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Skyforge 9.7 rate Walk the path of an immortal warrior and transcend into a mighty god in Skyforge, the latest exciting sci-fi/fantasy-themed free-to-play MMORPG that has been released into open beta. Travel to various parts of Aelion and help the citizens in need. Switch between classes on the go and challenge other immortals in PvP arenas! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Walk the path of an immortal warrior and transcend into a mighty god in Skyforge, the latest exciting sci-fi/fantasy-themed free-to-play MMORPG that has been released into open beta. Travel to various parts of the beautiful world, Aelion, and help the many citizens in need by defeating whatever menace that you find. As you gain more faith from your followers, your immortal will grow and gain new powers, stats and even class. Switch between classes on the go, depending on what your raid group needs or on your mood. Like a bit of challenge? Challenge other immortals to an intense action-based combat to the “death” in the many PvP arenas available. Rise to the top and assume your position as the Elder God in the Order of Keepers and shape the fate of the world in Skyforge!


After dying heroically with your squad while defending a group of trapped villagers from Virns, you are amazed and yet shocked to find yourself awaken on top of a huge pile of bodies. You are blessed by the gods to return to the world once more as an immortal... sent to protect the good people of Aelion from the forces of evil that had gathered en masse. As you progress, you’ll learn more about what it means to be an immortal, and subsequently, a god.


The game starts off with an interesting character intro which allows you to learn some of the game’s controls, including basic action-based combat, along the way. However, you’ll only get to create your character properly once you’ve reached the city in one piece and went to meet with the God of Science in his Tron-like, virtual reality-based, combat simulation room.

While your starting class is the Templar, you’ll get to only choose 3 other available classes for your character, namely lightbinder, the support class in Skyforge; paladin, the tank and cryomancer, the frost power-wielding mage. It doesn’t really matter which class you choose as you’ll also learn that as an immortal, you can change class whenever you like.

For character customization, Skyforge offers several presets for you to choose, initially. However, once you’ve chosen a preset, the game will allow you to modify each individual detail to your liking. There are many aspects of the character that you can change, including hair style and color, face shape, eye shape and color, skin color and others. You’ll also learn that among the perks of being an immortal, one of them include changing your appearance at will. So, don’t worry too much about that “hideous” hair style your character has on, you’ll be able to change it even after you’ve confirmed your character’s looks.

Interestingly, the game proceeded with the selection of outfit and accessories for your character. Some of the outfit may look nice, but seem a tad bit out of place when you went on questing or raiding dungeons. Can you imagine a female character wearing a spring-themed frilly dress while slaying monsters left and right? I bet you can but you’ll feel that the outfit doesn’t reflect the current action. Anyway, similar to your avatar’s appearance, you’ll be able to change your character’s outfits whenever you like as well! Once everything’s done, you’ll finally be able to create your character’s first and last name, run style, voice and even stance when your character is idle.

If you think the customization option in Skyforge is fantastic, well, wait till you learn about the combat system! Combat in this game is purely action-based. This means that you won’t be able to target a mob with your mouse and just hammer away at it without budging from your spot. Instead, the game auto-targets the nearest enemy only when you face it. The enemy will also have several damaging abilities that you might want to avoid by double-tapping any of your WASD keys to sprint quickly in the direction you want. Like all action-based games, you’ll also get pop-ups notifying you when your combo skill is available. Also, you can even charge up your attacks by holding your right mouse button before releasing it to deal a much more devastating blow.

The bread and butter of any MMORPG are questing and for Skyforge, this is true as well. However, unlike other open world MMOs, Skyforge’s questing takes place in open zones instead. You can access these questing zones via the Divine Observatory. Each zone has several quests that you can pick up though you are not forced to complete them all. In fact, you can even leave the zone before doing any quests and return later to complete them.

There are also dungeons that you can attempt to complete solo or in a group by using the nifty in-game group finder. Each dungeon has a difficulty rating, showing you the chances of you surviving the ordeal alone. It’s always best to group up when the difficulty shows “hard” or above. Not only you’ll be able to clear the dungeon faster, which results in bonus rewards, you’ll also gain additional group rewards as well.

Besides that, Skyforge has plenty of events that may take up to months of unfold (unlike in Rift), such as the massive invasion of Mecahnoids or Phytonides, or brief raid-like events like the anomalies. If you’re a part of a Pantheon (a.k.a. guild/ clan), you’ll be able to sign up for Distortion events, whereby you and the members of your Pantheon will need to fight and defeat challenging monsters and bosses.

Furthermore, to get rid of “trash” clogging up your inventory, the game combines all junk loot into “valuables” that you can sell for credits. If you didn’t get these valuables as drops, you’ll probably get credits, equipments or gear instead. For gear that you don’t need, well, you can dissemble them at the cost of 100 credits per item to get various grades of enhancement stones. These stones can be used to increase the level of your gear. There are also particles of mastery that you can use to increase the rank of your equipment.

The most unique and interesting aspect of the game is definitely the Ascension Atlas. Unlike other MMOs whereby you are allowed to choose which talents you want on the talent tree, the Ascension Atlas provides a linear sort of progression for your character to learn new skills, gain additional stats and even unlock new classes. There are up to 10 more classes that you can unlock besides the 3 default classes you have, including monk, alchemist, necromancer, knight, slayer and others. The Ascension Atlas is filled with nodes that you can unlock using one of 4 kinds of sparks available in Skyforge, namely sparks of creation, destruction, balance and cold. Your character will eventually gain his/her divine form as you progress in the game as well. Along with the various divine abilities that will be bestowed on your avatar, there are also many appearances your Divine Form can take, such as an Iron-Man-like high-tech suit, a fiery demon form or even the very essence of the god of Aelion, Aeli.


The community at Skyforge is growing very rapidly due to the game entering into its open beta phase. Most players are very welcoming and friendly. They, more often than not, are willing to give you tips on how to play, though most players there are learning as they go along as well since Skyforge is a pretty new game. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for a Pantheon! You’ll not only get access to Pantheon-based events, you’ll also get to meet new friends.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Skyforge are undoubtedly one of the best among all the MMORPGs! The sceneries are absolutely breathtaking, the character and monster models look amazing and the various costumes and outfits are very nicely designed. Not to mention, due to the game’s emphasis on its action-based combat, the animations for every spell or skill you use are fluid and very awesome-looking. A 10/10 for sure! In terms of music, if the music on its loading screen doesn’t blow you away, I’m not sure what will! The music provided has a very inspirational feel and yet there’s a faint ominous feeling lingering in the background of the soundtrack.


To sum it all up, Skyforge is an excellent example of how an action-based game should be designed. Its sci-fi-fantasy hybrid theme is a very refreshing theme for an MMO. It also provides plenty of unique content and features, such as the Ascension Atlas and the various group-based events. Besides the fast-paced and challenging action-based combat, Skyforge has an immersive PvP and PvE (dungeons) system along with open zone questing. As your character’s powers grow, you’ll gain new classes that you can switch to and fro as you wish. So, what are you waiting for? Plunge into the wonderfully immersive world of Aelion and assume your role as an immortal in Skyforge today!

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10 stars for Skyforge!

An immortal warrior is reborn after a tragic death, and soon returns to be a hero for a world besieged by forces of darkness.

Welcome to the world of Skyforge.

This game is an action RPG that c...Full Review
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