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Dragomon Hunter 10 rate Welcome to the exotic and untamed world of Dragonmon Hunter where you play the role of a promising recruit embarking on an adventure of a lifetime to conquer and collect as many dragomons as you can find! If you enjoy an in-depth, Pokemon-like MMORPG, Dragomon Hunter is definitely a game for you! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Welcome to the exotic and untamed world of Dragomon Hunter where you get to play the role of a promising recruit embarking on an adventure of a lifetime to hunt, conquer and collect as many dragomons as you can find! Complete quests, level up and improve your character in terms of skills and equipments. Get yourself a trusty Hoppalong companion and work together to defeat powerful foes. Don’t forget to work on your professions on your downtimes or set off on a mission to farm for the various mounts or crafting formulas that drop off mobs in the game. If you enjoy an in-depth, Pokemon-like MMORPG with a bright anime gloss, Dragomon Hunter is definitely a game you won’t want to miss! Try it today!


Since time immemorial, the mighty Dragomon have ruled over the beautiful world of Wyveria. People of the world have always wanted to reveal their secrets in hopes of becoming the Master of Dragomon. One of such secrets is the Dragocite that the Dragomon drops when defeated. The dragocite is able to provide power for homes and industries alike. Due to this, a Dragocite-infused industrial revolution is triggered, bringing flocks of young adventurers to the capital, Elysium.

Being a new recruit of the Order of the Falcon, you’ll set off into the world to hunt for the majestic Dragomon. Will you be able to become the best Dragomon Hunter?


To start, you’ll need to create your cute character in Dragomon Hunter first. There are 4 classes available, namely cleric, the healing class in this game; mage, who wields the power of the elements and rains punishment from afar; mercenary that is hardier than other classes, and is considered the “tank” class in Dragomon Hunter; and lastly, scout, the most flexible class that can switch between ranged and melee combat fluidly. Do pick a class that you think suit your play style the best as you won’t be able to switch classes later on. However, if you want to try out other classes, you can always create a new character as the game allows you to create more than 1 character.

After that, you’ll be allowed to customize your character to your liking, which mainly includes choosing a suitable hairstyle and hair color, a nice face style, character voice and also a name. Furthermore, every hunter in the world of Wyveria is accompanied by an adorable Hoppalong companion. Thus, you’ll need to create and customize your companion next.

Hoppalongs have their own classes (ranged: salamander, strategist, mystic, virtuoso; melee: acolyte, cleaver, brawler, assassin, zealot) and skills that you can choose later on. They will also level up alongside the player. They can even use the same armor and weapons as the player but like character class, the weapon type that your companion can wield depends on its class.

Once everything’s done, you’ll be able to follow the storyline of the game as you go from an insignificant recruit among the masses into a promising young adventurer in the Order of the Falcon. Most of the game progression involves questing. Quests in this game are pretty much similar to many MMORPGs which include fetching, gathering, and killing quests. There is no auto-pathing, but instead, you’ll get a very helpful sparkly path that will direct you to the quest location whenever you clicked on the objective you need to complete on the quest tracker. As you progress, you’ll also encounter many different forms of quests such as the daily quests that are posted on bulletin boards (which in turn can be split into 2 main types – hunts or bounties).

Combat (in addition to, perhaps, travelling) will make up the most of your adventure in Dragomon Hunter. The combat is pretty similar to most established anime-inspired MMOs whereby you just click to target a mob and select a skill to start attacking. However, interestingly, there isn’t any auto-attack button and that your skill won’t pop up a warning if you’re out of range. It is all up to you to gauge when you should use a skill and when you should save it for later.

Also, combat is spiced up as mobs have very damaging skills of their own, especially the big and mighty dragomons. You’ll need to time your dodges and skills so you can avoid these powerful effects. It can be very challenging (the fun sort), especially when you’re attempting to take on a group of mobs. Moreover, there will also be times during combat where a captcha will pop up prompting you to type in the letters or numbers depicted within 1 minute. This is an interesting anti-botting measure that can be rather annoying for players as you can’t just pause the combat to fill in the captcha, but it is so far effective in clearing the game of any “farmers”.

The best part about killing mobs is that there’s chance you might get a mount drop. The mount differs depending on which mob you are attacking and considering that there are plenty of mobs scattered across the world, it will definitely take you some time to “collect em all”! Not to mention, you may come across “boss” mobs – the dragomons that you can defeat for a shot at earning some rare loot too.

Besides questing, you are also offered a range of PvE events and dungeons that you can sign up for, such as this unique and thrilling event – Dragomon Hunts. You can attempt these hunts solo (if you’ve a very high level character) or in a team. There are also plenty of PvP events where players can fight each other on the backs of their dragomons (combat mounts) while using their dragomons’ very powerful skills.

Looking for something else to pass the time? Well, there are also professions, namely crafting, mining, fishing, cooking and breeding that you can level up. Some professions require specific tools to work and interestingly, instead of clogging up your inventory with profession tools, you can equip them into your special professional gear slot. The bank system provided in Dragomon Hunter also provides separate tabs for different items such as outfits, mounts, crafting materials and others, so you have quite a lot of storage space even as a free-to-play player.

Professions are important in this game as they are one of the main ways for you to earn some additional cash via the in-game auction house, direct trading (with a unique locking-in feature that should prevent accidental or wrong trades) or even C.O.D. mail trading. There is huge array of things that you can do, places to explore and quests to complete in Dragomon Hunter, so if you’ve liked what you’ve read so far, be sure to check this game out!


Like most MMORPGs, the Dragomon Hunter community are mainly segregated into guilds. Guilds are an important part of the game as by signing up for one, you’ll gain access to plenty guild-only features such as the guild-only events and the guild lodge where you can shop, participate in guild auctions, use guild bank and summon special Dragomon to battle. Level up your guild along with your guildmates to unlock powerful guild-wide buffs to further accelerate the levelling process. You can also contribute crafting materials to guild supplies stash to get barter points, which you can then spend on the items offered in the guild shop.

Graphics/ Sound

The anime graphics are very brightly colored and have this dreamy feel to it that does add to the mystique of the world in Dragomon Hunter. In terms music, the game features inspirational soundtracks that immerse you into your role as an up-and-coming Dragonmon hunter.


In short, Dragomon Hunter is a fun and addictive anime-inspired MMORPG that feels a lot like the love child of Pokemon and an MMORPG. The questing can be pretty generic, but the game has plenty more to offer such as adorable companions, the craze to collect all the dragomon mounts, the need to level up all your professions and to improve your character to become the best version he (or she) can be! If this sounds exciting to you, then you’ll surely enjoy Dragomon Hunter. Check out this game today!

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New Game Added: Dragomon Hunter

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Welcome to the exotic and untamed world of Dragonmon Hunter where you play the role of a promising recruit embarking on an adventure of a lifetime to conquer and collect as many dragomons as you can find! If you enjoy an in-depth, Pokemon-like MMORPG, Dragomon Hunter is definitely a game for you! Beautiful mounts Dragomon hunting Adorable avatars Read More
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