded multiple times and considering that you only get 2 builders for free in this game (you can hire 1 more using premium cash), so it’ll be quite some time before you can get a “max level” building.

Let’s not forget about building storages and upgrading them too. After all, your production rate might be perfectly optimized, but without enough storage space to store all of those resources, they will just go to waste. So, let’s not be wasteful, shall we?

Aside from production, March to Rome also has civic buildings for you to construct, such as the city temple, the city market, the university and the armory. The city temple allows you to perform specific rituals that you need as each ritual will grant you a bonus for a limited period of time. The city market, on the other hand, is the place for commerce and trading. You can buy and sell resources there. The university will unlock access to your city’s available researches (both prosperity and dominance research) and allow you to “discover” these researches at the cost of time and resources, while the armory provides you with plenty of options to upgrade your troops’ equipments and armor.

Ready to see some action? Well, you’ll first need some military buildings, such as barracks and workshops. Different buildings will unlock different types of units in this game. There are 7 types in total, namely spearmen, axemen, swordsmen, archers, cavalry, spies, and lastly, machines which include trebuchets, battering rams, supply wagons and catapults. There are 21 different units inclusive of the special unit. Troops in this game will require some form of upkeep, so be sure to stock up plenty of gold and food or they may just threaten to leave you.

Now, onwards to battle! On the surface, the combat system in March to Rome seems pretty similar to most MMORTS games out there. So, generally, you’ll need to use spies to scout an enemy’s settlement prior to deciding how many troops to send. However, once you get into the battle proper, you’ll realize the depth of its combat. The terrain you will do battle on has bonuses and penalties for certain types of units. So, you’ll need to balance out the variety of troops you bring with the potential casualty and the types of units your enemy have on defense.

Furthermore, instead of just setting the number of units to send, you can set the formation of your army as well. Unlike most games, you can actually see your enemy’s castle (and the positions of his units if you scouted the place out beforehand) on your battle map. You can then manually arrange your troops’ positions and even break them up into smaller assault forces, or you can simply use the game’s preset formations.

Aside from formations, you can also select a march option for your army at an extra cost, focusing them more on either speed or damage. There’s even a loot priority option, allowing you to “plunder selectively”. Don’t forget to bring along as many supply wagons as you can so you can haul more loot back to your city, and gloat over your victory by watching the game's amazing battle replays.

Going on the offensive is fun and everything, but you should build up some strong defenses too. Similar to attacking a base, you can also assign your troops to guard different parts of your castle. The trick here is to not spread your troops too thin and arrange them in such a way that they are protected against being outflanked. The unit orientation in both attack and defense are also now shown in perspective, allowing you to be further immersed in your role as a general of your army.

Interestingly, you can actually colonize any unclaimed map positions on your world map if you have the means to do so. How many colonies you can control depends on the level of your palace. However, you need to be sure to have the means to also defend your colonies from invasions and sieges. It won’t do to establish multiple colonies, but none of them are actually owned by you as they are taken over by other players.

The in-game shop in March to Rome sells quite a lot of boosters, ranging from resource boosts to buffs for increasing research, building and troop movement speeds. These boosters only last the duration you bought them for, and in this game, you can buy the boosters that last a week, a month, 3 months or 5 months. Naturally, the longer the duration, the more expensive it will be, but in terms of the booster duration vs the cost, the 5-month booster will be more worthwhile than buying the 1-month booster for 5 months in a row.


Most of the community in March to Rome are grouped up in Alliances. There are 2 types of Alliances in this game – order or clan. Order uses the hierarchical power structure of absolute authority while for Clan, each member’s progress will help the clan overall. These Alliances are free to establish, though, it might be best to simply join a well-established Alliance since they will have usually contain more experienced members who are willing to help.

Being part of an alliance means you need to be a contributing member. You can contribute resources or troops to your alliance – the troops will be assigned to defend your alliance’s headquarters and to attack other people’s headquarters, while the resources are used to upgrade the alliance HQ to perform research that can boost resource production for all alliance members. You will also need to pay an alliance tax imposed by the leader of the alliance. Usually, the tax won’t be too high, especially in an alliance with many active members.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the game look nice and unique. However, I personally have a qualm with the lack of variation between buildings of different races. For sound though, the game excelled at it. Besides the soothing yet slightly ominous background music, there are some pretty nice sound effects when you select different buildings. For example, when you click on the farmhouse, you can hear the sounds of ducks quacking.


In short, March to Rome is an in-depth MMORTS game that offers its players quite a lot of control over the combat aspect of the game. There are many different races that you can pick from, a variety of buildings that you can build, a plethora of military units to recruit and even a nice selection of researches to perform. The gameplay is fun and yet not too complicated, and the PvP aspect of the game keeps the game exciting. If you enjoy medieval-themed MMO strategy games, March to Rome is an excellent game that you may want to try. Play it for free today!

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