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Fiesta Online 7 rate Choose 1 from 6 different characters, level up via the auto-routed quests and enjoy the game's many dungeons and PvP encounters in this fun-to-play MMORPG, Fiesta Online! The game also features plenty of production skills that you can choose 2 from and a special skills system. Interested? Do give it a try then! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Fiesta Online is an anime-inspired MMORPG that contains some rather unique features that made it such a popular MMO of its time. In this game, you are given up to 6 character classes to choose from, including the Crusader class that will require you to have a level 60 character first. Level up your character via a variety of auto-routed quests that includes the special kingdom quest whereby you’ll be racing against time as you fight off invasions and a boss monster at the end. The game also features plenty of professions that you can choose 2 from along with a selection of gathering professions. There are also a lot of dungeons for you to run with friends or guild mates as well as PvP encounters such as the PK tournament and Guild wars for you to enjoy! Fiesta Online may have lost a lot of its shine in recent years (possibly due to age), but it is still worth a try, particularly to players who enjoy anime MMOs.


A very long time ago, there was a being exceeding the existence of the gods, and his name is Legel. He created a huge and beautiful continent in a space called “time” and shared his powers with the gods to bring new life to the continent. However, the gods are jealous of Legel’s powers decided to steal his holy body and seal Legel into eternal darkness. However, in Legel’s place emerged Bijou, Legel’s body double. The gods were frightened and astounded. Thus they came up with an idea of breaking Bijou into pieces instead of sealing him away again like Legel lest Bijou will spawn another body double in his place. The plan worked, but the gods has unwittingly given the inhabitants of the world something special... pieces of a powerful weapon!


To start, you’ll have to select a server to play in. Then, you’ll be brought to the character creation screen. There are up to 6 character classes in Fiesta Online, namely Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage and Trickster, and Crusader, but the Crusader class will only be unlocked if you get one of your characters (any one will do) to level 60. Each character class contains 4 ranks that will be gradually revealed as you level up in-game (at level 20, 60, 80 and 100). The most important rank is at level 100 though, since this is the time when you’ll be prompted to choose a class specialization. For instance, for the Fighter class, you will be able to choose to go down the path and become a tanky Knight or choose the other path and take up the role of the damage-dealing Gladiator.

After selecting your character class, you can customize, albeit in a very limited way, your character. There are only 2 character models available male or female with very restricted choices in terms of hairstyles and hair color (less than 5 choices) and only 1 face type. If you want to change your character’s looks later on, you’ll then need to buy beauty shop coupon from the fiesta cash shop, which will in turn unlock more hairstyles, hair color and face types.

Once everything’s done and over with, it’s time to get yourself immersed into the beautiful world of Fiesta Online! Similarly to other MMORPGs, questing plays a very important role in leveling up your character. There are 3 types of quests in this game, namely general quests, kingdom quests and job upgrade quests. General quests are the usual kill-monster or the collect-x-items quests that most MMOs have while the job upgrade quests are the quests that you’ll need to complete to increase you’re the rank of your character class.

The most unique quest in Fiesta Online, however, is definitely the kingdom quests. These quests are instanced and will transport you to a private map where you’ll have to protect the country from invasion. You can choose to complete the quests with or without a party, but considering that you’ll need to take on a boss monster at the end of the quest, you may want to get some people to help. Most importantly, you may need the extra manpower because this type of quest comes along with a time limit. Furthermore, there are up to 9 in total of them and they present their own little stories as you play them, which is pretty cool. However, even with questing, leveling can be really grindy in this game, particularly in the higher levels.

With every level up comes a new set of skills that your character can learn as well as the standard perks of being 1 level higher than before. The skills system in Fiesta Online is pretty unique as well! Instead of having a huge range of skills to learn, the game provides you with a slightly less selection of special abilities, but all of these skills can be further improved. The skill points you’ve attained when you leveled up can be placed into 4 parts of a skill to improve it, such as the skill’s basic power and thus making it stronger, decrease SP consumption, increase effect of time of a buff skill (provided that the skill is a buff skill) or decrease cooldown time of the skill. This also means that every player will have a different set of differently improved skills, making having a good build very advantageous especially in PvP.

Talking about PvP, well, besides having many dungeons for you to explore, Fiesta Online also offers quite a selections of PvP locations and encounters, like PvP towns or even guild wars. However, the most interesting PvP event is definitely the PK tournaments. It’s an arena type tournament that uses the free-for-all PvP format. Once the game commences, treasure chests will spawn everywhere around the arena that contain rare items that can turn the tide of battle. This include a very big hammer (banhammer reference, anyone?) that will allow you to practically become invincible since you’ll be 1-hit KO everybody else... if you can catch up to them as they run of course. It’s rather fun if you’re not up against spenders who can, without the invincible hammer, 1-hit KO all the free-to-play players anyway.

Fiesta Online also provides 5 professions or as the game calls them, “production skills” for you to eek a (in-game) living from. They include material composition, material decomposition, potion production, scroll production and stone production. Material composition and decomposition use up alchemy stones to upgrade or to downgrade the quality of items while potion production allows you to create a variety of potions that can boost stats, recover lost health or cure status ailments. On the other hand, scroll production allows players to create a range of buff scrolls temporarily increasing stats. Stone production is mostly needed for the production of enhancement stones. Out of the 5 you can only choose 2 though and once chosen, you cannot change them without spending real cash, so pick wisely! Moreover, besides these production skills, there are also gathering skills such as mining and herbing which will allow you to collect the raw materials needed for the more advanced production skills mentioned above.

There are also many other features, including cute mounts (food comes separately from the cash shop though), a huge world for you to explore, fun emoticons system and you can even hold in-game weddings. Fiesta Online has certainly provided plenty of entertainment to its many players for years, but now, its cash shop is practically killing the game. Free-to-play players will have a tough time getting into dungeon parties (people will opt for an unskilled spender character pumped up on some in-game super steroids over a skilled free-to-play player) or excelling in PvP as spenders can have their characters’ stats boosted up to 200% and more... which is, frankly, ridiculously unbalanced. It is this unbalance that is, well, driving quite a number of non-spenders away from the game.


To truly be a part of the community in Fiesta Online, you should definitely go and sign up for a guild membership (choose between a warring or a non-warring guild), or you could also create one of your own (Guild creation is rather cheap as you just need 1 gold). If you’re a lowbie (low leveled player), you may also want to join up a guild academy as well. Academy is like a training ground for players from level 1 up to level 60.Starting in an academy earlier on (at around level 9) is very beneficial to your leveling process and will definitely make leveling slightly less grindy (you’ll earn slightly more cash and experience points) and boring. However, since academies have a limit of 50 players, if you’re not active enough, you may just replaced by another lowbie! The player base in Fiesta Online is waning though, so if you want to play, be sure to grab a couple of friends to play along with you.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoonish 3D anime graphics in Fiesta Online are brightly colored and beautiful in its cartoony way. It’s pleasant to the eyes and considering that this is an 8-year-old game, it is good enough. For music, the game provides a soft and soothing music that is nice to listen to but is not exactly very memorable.


In short, Fiesta Online is a pretty old MMORPG that still somehow managed to, against all odds, withstand the corrosive waves of time, though its player base is on a rather steep decline as of current. The game provides up to 6 character classes for you to choose from, each with their respective class skills, which in turn, can be improved by investing skill points. The game also provides plenty of features, which are mostly common in any similar MMORPG, such as auto-routed questing, PvP, raiding dungeons, production skills, pets and mounts. Despite having many common factors with other MMOs, Fiesta Online does stand out with its rather fun PK tournaments and pretty unique kingdom quests. Thus, if you can get your friends to play with you, Fiesta Online can be a great starting ground for a new MMO player. Do give it a try! It’s free after all!

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