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Metin 2 6 rate Choose from up to 5 different characters and side with 1 of 3 bitterly warring factions in this old school MMORPG, Metin 2! The game is mainly stat-based and has grindy quests, but its mount system is very unique. There are also a sizable amount of dungeons as well as open world PvP and guild wars. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Metin 2 is an oriental-themed MMORPG that was released back in 2004 and has somehow persevered until today. Granted that it is a very old game and its graphics may not be up to par, the game itself still provides plenty of action combat and grindy killing quests that some people may enjoy! There are 5 different characters for you to choose from including the rather special Sura and Lycan classes, as well as 3 different warring factions. Although the game is basically a stat-based game, there are also character skills that you can invest in and upgrade. Not to mention, the game’s mount system is perhaps one of the most unique and complex among all the MMOs out there! Of course, where there are mounts, usually, you’ll get pets as well and Metin 2 features quite a lot of them! If you enjoy old school, grindy MMOs, then you might want to give Metin 2 a go! It’s a free game after all!


Metin 2 is set in a peaceful and happy time when there is only one continent on the planet. However, one day, there was an outbreak of a deadly disease, which turns the inhabitants of the planet into wild beasts. For those who aren’t changed, quite a number of them were hunted down by wild beasts. Ultimately, the kingdom fragmented from the chaos and now formed 3 different empires. Instead of fighting against the threat together, they fought for their own survival regardless of the other people in the other empire. You are a survivor of the change and have joined one of these factions as a new recruit. Play out your adventure in Metin 2 and experience what the constantly warring world has to offer.


After you’ve signed up and logged in, you’ll be asked to choose a kingdom from the 3 choices available, namely the western Chunjo, Jinno – the very first empire, and the very wealthy Shinsoo. Each empire has their respective rich history that you might want to read before selecting. All characters, no matter your faction, start in the same zone and level up pretty much the same way though. It would be nice to have like different leveling paths for different factions instead. Anyway, your faction choice only comes into play after level 15, whereby players of opposing factions may freely attack you, so do ensure you have the best protection you can get your hands on before venturing out into the wilds.

Next, you’ll be asked to select your character class. There are 5 classes to choose from, they are warrior, ninja, sura (mage warriors), lycan and shaman. This may seem rather limited but once you reach level 5, you’ll unlock 2 new class advancements in the game. Each class has their own stat values for 4 different stats, namely constitution, intelligence, strength and dexterity. By filling up the experience orbs in game, you’ll earn more stat points (1 stat point per orb and all 4 orbs need to be filled before you can level up) to be invested into the stat of your choice as well! Furthermore, since Metin 2 is a pretty old game, character customization is pretty much non-existent. You get to choose between 2 genders and each gender has 2 pre-fixed “shapes” (just a change of clothes)... and that’s about it. Once you’re done, create a character name and you’re ready to start!

The game will immediately put your character into the world without any cinematic intro or tutorial “dungeon” like what some other MMORPGs do. Instead, you are given an inconspicuous quest that will start your tutorial in-game. It’s nice to see that the game doesn’t force you to actually undergo the tutorial, but if you want to level up fast, these tutorial quests are exactly the things you need!

Questing, as usual, involves plenty of killing quests (there aren’t any fetching quest even!), though the game does throw some quests at you with time limits on them at times. Generally, besides the story quests, or the mission quests as the game calls them, you’ll probably be doing a lot of the repeatable hunting quests. These quests can be completed repeatedly until you level up and a new set of hunting quests will be provided. For these quests, you can choose which mobs you want to kill as well - the game offers you 2 types, one of which usually require you to kill less number of mobs.

Questing is rather tough as you’ll have to kill the exactly the same mob as stated in the quest text and the game does have a lot of similar-looking mobs with similar-looking names, so it might get a bit confusing. The mobs are also spawned in groups of 3 and will all be agro-ed once you hit any 1 mob in the group, so it might be slightly faster to kill mobs if you have area of effect skills, but if you’re taking on mobs that are higher than you in level, this might cause the death of your character! However, quests in Metin 2 don’t need to be turned in at the quest giver. It’s very convenient to say the least!

Despite the usual grindy quests, the game also offers special quests like the biologist quests that reward your character with permanent stats, such as increased movement speed, attack speed and defense. But as you progress, the leveling up process, even with questing, will get really slow and it is not uncommon to see people grinding mobs just to get to the next level.

Since the game focuses a lot on combat, you should know a bit about the game’s combat system as well! The game utilizes an action-based combat – much like the combat system in TERA, though a lot less polished. Thus, combat is very fast-paced. You can choose to point and click or you can press spacebar for auto-attack and just use WASD to change which direction your character is attacking at. There is even a combo system whereby it determines how many attacks your character will do before the final blow that will push your opponent away from you. You can level this combo system up by “reading” combo books.

There are also several dungeons (16 dungeons in all) that you can participate in, though out of the 16, only 2 are end-game dungeons. For PvP-oriented players, Metin 2 offers the entire in-game virtual world for you to turn into your personal battleground (yes, this means that this game provides open world PvP)! Not to mention, there are also massive guild battles that you can enjoy if you are a member of a guild.

One of the most interesting aspects of Metin 2, however, is its mount system. There are 3 types of normal mounts that you’ll be introduced to - normal, combat and military. Normal horses will not be able to attack, but the other two types of horses can be used for attacking. This means that you’ll stay mounted while you attack mobs and will even earn some bonuses from your mount. For instance, for military mounts, you’ll get special attacks such as horseback slash, horse stump and power wave. These mounts can only be purchased and used at level 25 though. There is a pony that you can get for free prior to level 25 so you can travel a tad bit faster and get a feel for mounts in this game. However, there are rather a lot of restrictions for ponies. Ponies generally have rather long cooldowns (1 hour) and you can only ride them for a maximum of 10 mins. If you dismount from the pony before your 10 mins are up, you’ll still trigger the cooldown.

Mounts are also not just something to be used in the game. Instead you are expect to treat it like the animal it is, so you’ll need to regularly feed it or it’ll die. Different types of horses need different food, for example normal horses eat hay while combat horses prefer carrots. Furthermore, sometimes, your horse may not respond to your “calls”, so you’ll need to level up your “call horse” skill (up to 10 levels) to increase the chances of success. The coats for these horses will change color depending on rank or whether you’re in a guild or not as well.

There are plenty more features in Metin 2 which include, but are not limited to, player shops, professions and pets that sometimes provides bonus stats and effects. Feel free to discover them all!


Metin 2 is surprisingly popular in Europe and in some Middle Eastern countries, like Turkey. Thus, if you’re from those regions, you may be able to meet up with your fellow countrymen or women in the game. In this game, you can also sign up to join guilds as well! Guilds provide you with friends who you can level up or raid with and if you’re up for it, you can even join in the massive guild-vs-guild wars!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Metin 2 are pretty old, especially considering that the game was released way back in 2004. It looks and feels a bit like the old Diablo 1 game. However, if you don’t mind the graphics as much, the game has plenty to offer in terms of its gameplay. The music in the game is mainly consisted of oriental-themed music that unfortunately isn’t very memorable. It works as a silence filler, but well, that’s about it.


In short, Metin 2 is a pretty old oriental-themed MMORPG that had managed, against all odds, to persevere until today, perhaps due to its loyal fan base in the European countries. In this game, you’ll get to choose from 5 different character classes, which include some special ones like the Sura (warrior mage) and Lycan classes, and each class has their own skill trees and abilities that you can level over time. There are also 3 warring factions, namely Chunjo, Jinno and Shinsoo, to choose from. Similarly to some other MMOs, you’ll be completing quests, running dungeons and engaging in thrilling action-based PvP in this game. The most unique aspect of the game, however, is its mount system, whereby there are certain types of mounts that allow for mounted combat while there are others which provide you with special mount combat abilities. Let’s not forget about their player shops, crafting jobs and adorable pets! So, will you be able to fight for the honor and glory of your faction? Play Metin 2 now and find out!

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by Aethyna Jul 5, 2015
Choose from up to 5 different characters and side with 1 of 3 bitterly warring factions in this old school MMORPG, Metin 2! The game is mainly stat-based and has grindy quests, but its mount system is very unique. There are also a sizable amount of dungeons as well as open world PvP and guild wars. Fire phoenix pet in Metin 2 Metin 2: Mounted character Metin 2: Giant spider defeated Read More
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