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Wildstar 10 rate Choose to side with the Dominion or the Exiles as they vie for control of the Wildstar’s planet of Nexus in this brilliant sci-fi-themed MMORPG, Wildstar. If you are a huge fan of huge MMORPGs with a rich lore, such as World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2, you might enjoy this incredibly quirky MMORPG, Wildstar. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Choose to side with the Dominion or the Exiles as they vie for control of the Wildstar’s planet of Nexus in this brilliant sci-fi-themed MMORPG, Wildstar. Play as 1 of the 4 races in each faction and battle it out on the mysterious planet. Choose a path and unlock a myriad of abilities and skills. Enjoy running through the various dungeons, adventures and also the Elder Games for capped players. For PvP nuts, there are battlegrounds, arenas and even the massive 40 vs 40 Warplots. If you are a huge fan of huge MMORPGs with a rich lore, such as World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2, you might enjoy this incredibly quirky MMORPG, Wildstar. Play it for free now!


The galaxy of Wildstar has a very rich backstory which you can learn more about on their website. The story details the rise of the Cassians and the subjugation of the Draken to the discovery of Nexus, the legendary world of the Eldans (who are perceived as gods). Lore is very important in Wildstar as seen by its Loremageddon feature on its website where hardcore fans of the lore in Wildstar can ask any questions they like and in as detailed as they can about the worlds, races and well... anything in Wildstar really. In fact, the lore of the game itself has led to a Wildstar comic series that is pretty popular as well.


Once you’ve gotten the game set up and logged in, you’ll be prompted to choose between the 2 factions – the Dominion and the Exiles. The Exiles are space outcasts and refugees who came to the planet Nexus to set up a new home, while the Dominions are the ones who exiled the Exiles in the first place, are there on Nexus in order to get their hands on ancient Eldan technologies. Let’s just say that both factions are not exactly on the best of terms and naturally conflict is born between the races of these 2 factions.

Talking about races, you are given up to 4 race choices per faction. For the Dominion, you can choose between Cassian, the chosen race by the godly Eldans; the sentient machines - the Mechari, the bloodthirsty Draken, and the adorable yet psychotic Chua. For the Exiles, you can choose to be a Human, the rock-skinned Granok, the tree-hugging Aurin or a member of the space zombie race, the Mordesh.

After choosing your race and faction, you’ll then need to choose a class. Wildstar offers up to 6 classes, namely the engineer, esper, medic, spellslinger, warrior, and stalker. Different classes will have a vastly different play style due to the skills that they are given. For instance, the warrior has heavy armor and is naturally more durable. They can deal limited ranged damage as they are more specialized to melee damage. They can only use 3 types of weapons, namely the power sword, arm cannon and brute force.

The spellslinger in Wildstar is similar to the gunslinger class in Aion though with a lot more magical powers, while the engineer is the ranged “futuristic hunter” class that has access to an armory of bots and exosuits. The most unique class, however, would probably be the esper. They are like a type of mage class but instead of dealing direct magical damage or even damage-over-time, the espers mainly conjure up apparitions that deal damage on their behalf. They also can call up benevolent illusions to help their allies.

Once a class is selected, you can then customize him or her to your liking. The customization options in this game are pretty expansive and thus, it’s easy enough to create a character that is uniquely your own, so have fun! Oh talking about customizations, Wildstar also offers one of the most flexible in-built systems in any MMORPG to date that allows you to customize your own user interface (UI). Not to mention, the game itself supports add-ons and even has embedded add-ons in the base game to enhance your gameplay, but of course, if you decide to opt out of them, you can merely turn them off.

There are even paths that you can select later on for your character which will mold your character into one of these 4 paths – explorer, soldier, settler and scientist. Each path, when chosen, will bestow certain skills to your character. For instance, as an explorer you’ll gain skills like cartography, surveillance, tracking, exploration and expedition, while for scientist, you’ll obtain skills such as analysis, archaeology, biology, botany and diagnostics. Most paths have up to 8 skills, with the sole exception of the settler who has just 5.

Ready to explore the planet of Nexus and start your leveling journey? Awesome! Questing in Wildstar is one of the main ways for your character to level up. Although it basically consists of the usual stuff of killing and gathering quests, they are surprisingly fun and interesting to play. There are even side-challenges that will pop up while you’re on a quest. The other PvE features available in Wildstar include 5-man dungeons and adventures (a.k.a. story-based “dungeons”) for the lower levels as well as the Elder Games for players who are level-capped. Naturally, there are also a plethora of PvP content such as Battlegrounds, Arenas and the massive 40 vs 40 Warplots.

In terms of combat, Wildstar provides a mix between traditional combat with action-based combat. This means that you can still “tab-target” your enemies or even click to target but most of the skills you use needs to be aimed. The game also emphasizes on dodging attacks and be actively moving as you engage in combat by helpfully showing indicators that the mobs are going to perform a skill move on the ground in red. Due to the need to dodge, you’ll be able to cancel your “casting” abilities within a moment’s notice in Wildstar.

Furthermore, on plenty of the zones on the planet Nexus, there are detectable differences in gravity that will somewhat affect your gameplay. For instance, there are lower gravity zones where mounts will have a lot more momentum and you seem to be able to jump a lot higher. Interestingly, some zones have environmental effects that affect your character. For example, there’s a location on Nexus where there are blizzards or even lasers shooting from the skies, much like lightning bolts that have struck the ground. It is pretty amazing, to be honest.

Wildstar also offers a huge range of awesome, cool-looking mounts, cosmetics and pets that you can collect... and yes you can collect them even if you’re not a spender in the game. If you can afford it, there is even player housing that you can purchase and decorate to your heart’s content. The content available in this game is practically endless. However, there are quite some limitations for the free-to-play player though. The usual restrictions in terms of inventory and bank space, character slots, guild creation, as well as auction house slots and duration apply, but some of these limitations seem to place the free players at somewhat a disadvantage. One example is that the free player can only join an existing war party, but you aren’t allowed to invite others or to create one of your own. Do note that you’ll need a warparty to participate in Wildstar’s large-scale PvP mode, Warplots.


The population at Wildstar has been dwindling over some time, but with the coming of free-to-play, the population will definitely be able to get back on its feet really quick. The community is very welcoming of the new change and you can most certainly expect a warm welcome if you join the game as a new or returning player. There are plenty of guilds that you can join, though you aren’t allowed to create one at least until you’ve spend a certain amount of real cash on the game. Do meet up with the more experienced players, get some tips and enjoy your stay in Wildstar!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Wildstar have their own unique cartoony art style and they are pretty good. The cartoony style does bring out the quirkiness of the game. In terms of music, the game is a chock full of incredible scores that ranges from combat music to the inspirational and more relaxing soundtracks. The voice acting in the game is also amazing and there are lots of that to go around.


Overall, Wildstar is an amazing futuristic/ fantasy MMORPG that has a rich lore that will definitely cater to players who just love a very good story. In this game, you’ll get to choose between fighting for the Dominion or the Exiles. Select one out of 8 unique races and a class from the 6 classes available. Don’t forget to choose a path for your character as well. Have fun in the various PvE and PvP contents in the game, including exciting dungeons, adventures, arenas, battlegrounds and the incredible 40 vs 40 PvP battles on Warplots. There are also plenty of features like mounts, pets, cosmetics, player housing and others that you are free to discover while exploring the vast world of Wildstar. So, don’t wait! Check this game out now for free today and be entertained!

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Choose to side with the Dominion or the Exiles as they vie for control of the Wildstar’s planet of Nexus in this brilliant sci-fi-themed MMORPG, Wildstar. If you are a huge fan of huge MMORPGs with a rich lore, such as World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2, you might enjoy this incredibly quirky MMORPG, Wildstar. Boss fight Hamster ball mount Cool weapons Read More
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