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by Aethyna
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My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding 9 rate Restore a rundown ranch to its former glory by renovating buildings and completing tasks to improve your ranch's reputation and status. Enjoy taking care of your horses, help others train their foals for a fee, breed horses, rent out guest houses, or participate in exciting horse-jumping races in this fun and breathtaking game! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion P/S: This is a first impression review of My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding (Closed Beta). If the game has any major changes prior to its release, we’ll update our review.


My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding is a fun horse game where you’re tasked to restore a rundown ranch to its former glory. In addition to renovating and upgrading buildings, you can also have fun taking care of your team of horses, help others train their foals for a fee, or participate in exciting horse-jumping races. You can even customize your avatar’s looks or play as a horse and run free in the game’s Instant mode.


The plot in the game seems really shallow, unfortunately, but at least the story, no matter how brief it is, provides the basis for the goals you’ll need to achieve in the game’s Story Mode.

Basically though, you came into possession of a rundown stables and you aim to develop it and bring it back to its former glory.


Before you begin, you’ll need to choose between Story Mode and Instant Mode. Story Mode provides you with a set list of tasks to do in order to restore your ranch to its former glory, while Instant Mode simply lets you run wild on a moderately-sized map as a saddled horse. Depends on what you’d like to play first, you can choose between those two modes, but I’d say that the Instant mode can get boring rather quickly since there isn’t much for you to do once you’ve explored the entire map.

In Story Mode though, you’ll start the game off by customizing your avatar and your first horse. For avatars, you can create up to 3 of them. You can also choose between playing as a boy or a girl, as well as several selections of hairstyles and clothes. In terms of your starter horse, you’ll only get 3 breeds to choose from, namely the Hanoverian, the Friesian and the Andalusian, but there is a wide range of colors, coat patterns and mane colors you can mix and match. The customization may not be as in-depth as some other horse games out there, but the choices it offers is sufficient enough.

Now, My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding doesn’t have an interactive tutorial since most of the guides are text-based. The tutorial doesn’t seem to be enough either because you will still be expected to figure out a lot of stuff, even the basic ones, on your own.

For instance, you aren’t told how you can move your avatar in the game, which probably wouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’re familiar with RPGs or other horse games in general. You can use either the WASD keys or the arrow keys but I’d recommend not using WASD mainly because due to the game’s default key bindings, the W and the S keys apparently has other functions in the game as well – the W key is used to interact with objects while the S key cancels said interaction. The controls in the game are also a bit clunky, and this does make moving your avatar a tad bit awkward at times. The game doesn’t support mouse use too.

That aside, the gameplay in My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding is pretty much what you’d expect from a horse game. In this game, you’ll be expected to take good care of your horses. This means grooming or hosing them down, feeding and bringing them out for rides every day. By doing so, you’ll gain trust with your horses, and in return, they will allow you to saddle them and take them out for rides.

The game goes rather in-depth when it comes to horse care. For example, when it comes to feeding, you can choose from a selection of feed, depending on your budget, and you can even add in supplements and special treats to bolster your horses’ health and happiness levels. There are also expensive diets that you can give to your horses to increase the maximum energy level of a horse, allowing you to ride it for a longer period of time.

The grooming part of the game is pretty detailed too. In addition to brushing your horses’ coats, you can clean their hooves and hose them down with water. Be careful not to annoy your horses while grooming them though, such as brushing your horse’s head, or you may just lose all the trust you’ve obtained from grooming the horse.

Although the game doesn’t seem to let you ride your horse leisurely, you can still take them out for a ride at the practice course. Here, you’ll need to let your horse know when it should jump by tapping the spacebar whenever the jump indicator pops up. You won’t need to help your horse navigate the course – it’ll do so automatically – but you can decide how fast you’d like your horse to go.

There’s also another “mini-game” of sorts that you’ll unlock after you’ve renovated the Riding Hall. This hall will allow you to train foals and earn some money while doing so. The gameplay here is rather simple – you will need to “wrestle” with the young foal by using the arrow keys in hopes of getting it to stand in the white box (a.k.a. the checkpoint) which is indicated on your mini-map as a white circle. You can get the foal to switch tracks using the up-down keys while you can get it move along the track by using the left and right keys.

Each game will give you several checkpoints to complete, and you’ll need to get at least 3 of them done in order to get paid. You will also eventually unlock a few other ways to earn some money, including renting out rooms on your ranch for guests, as well as other fun features like horse breeding.

The money you’ve earned in the game can be spent in a variety of ways. You can choose to invest the cash into upgrading your buildings, such as the stables to unlock more stalls (hence, you can keep more horses in there), or buying new items to unlock new game features like the hosing station.

You can also use your hard-earned cash to purchase new outfits and riding gear for your avatar, new horses for your ranch, and training books that will earn you bonus points if you read the books in the library at your home. The points can then be spent in the Bonus Shop to buy some attractive stuff, including special horses and proper (dressage-suitable) riding gear. Don’t forget to set aside some money to restock your food and supplies just so your horses won’t starve!

Being the owner of the virtual ranch, you’ll need to do all of these and more. The game provides you with a list of tasks that you’ll need to do to improve the status and reputation of your ranch, and once you’ve reached the pinnacle – a 3-star rating, you’ll generally have nothing else to do except to collect all the horses and the outfits… that is, if you’re into collecting things in a game.


My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding is a single player game and as such, the game isn’t very social. However, the game is available on Steam and like all Steam games, there’s a forum there where you can interact with your fellow players.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game look absolutely fantastic. The color scheme used here is bright and cheery, giving the game a very welcoming atmosphere. The mellow yet pop-like background music works well with the overall theme of the game too, but I find that the sound effects, mainly the chorus of birds chirruping, can be a bit over the top, making these little sounds rather annoying after a while.


Despite its few noticeable flaws, My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding is a really decent horse game where you can manage your own ranch, ride horses and have fun taking care of them. There are plenty of stuff for you to do at your ranch, and if you fancy a break from the day-to-day, you can even drop by the game’s Instant Mode and simply run wild as a horse! Sounds like a game you’d enjoy? Well, the game will be available on Steam on December 1, 2018. Be sure to save the date!

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New Game Added: My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding

by Aethyna Oct 16, 2018
Restore a rundown ranch to its former glory by renovating buildings and completing tasks to improve your ranch's reputation and status. Enjoy taking care of your horses, help others train their foals for a fee, breed horses, rent out guest houses, or participate in exciting horse-jumping races in this fun and breathtaking game! My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding: Gorgeous graphics Horse jumping in My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding My Riding Stables: Your Horse Breeding: Dressing up your horse Read More
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