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Dragon's Prophet 8 rate For thousands of years, ancient dragons have struggled in epic wars to dominate Auratia. These wars have threatened to plunge the realm into chaos. Now, an even greater danger emerges, threatening the very existence of the realm. Capture, train, fight alongside and ride your very own dragons in Dragon's Prophet today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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For millennia, ancient dragons have struggled in epic wars against each other to dominate Auratia. These wars have threatened to plunge the realm into utter chaos. Now, an even greater danger emerges, threatening the very existence of the realm and every living being in the world will have to work together or risk being annihilated! From the creators of Runes of Magic, Dragon's Prophet is a free to play fantasy MMO that transports you to Auratia, a realm where dragons fill the sky, land and sea! In this game, you’ll be able to capture, train and fight alongside your very own dragons! Your dragons can also be used as mounts and as assistants to help you gather crafting materials. There are over 300 unique types of dragons that you can catch and each of them has different stats and special abilities. The combat system is action-based and the dragons play an integral role in it, in addition to the player’s skill mastery. There are even player housing, plenty of PvP and PvE options, questing, character classes, gathering and crafting, and many more! So, sign up today and start capturing and training your dragons today!


There was a time when the darkness made up the universe and a group of dragons were born out of the chaos. But the dragons yearned for more beyond their kind. The leader of the dragons, Morgath, created the world, named beautifully as Auratia, along with every forest and ocean as well as the sky in it. In turn, the other dragons created new races to inhabit the newly formed lands. Everything was great and the kins of the powerful dragons lived peacefully for many millennia.

However, Morgath started having visions of a terrible dragon, called The Devourer. To ensure that his fellow dragons will have something to fight the terrible dragon with, he entrusted his wisdom to Lysaia and his strength to Kronos, 2 of his most trusted dragons. Lysaia used his gift to spread knowledge while Kronos built an army consisting of the first humans, The Osira. They wait in preparation for The Devourer.

As time passed, Lysaia realized that Kronos is becoming The Devourer. His quick realization made it possible to coordinate an effort among the other dragons to take down Kronos, but they are unable to destroy him. Instead, Kronos was locked away in the deepest part of Auratia.


To start, you’ll have to create your first character! Dragon’s Prophet provides 4 different character classes, namely guardian, ranger, oracle and sorcerer. Guardians are the tanks of the game since they are heavily armored swordsman while ranger and sorcerer are ranged damage dealers – one specializing in physical damage while the other in magical damage. The special class in Dragon’s Prophet is definitely the oracle. It is a medium to close range magical damage-dealing class that has plenty of buffing as well as healing spells. They are the game’s de facto healer class.

The game also provides extensive character customization options for character creation. You can change your character’s body size, arm length, eye color, hairstyle, gender and even the size of your avatar’s ear! However, if you just want to quickly hop right into the game, there are the preset options that you can browse and choose from!

Once you’re done, you are ready to play! You’ll get to choose from 2 starting zones. Each zone has different quests and mobs, and before you ask, no, these starting areas are not faction-based... there are no factions in Dragon’s Prophet. However, once a player is out from either one of the starting areas, they will all be lumped together in the same zone in the end. Nonetheless, it does give the players some variety, especially for players who like creating more than 1 character.

Dragon’s Prophet is a game that focuses a lot more on its “pets”/ “mounts”, which in this case, are the dragons as obviously stated in its name. There is a crazy variety of dragons in this game, though some of them can be called “dragons” only by the loosest definition of the term. They are more like hybrids between an animal of your choice (birds, cows, elephants... you name it!) with a lizard. Anyway, the best part in this game is that you can easily capture, train and put your dragons to work (gathering crafting materials for you)!

To capture a dragon, you’ll need to be close enough to the magnificent beast in order to start the taming process. Your character will then jump onto the back of the dragon and the dragon will buck around trying to get you off. A mini-game will then pop out whereby you’ll use the WASD keys to try to keep the dragon icon inside the circle as the red meter (on the right) gradually fills up. Every time your icon moves out of the circle, your gold meter (on the left) will start to drop. You’ll fail the domestication process if the gold meter reaches zero. Once the red meter is full, the dragon is tamed!

However, dragons do not merely act as a combat pet that does small damage or mounts that you can only showoff as they don’t really do anything else. Instead, dragons play an integral role in combat and in crafting, besides being your trusty mount and of course, something that you can brag about. Every dragon is different and even the same dragons will have different randomized stats and skill sets. Furthermore, once under your control, they will also grant you some of their skills. Different dragons have different abilties and it is up to you to find one can augment your skills and your play style.

As mentioned, dragons can also be ridden like mounts in Dragon’s Prophet as long as you’re out of combat. Different dragons will also provide different methods of travel. This is because some dragons can only walk, some can fly and there are those that can leap and glide (wyvern). Some dragons will allow you to swim and dive underwater too! This is a pretty awesome aspect of the game.

Unfortunately, for free-to-play players, you are only allowed to keep 2 dragons active at the stable and 2 in a bank of sorts, called the lair. If you want more slots, you’ll need to shell out some real money... there is no way for you to get more slots for free. Even if you caved in and spend real money on the getting more space, you can get up to 6 slots maximum at your stable and for a limited number at the bank. Considering that the game has hundreds of these beasts, you in effect cannot “catch em all”.

Moreover, the combat system in Dragon’s Prophet is action-based and works much like the combat in TERA. You can string together different combo moves, a lot like the combo system in Aion, and you’ll need to manually dodge enemy blows. You also have combo abilities that will work in tandem with your dragon’s skills. However, the game provides an auto-target system that allows you to “lock on” a target despite not providing a targeting/ aiming circle, making the game only semi-action-based. Dragons can be summoned into combat at any time as well, but they will only appear for a set duration of time and after they disappear, you’ll have to wait for the cooldown to finish before you can summon the same dragon again. Not to mention, you can also have multiple dragons out at a time.

Questing in Dragon’s Prophet is fairly boring since it consists of the traditional fighting and collecting quests. You’ll be running about killing things to collect their many internal organs or other quest items, only to be sent back there to collect other organs and quest item right away again. If you like a break from the tedium, you can participate in public quests that will pop up occasionally, but since the events are the same every time and are not randomized, you’ll get bored of it soon as well. There are also soloable dungeon quests and group quests that can be joined by any nearby players - no hassle to find other players to group with you as anybody nearby can hop right into the combat and help you out! However, the quest line is kind of cut off at certain levels and you’ll need to grind or do dailies to fill in the gap to the next level (and new quests). Well, at least you have a nicely working quest tracker in this game!

As everyone will be striving to be stronger in this game, you’ll probably want to beef up your character too! The easiest way is by leveling up and getting passive points that you can then invest into stats like strength, intelligence, constitution, ferocity, focus, charisma and dragon affinity. Ferocity, for example, increases critical chance and damage while charisma determines how long you can keep your dragons summoned and to boost the dragons’ basic attributes. Dragon affinity, on the other hand, will increase your avatar’s magic defense and magical penetration ability. There is also a mastery tree (a lot like a talent tree) that contains a chart of masteries that will definitely be able to augment your character abilities. You can even save multiple sets of masteries and swap them according to need. Besides passive skills, you can also enhance your equipments via equipment enhancement or shards embedding (dragon shards can be obtained from mob drops).

For crafting, Dragon’s Prophet offers 6 different gathering methods (herbs, minerals, cloths, wood, leathers and meat) and crafting professions (weaponsmith, armorsmith, tinker, alchemy, chef and carpenter) that every player will automatically have when they first emerged on the world of Auratia. As mentioned, you can get your idle dragons at your lair to gather crafting materials for you or you can manually collect them from the environment or from dead mobs as you quest. You can also extract materials from looted items that you don’t need. Crafting can be expensive, so be sure to make full use of the items you’ve crafted, either by equipping them or selling them.

Besides the usual PvE dungeons, there’s a frontier system in Dragon’s Prophet which encompasses player housing and PvP zones. Similarly to TERA, players can buy their own land, although land in this game is very expensively priced in addition to the daily rent, and build their own homes. These houses built are available for viewing by other players and are not instanced, unlike in Rift. Interestingly though, the housing area is also the game’s prime PvP zone. To get to your home may be rather difficult due to the “camps” set up by the higher levels there. Even if you’re a high level, you may just be ganged up by other high levels and deaths in Dragon’s Prophet can be very frustrating as you’ll be respawned at the nearest spawn sites, which are prime camping zones themselves. Teleporting directly to the player’s home is a luxury afforded to those who paid up. There are also guild wars in this game whereby players from both sides will fight over the right to control a territory in the PvP zone.


Dragon’s Prophet provides 3 different Facebook fan pages to cater to different demographics, but when combined, the fans of the game amount to around 200 thousand. Admittedly, that number is not exactly huge for a MMORPG and some places in-game can feel a tad bit deserted at times, but its community is very welcoming and friendly! The game also offers guilds for you to join and meet your fellow players, as well as an in-game chat system that you can utilize to ask for help or to merely chat with other players. For guilds, if you do sign up for one, you’ll get access to amazing guild wars too!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Dragon’s Prophet is absolutely brilliant! The sceneries are breathtaking and the characters look attractive enough. Best of all, the dragons look fearsome and powerful, and they are very well animated. The background music in the game is very well-done and contains some variety. There are plenty of ambient sounds as well, especially during combat when your dragon will roar as it attacks the enemy and of course, the swishing sounds of your weapon. The magic effects in this game are not as awesome-looking as other MMORPG games, though they are pretty good.


In summary, Dragon’s Prophet is one of a kind MMORPG with action-based combat system, which is populated with a plethora of unique dragons, all of which are tamable! Dragons will provide various means of travel for you to enjoy as well as grant you with some of their special abilities! You can even put them to work gathering crafting materials for you. Complete rather repetitive quests, clear dangerous monster-inhabited instances with friends, and join a guild to participate in large-scale territorial wars! Level up crafting and create items for sale or for use! Don’t forget to buff up your character by enhancing his/her equipments and gear, and choosing the most suitable mastery skills to specialize in! Not to mention, if you’re rich in-game, you can even obtain the lease for player housing as well! If you love dragons and MMOs, Dragon’s Prophet is one game you won’t want to miss! Try it now!

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New Game Added: Dragon's Prophet

by Aethyna May 26, 2015
For thousands of years, ancient dragons have struggled in epic wars to dominate Auratia. These wars have threatened to plunge the realm into chaos. Now, an even greater danger emerges, threatening the very existence of the realm. Capture, train, fight alongside and ride your very own dragons in Dragon's Prophet today! Dragon's Prophet: Bird-like dragon Dragon and I in Dragon's Prophet Dragon's Prophet: Gold-plated dragon Read More
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