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VastWars 7 rate A life of crime isn’t for everybody, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to become the boss of your very own “sin city”, then this text-based MMO strategy game, VastWars, might just be the game you seek! Play now and see how high up on the leaderboard you can go! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A life of crime isn’t for everybody, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to become the boss of your very own “sin city”, then this text-based MMO strategy game, VastWars, might just be the game you seek! Build your city from the ground up and populate it with the most despicable people and enterprises that befit a city of crime. Then, invest those illegal earnings into training up your stats, buying new items or even a new car and home, upgrading buildings, or other equally illegal business ventures. Fight for the glory of your country of residence by taking on other players’ cities in fights and show them the consequences of messing with your country’s gangs. In the gritty city streets of VastWars, only the strongest and the meanest will survive. Are you among the few?


During sign-up, you’re required to choose a role. There are 3 options available, namely the Businessman, the Mobster and the Policeman. Different roles will provide different perks. Players who choose to become the businessman will receive additional 5% while selling houses and spend less time in prison when caught doing something illegal, while Mobsters will receive additional 5% for selling your (likely drug-related) harvest and will steal twice as much money from the Businessman. The Policeman, on the other hand, will get a nice 5% bonus when upgrading items and training at the gym, but if they are caught performing a crime, they will get twice the sentence in prison.

Once you’ve selected a role, you’ll then need to choose a country, from an entire list of countries currently in existence, to start your life of crime in. You will not be able to change your country later though, so be sure to choose wisely!

After you’re done, you’ll be brought over to your “blank canvas” of a city. This is where the game’s tutorial kicks in and you’ll be guided through the process of building up your own “sin city”.

There are plenty of buildings that you can build, each of which has their own specific function – whether it is to allow you to buy new items, to train your stats or to safeguard your extra cash from greedy palms of other players. For instance, one of the earliest buildings you can construct is the City Mall where you can buy any usable items, including mainly clothes and weapons.

There is also a Crime House which basically is the headquarters for all the crimes you can commit. You will need to have sufficient Courage points to commit a crime, but don’t worry – your Courage points will regenerate by itself over time. There’s always a risk of landing yourself in jail (your game will effectively be frozen for the duration of your incarceration) whenever you perform a crime, thus, it’s wise to pick the ones with a higher chance of success.

At the Gym, you can also spend your Energy points to train your stats, be it Speed, Strength or Defense, just so you could get a better (higher-paying) job at the Labor Exchange building as well as ensuring that you’ll be victorious when you get into a fight with a rival player. Buildings can even be upgraded at a price, and for some, staffed with “employees” so you could generate an income. There are simply a huge variety of buildings that you can make full use of and more buildings can be unlocked simply by leveling up.

Interestingly, you’ll need to have at least some Energy points to access most of the buildings in this game, even though you don’t really spend these points when you click on a building. Admittedly, it can be quite troublesome, but the recharge time isn’t very lengthy. However, if you urgently need to regen your Energy points, then you could always spend Points to refill your Energy.

Not to mention, in VastWars, the game merges its tutorial with its quests. So, in other words, you’ll get additional rewards for doing the stuff you already need to do, and the best of all, you can sometimes get free Points. Points are the premium currency of the game. They can be used to speed things up by quite a bit such as getting you out of jail instantly, turbo train at the gym (granting you a ton of stats with just 1 click) and more. This unfortunately means that the game is pretty much a pay-to-win as well. Can you imagine going up against a plyer who has turbo-ed his or her way (stats-wise) to invincibility?

Anyway, if you enjoy playing the game, you should definitely consider getting yourself a VIP account. VIPs gain many advantages such as earning 2 times more Points from jobs, from successfully attacking a rival’s district and from marijuana sales, and having the permission to use color, in addition to the special VIP tag, in chat.


Being a strategy game, it’s crucial for you to find your own niches within the game’s community. After all, we are only as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided. These “Niches”, or better known as “Gangs”, can be created at a pretty low cost, but if you don’t think you’re ready to lead a gang, then you could also join an existing one.

Graphics/ Sound

Since the game is pretty much text-based, most of the game’s features are displayed in a 2D form. However, the crime city that you build is designed to look a bit 3D and is possibly the most color-filled part of the game. There isn’t any sound in the game.


In short, VastWars is a pretty fun MMO game that’s mainly text-based which features a city-building element and fun PvP. Although the game does have a few glitches here and there, VastWars still manages to offer a somewhat relaxing gaming experience as you build up your criminal empire and cow other rival gangs into submission.

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by Aethyna Jan 31, 2017
A life of crime isn’t for everybody, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to become the boss of your very own “sin city”, then this text-based MMO strategy game, VastWars, might just be the game you seek! Play now and see how high up on the leaderboard you can go! Vastwars: Training stats at the gym Your crime city in Vastwars Vastwars: Growing marijuana Read More
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