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Star Stable 10 rate Star Stable Online is an incredible immersive 3D horse plus adventure game where you can race your horses in first person, enjoy the beautiful sceneries and perform quests to help save the island of Jorvik from the greedy hands of Mr Kemball, the owner of G.E.D. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Star Stable Online is an incredible immersive 3D horse plus adventure game where you can race your horses in first person, enjoy the beautiful sceneries and perform quests to help save the island of Jorvik from the greedy hands of Mr Kemball, the owner of G.E.D. The game has absolutely breathtaking environments, a very engaging storyline and smooth gameplay. You can definitely spend hours riding your virtual horse along with your friends around the huge island or race against other players’ best times. If you enjoy horse games, this is definitely one horse game that you simply could not miss!


Star Stable has an incredible storyline for a horse game.

According to legend, the island of Jorvik was a desolate rock until, out of nowhere, a star fell from the sky. The star ignited and hit the island and a mysterious girl on horseback sprang forth from the flames. In her hand, she holds a ball of light! She rode to the center of the island and cast the light to the ground, dispelling the darkness and despair from the island while bringing warmth to the land!

However, the island is currently facing threats in the form of the evil owner of a construction company, Mr Kembell. Mr Kemball has big plans for the island and his first move is to get rid of the pesky Moorlan Stable so he could use the land to build condos.

In this game, you play a girl who is spending the summer at Moorlan Stable. In the stable’s hour of need, it is up to you to save the stable and foil the evil plans of Mr Kemball. Can you be that girl with the light in the legend? Can you save the island from the evil clutches of Mr Kemball?


To start, you will need to create your character and choose a name. Since you are not allowed to type in your own name, you can select from the list of names available and mix and match them to create a name that you would like. Due to this, you can get some pretty funny and ridiculous-sounding surnames like Bunnylord or Beepoulos. After having fun creating your name, you can have more fun choosing your first horse’s features, mainly mane and coat color, as well as its name.

Once you’re done, you will be brought to Moorlan Stable. You will be guided through the basic movements, such as how to mount your horse and how to control your character. The controls are fairly simple and easy to learn, however, controlling your horse may be tougher and trickier than it may seem. You will notice that you cannot order your horse to walk backwards and will have to do a u-turn to get it to turn around. Furthermore, if you hit something hard while riding, your horse will get injured. Most injuries can be shrugged off easily, but your horse may die if it, for example, falls off the edge of a cliff or mountainside. Thus, the gameplay in Star Stable can be considered as realistic in some way.

At the end of the brief tutorial, you will be asked to test your horse trotting skills at the cavaletti. After getting through the test, you will unlock the ‘galloping’ movement for your horse and the real fun begins!

The gameplay in Star Stable Online is somewhat similar to a MMORPG. You have to do quests to level up your horse in order to make it faster and stronger. Quests in Star Stable, however, are way more fun! There are quests that require you to ride around the countryside to pick up items, clean out the stables, take care of other horses and there are also quests that will need you to sabotage Mr Kemball’s (the antagonist in the story) plans to raze Moorlan Stable to the ground.

The best quest is the one where you get to race your horse across the picturesque countryside. As aforementioned, horse controls can be pretty tricky. For instance, going too fast at corners will cause your horse to miss the turn and hence, a check point, causing you to fail the quest. Narrow tracks can be challenging too as you will need to be both fast and precise so that your horse will not get injured from tripping over the huge stones lining the track. Most races provide a time limit and your objective is to firstly, complete the track within the time limit and secondly, to complete the track in the best time possible. Your best time will then be ranked and if your best time is among the top 20, your name will be displayed on the leaderboard!

In order to get your horse to be at tip-top shape to beat the rest of the competition, you will need to know how to take good care of your virtual horse. You will need to brush, groom and feed it every day to keep it happy. Just drag and drop the brush, hay or hoof pick from your inventory on to the horse and your avatar will automatically start grooming or feeding the horse. However, if you forget to feed your horse even for a day, your horse will be sad and its performance will deteriorate. So, remember to take good care of your horse and it will perform better for you! It’s a win-win situation!

To get to the top 20 in the leaderboard, you will need something more than just a happy horse - You will also need some nice gear to help you out. You can purchase helmets, clothes, gloves and other riding apparels at the shops using Jorvik shillings that you earned when completing quests. If the equestrian is getting a makeover, her horse should get a makeover too! You can shower some love on your horse by buying a new set of horse-related gear, like saddles, tacks, halters and blankets, at the shops as well!

Riding your horse around a mesmerizing virtual world can be an amazing feeling, but there will be a time when your horse will need to take a break. You can let your horse rest by bringing it back to your box stall at the stable. At your box stall, you can also access many other functions like a wardrobe, where all your equestrian outfits are stored, and trading, where you can purchase and sell horses. However, most of these functions are only available for Star Riders (temporary premium members) and Lifetime Star Riders (lifetime premium members).

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, premium members in Star Stable have many other benefits as well! They will have complete access to the world whereas normal players can only ride around the starting areas. Star Riders are also allowed to create riding clubs for a price. Most importantly, unlike normal players, Star Riders can teach their horses how to jump!

Furthermore, Star Stable Online is also a very social game. It encourages you to explore the world of Jorvik with your friends. There is a huge map filled with beautiful scenery for you and your friends to explore and enjoy together. You can even quest alongside each other and, of course, challenge them to a race! It’s a great game for connecting with horse-loving friends and is even suitable for the entire family!


This game may possibly have the largest community of horse lovers on the internet. It is popular to the point where it has spawned its own fandom. Fans of the game frequently post up fan art and also screenshots of their favorite horses. They also discuss horse-related topics and tips on the Facebook page of Star Stable Online. It’s a community of horse gamers who are willing to help out the new players and are passionate about horses. If you’re a horse lover, you’ll definitely fit right in!


The graphics is in Star Stable Online is astonishing for a 3D horse game. The stunning surroundings that you can enjoy while riding is definitely one of the major selling point of the game!

The background music in this game is as great as its graphics. The sound provided in the game is lively and pleasant. The music is also occasionally punctuated with the chirrups of birds, whinnies of horses as well as other sounds that you can find at the countryside. In other words, the game provides a very relaxing environment for its players to play in.


Whenever you ask horse gamers for a list of the best horse games around, Star Stables Online is certainly one of the games that will top the list. In this game, you can ride and race your horse, in first person, across breath-taking landscapes on the island of Jorvik by yourself or together with friends. Furthermore, the game offers fun quests and an interesting storyline. If you have the money to spare, you can also unlock further features in the game by signing up for its premium membership. However, if you’re a bit tight in cash, the game still has plenty to offer for its normal players that are both entertaining and exhilarating! Star Stable Online is definitely a must-play for any horse game lovers!

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