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Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory 8 rate Set in the war-torn era of the Crusaders, Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory lets you experience, albeit virtually, the significant war in human history by casting you into the role of a commander. It is now up to you to build a strong empire and army so you can claim the Holy Lands and seek out the fabled Holy Grail. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory is an amazing browser-based MMORTS that’s set in the Crusader’s era. In this game, you’ll not only need to build a strong empire and army, you’ll also need to forge alliances if you ever hope to claim the Holy Lands and to seek out the fabled Holy Grail. With plenty of depth to offer, Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory is definitely the improved version of the original, Castle Fight.


Like most browser games, Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory starts you off with a nice tutorial that will guide you through the initial empire-building process. Although the tutorial is not at all compulsory, you might still want to stick around just so you can get the tons of rewards once the tutorial is complete. It doesn’t take too long either.

Building a strong empire should be your first priority in any MMO strategy game and as such, you’ll need plenty of resources. There are 3 main types of resources that you’ll need to take note of, namely grain (produced at the grain farm), denarii coins (at the market) and bricks (at the clay pits). Each of these resources needs its own storage facility so you might want to get that built and done with as well.

Unlike some MMO strategy games though, you can only build 1 resource production building for each type of resource. So aside from fervently upgrading your buildings, you’ll be glad to know that eventually, you’ll unlock new structures that will help boost the productivity for each resource type respectively.

Being set in an era where faith is paramount, the amount of faith you get from the Church will actually affect your rate of resource production. Faith will be reduced whenever you perform any building upgrades or advancements in your tech research, and it can only be restored by upgrading your church. So, in other words, your church will need to be upgraded in tandem with your other upgrades just so you can counterbalance the negatives.

As you might also expect, you’ll only be given a limited number of master builders and hence, you can only build or upgrade just so many buildings at a time. If you went through the tutorial, you’ll get an extra building slot, but if you want more, you’ll need to spend premium cash.

In fact, if you’re a premium player, you’ll find a lot more features are made available to you. As you’ll start with a free limited-duration premium account, newcomers to the game might not realize but many of the more convenient features are surprisingly premium. One such feature is the building overview. Here, you can easily upgrade each of your buildings in one convenient menu without having to click on each individual building. The menu also shows you which upgrades you have the resources for.

Like the building processes in this game, you’ll need to hire more instructors in order to be able to recruit more units at the same time. The game provides you with a rather nice selection of units to recruit, ranging from the militia and pikemen to cavalry and, of course, the iconic templars. New units can only be accessed once you’ve got the necessary research though and you can do so by investing resources into your tech tree at the Academy. The game even has cumulative research, allowing you to further upgrade a specific tech after unlocking it.

Now that you’ve got an empire and an army, what’s next? Well, in Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory, you can opt for either “the quest for the Holy Grail” campaign (PvE) or world domination by conquering other players’ cities and empires on the world map. Interestingly, you can set up “satellite” castles around your main castle to expand your borders and allow for larger armies. In addition to achievements, there are quests as well but they seem rather limited though.

You never know when you’ll get attacked and thus, the game has some really nice “protection services” that you can buy. If you plan on going away for a long time, you can turn on the Vacation mode – it’s free. However, for the other options, such as Conquest Protection where you can be attacked but not sieged and Papal Bull that will protect your empire from all forms of enemy attacks including sabotages and spies, you may need to spend some premium cash.


Going about in this game (or any MMO strategy game, in fact) as a lone wolf is often a very bad idea. You might end up as target practice or worst, a resource farm, for the higher-level players. Thus, it might be in your best interests to forge alliances with other players so you can help each other out whenever a member is being bullied.

Not to mention, by being a member of an Order, you’ll also gain access to several Order-only features that help you to coordinate with your fellow players to capture a certain region on the map or to send a retaliatory force to capture a strong rival. In general, you’ll get to have a whole lot more fun in this game simply by joining an active Order.

Graphics/ Sound

For a browser-based game, Castle Fight: Crusader’s Glory has incredibly gorgeous graphics. Besides the beautifully-crafted buildings, each unit model is also amazingly drawn and the details in both the buildings and the units are just astonishing! There isn’t any sound in this game though – being a mainly text-and-graphics-based game.


In short, Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory is a rather interesting browser MMORTS game that has a surprising amount of strategic depth to it despite having a look that’s like every other browser MMO. The game has some pretty awesome visuals and if you’re a premium player, you’ll get a lot of convenient features to super-charge your gameplay too. So, if you enjoy browser MMO strategy games, you might want to check out this game.

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New Game Added: Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory

by Aethyna Sep 4, 2017
Set in the war-torn era of the Crusaders, Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory lets you experience, albeit virtually, the significant war in human history by casting you into the role of a commander. It is now up to you to build a strong empire and army so you can claim the Holy Lands and seek out the fabled Holy Grail. Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory: Recruit an army An advanced empire in Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory Castle Fight – Crusader’s Glory: PvE campaign Read More
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