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Ride: Equestrian Simulation 10 rate In Ride: Equestrian Simulation you are able to take on a career in the competitive world of horse riding, with 3 disciplines available: Showjumping, Cross Country and Dressage. Ride your horse in these fun events in beautiful 3D and win yourself some trophies. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Live your dream to be a professional equestrian and ride your horse to victory in this highly popular horse simulation game, Ride! Equestrian Simulation! Instead of focusing on the horse management sector, Ride! Equestrian Simulation emphasises mainly on competitive riding events, like dressage, jumping, and cross country riding. This game based its gameplay on real life riding skills and for players who have ridden a real horse before, many of the game’s concepts should resonate deeply with them. Due to the game’s tougher-than-norm difficulty, the game provides an extensive tutorial to hold your hand and guide you through your first riding lessons too. So, sign up for your free 1-hour demo now and experience the well-balanced and realistic gameplay in Ride! Equestrian Simulation!


After installing the game, you’ll need to first select a name, a nationality as well as a gender for your rider. Players are not given the option to customize their riders or their equestrian uniform though. Anyway, you’ll start off your career with an extended tutorial with your riding mentor, Jean Rochefer. The tutorials provided in this game are very clear, but some parts can be rather hard to complete. You’ll just need some patience and focus to finish them all before choosing your very own horse to jump start your career in riding!

The controls in this game are very simple and mainly involve the arrow keys (and sometimes the spacebar). However, in order to excel in every discipline this game has to offer, well, you’ll certainly need to train up your riding skills!

In Ride! Equestrian Simulation, you are given 3 disciplines to choose from, namely cross-country eventing, jumping and dressage, though if you wish, you can decide to take them all up as well.

In cross-country eventing, horse handling is of utmost importance! This is because these events are timed and have very short duration for you to complete the course. However, trying to rush through all the checkpoints at maximum speed will also tire your horse out easily. Thus, you’ll need to attain a balance between horse speed/gait and fatigue – pushing your horse just enough to coax out more speed from it, especially on long-stretches of flat land, and knowing when to slow down when your horse is showing extreme signs of fatigue (the fatigue meter is filled dangerously close to the top). Furthermore, there will definitely be tight corners or turns in the coming courses that you’ll be competing in, therefore, you should learn to slow down when navigating twists in the riding course.

The game mechanism that governs the ‘jumping’ aspect of this game is marvelously balanced and yet complicated (or you can call it ‘challenging’, if you like). There are plenty of important indicators that you have to pay attention to before, during and after jumps. Before jumping, you’ll need to align your horse to the obstacle correctly so that a brightly-illuminated multicolor pattern (the take-off zone) will appear on the ground.

Then, you’ll need to handle your horse’s stride to be within the green part of the take-off zone prior to reaching the obstacle. If you didn’t manage to get the stride of your horse to stay within the green zone, your horse may perform a flawed jump (meaning it will knock down some poles on the hurdle) or it may decide not to jump at all. Stride handling can be made even difficult when you take in account of the different natures of horses. For instance, stallions are commonly brash and like to take risks and so, they tend to speed up when they approach a hurdle. Geldings are a whole different issue – they are characteristically timid in nature and are more cautious, and will slow down when they approach the jumping obstacle. Hence, knowing what your horse is like is already half the battle won in jumping events.

Another vital aspect in jumping is getting the rider’s balance right. Leaning too forward or back will result in you landing on your butt after a jump while your horse canter away and possibly neighing in laughter at you! During the take-off and the landing parts of any jump, a multi-coloured balance meter will appear on your screen. By pressing the ‘up’ arrow to lean forward during take-offs and the ‘down’ arrow to lean back during landings, you should be able to keep your rider balanced and hopefully remain on the horse saddle after a jump. Jumping can be hard at first, but with time you’ll get the hang of it.

The last discipline in Ride! Equestrian Simulation may perhaps be the hardest among them all – dressage! Dressage is not about racing or jumping your horse - it is about how well you can control your horse and how obedient your horse is. How to get good at dressage? Well, first of all, you should understand that gait maintenance is the bread and butter in dressage. Gait maintenance is translated into a Dance Dance Revolution-like mini-game that you play using your arrow keys in this game.

There are several types of commands, namely short commands, long commands and double orders that you have to follow strictly to get as perfect a score as you can. Sometimes, commands may also cause your gait to change, for example, a command may require 2 ‘up’s and 1 ‘left’, ‘right’ and ‘down’ each, all in one continuous chain that you will have to press quickly. It’s really hard to get a ‘perfect’ for all the commands in dressage, but as long as you get more than 50%, you’ll pass.

To up the challenge even further, you’ll also be introduced to ‘figures’, which are complex routines that combine two or more commands; ‘horse focus’ that will increase whenever you executed commands correctly and consecutively and ‘horse morale’, which will affect the size of your target arrow (a depressed horse will result in target arrows that are so small, you can hardly see them!). Seriously, if you can master dressage, the other disciplines may not pose as much of a challenge to you anymore!

After the long and comprehensive tutorial, you’re finally given your very first horse. However, do note that once you picked a horse, he or she will be your partner for life! You will not be given the choice to get another horse. So, you should pick wisely!

Being the ambitious equestrian that you probably are, you must have been eyeing those trophies for quite some time now! Since you’ve learned pretty much all the basics in this game and now have a horse to call your own, feel free to test your mettle in your very first free-round event! There are up to 30 different events of varying difficulty for you to choose from, each featuring a different track and scenery. Furthermore, you’ll also be automatically entered into a tournament every 2 weeks. If you’re really good at riding, who knows? The next blue ribbon winner might just be you!

However, if you lost your first competition, don’t despair! There are several other features in this game that will help you advance through the competitions with much more ease. One of them is training. The game allows you to perform the training yourself, which in this case, you can simultaneously train your horse as well as your own virtual riding skills (and earn more stat points!) or to let the game perform it for you. You will need to complete the training though, so your horse can earn a few stat points in motivity, balance, acceptance or technique.

Due to its more challenging gameplay, many horse game lovers were, unfortunately, deterred from this game. Nonetheless, once you get familiar with the gameplay, Ride! Equestrian Simulation can be a really fun horse game to play.


Ride! Equestrian Simulation is not an online-based game and thus, the game does not provide any methods of communication in-game. However, the game boasts of an active forum on Big Fish Games website whereby you are free to ask any questions and mingle with fellow horse lovers from around the world! There is also a review section for you to rate and write a personal review for the game.


The graphics in this game is simply beautiful, most of the time, and sort of okay in the other times. Your horses look simply gorgeous and there is a huge amount of detail on them and in the world you explore. The background music however can get rather annoying after a while due to excessive looping. The game may need more variety in terms of sound. Luckily, during competitions or riding, the music goes away and is replaced by the steady beating of your horse’s hooves on the ground, further enhancing that feeling of virtually riding a horse.


Ride! Equestrian Simulation is a challenging horse simulation game that focuses more on the competitive side of riding, namely in dressage, jumping, and cross-country eventing, rather than on horse/stable management. This means there are no horse-grooming or feeding sessions, or even childish stuff like dressing your horse up for shows, making it suitable to older players as well. The controls are very easy to pick up, but it can be hard to truly master this game. The skills that the game requires you to master are based on actual skills that you will need if you plan on riding a horse in real life in the future. Sign up to be an equestrian today and compete with both amateur and professional riders to rise to the top of the pile!

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by Aethyna Dec 4, 2014
In Ride: Equestrian Simulation you are able to take on a career in the competitive world of horse riding, with 3 disciplines available: Showjumping, Cross Country and Dressage. Ride your horse in these fun events in beautiful 3D and win yourself some trophies. Ride: Equestrian Simulation Cross Country Jump Ride: Equestrian Simulation Close Call Approach in Ride: Equestrian Simulation Read More
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