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AD2460 9.8 rate Explore the space, the stars and beyond in AD2460, a free-to-play, browser-based science-fiction/space-themed MMORTS! Collect resources, set up outposts, research technologies and form alliances with fellow like-minded leaders of other nations! Do you think you have what it takes to dominate the universe? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Explore the space, the stars and beyond in AD2460, a free-to-play, browser-based, science-fiction/space-themed MMORTS. Players are given a homeworld as well as fleets of starships (you can always build more, of course) to take charge of in an effort to dominate other worlds in this game. You can collect resources, set up outposts and trade with other players. You can also research technologies to advance your weapons of war and form alliances with fellow like-minded leaders of other nations. Not to forget, the game has a very engaging and in-depth lore too! If you love space-themed MMORTS, this is one game you mustn’t miss out on! Try it for free!


AD2460 is set in the distant future, where the human race has been scattered across the universe. As humans traverse the vast expense of space, they discovered mysterious gates that allow ships to travel almost infinite distances in a blink of the eye on the outskirts of the solar system. The universe is littered with them and no one knows who built them. Nonetheless, mankind made good use of the gates to further their quests of exploration, causing The Scattering. However, the scattering does not only refer to the scattering of people, but also the dilution of all of humanity’s knowledge, a decrease in production and research coming to a halt.

Thankfully, Earth is willing to help out these pockets of human colonies by sharing what it could. However, conflict occurred over trade and an arms race seemingly begun. Earth became increasingly defensive, despite being the only planet with real military power. It wanted to assert its position as the prime planet governing humanity by developing a weapon of mass destruction that is able to destroy whole planets. However, the weapon had perhaps malfunctioned and it took Earth with it.

With the humans’ planet of origin decimated, the only link that holds all the other nations together is severed. Planets start to attack each other and some even group up into alliances to raze nations to the ground. The nations’ systems are becoming more militaristic by the day and this is still the situation in 2460.


Being a MMORTS game, your goal in AD2460 is to develop your homeworld and expand your influence throughout the galaxy… and the galaxy in this game is huge! Each galaxy consists of 16 quadrants which can be further broken down into 16 sectors each. These sectors can then be divided into 16 clusters, with each cluster containing 16 different systems. If you’re lazy to do the math, well, the game contains a whopping 65.5 thousand systems that you can conquer at your leisure! Let’s not go into how many planets each system may have…

You’ll start off by developing your homeworld for a bit, but you can soon let the explorer side of you free by building outposts, which will be unlocked at level 4. AD2460 contains 2 types of planets- habitable and non-habitable. Your homeworld is a habitable planet while non-habitable planets are your resource-containing ‘gold mines’ that you can build outposts on. By gathering enough resources, you can develop and upgrade your facilities on your homeworld. Facilities are very important as they will unlock new options, military-, resource-producing- and technology-wise a well as increase your storage capacity.

Most facilities also have 4 sub-selections that you can further upgrade. For instance, you can upgrade each individual lab, namely Intech, Strontech, Neotech or Theory, in addition to your main research lab. You may even unlock new ships, such as scout ship and small transport ships, for your fleet by increasing your development. However, the rate of development can be really slow. Your first level upgrade will take you 8 hours and you can only upgrade 1 facility at a time. Thus, you can only imagine how long it will take you to complete higher level upgrades as you progress further into the game!

Let’s not forget about the awesome sci-fi research in AD2460! You can carry out research, once you have sufficient amounts of resources of course, to improve your units’ hull, gunnery and shield, increase cargo capacity. After you reached a certain stage in the game, you’ll be able to specialize your research into more specific fields too! Moreover, as you level up, you’ll earn tech points which you can use in your tech tree. There are 3 technologies available, namely Intech, Strontech and Neotech, and each of these technologies has very different foci. For example, nations choosing to specialize in Neotech will become masters of the manipulation of gravitational and magnetic fields, while Strontech nations will have increased energy efficiency in all types of production. Each technology will also have a resource that it is reliant on, for instance, Intech specialists will need plenty of Indium to construct specialized ships that are available in the Intech tech tree.

Furthermore, you may want to start developing your fleet to protect your homeworld from potential attackers. Your fleets of spaceships can be placed under the command of commanders that you can hire from the war academy. Each commander has their own quirks and personalities, which will cause some rather unexpected results during battles. In other words, placing a commander with a volatile personality in charge of your fleet is definitely a bad idea. Therefore, be sure to get a stable enough commander to lead your fleet! With more resources, you will also be able to build and maintain bigger fleets of spaceships to help defend your area in the universe from other players or space pirates!

In this respect, you may also want to consider signing up for an alliance to protect yourself from other much stronger nations. After all, united we stand, divided we fall, right? But of course, in order to be under the protection of an alliance, you’ll have to do your part. To keep your alliance membership intact, you will need to pay alliance upkeep as well as alliance tax, if there is any. You will also be expected to offer a portion of your fleet for alliance-use. In return, you will have access to a lot of alliance features, such as alliance marketplace to trade with fellow alliance members.

In addition, every military ship you build will increase your strength by a certain amount depending on their weapons, shields and hull. Other ships, such as transport ships, and even outposts do add a small bit of strength as well. Strength is a vital indicator of your military capabilities. It will determine which planet you can attack, since the game implements a system whereby you are not allowed to attack anyone outside 75-133% of your own total strength. This is a great way to prevent your homeworld from getting ‘ganked’ by much stronger nations.

If you’re planning to attack someone, you can use the Target Search option to find yourself some suitable enemies. However, it is advisable to carry out espionages first to gauge your opponent’s strength. You can do this at the Intelligence tab in the Military section. Once you’ve launched your attack fleets, you can also head over to the Fleet Movement tab to keep track of your fleet.

Battles in AD2460 are played out on a very simple, text-based map. You can plan certain elements of the battle, such as your fleet’s battle formation, before it starts however, once the battle commences, you will no longer be able to control your fleet and influence the battle in any way. Most of the time, the side with the most number of ships will win, but as you progress into the game, it gets gradually more complicated.

One of the more interesting features in AD2460 is perhaps its outlook system. Every player starts off by being a neutralist. As you complete missions, you may notice that certain missions will add a score in a specific outlook type depending on how you handled the mission. There are generally 3 different outlook types – tactical, whereby you’ll work to get the most efficient results using whatever sneaky means necessary; diplomatic, whereby you can bend over for an ally if the situation calls for it although you are interested in your own gains; and conqueror, in which you are only interested in results that come at the cost of your enemies and prefers using the heavy-handed approach in dealing with problems. Your outlook will allow you to participate in outlook-specific missions that have special rewards.


The community in AD2460 isn’t as huge considering that it was just released slightly more than 2 months ago. However, despite being a new game that uses a subscription model, it has a very healthy and steady rate of increase in players, particularly in the number of subscribers. If you enjoy meeting your fellow players in AD2460 or keep yourself updated with the latest news from the developers of the game, you could check out their many social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter too!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is astounding! Every piece of image in the game is beyond beautiful and the space-theme does help the game out a lot as well (space is, after all, a very pretty place)! Being browser-based, the game does not provide any form of music or sound effects. If you dislike the silence, you can put something up on your media player and enjoy listening to your own playlist of music while playing AD2460!


In short, AD2460 is a slow-paced, text-based MMORTS with a sci-fi/space theme from the developers of Planetarion that provides a unique system of interaction between players. In fact, the game has a very competitive and vicious player/alliance politics that rivals that of other popular MMORTS like Sparta: War of Empires. The game is also neatly balanced, due to the restrictions placed on player’s strengths, so that weaker players in the game will not get steamrolled over by stronger and more experienced players. There are also a huge range of customizable ships that provides a full range of possibilities in battles. If you love games like EVE Online or any kind of challenging space-themed MMORTS, AD2460 will definitely get you hooked tight! So, hop on over to AD2460 and try it out for free today!

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