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Seven Guardians 10 rate Lead the remaining seven heroes in the world to face down the undead army raised by the Jotunn in this exciting and incredibly addictive MMORPG, Seven Guardian. Will you be able to save the world from annihilation or will you bring about its ruin? Play Seven Guardians now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Lead the remaining seven heroes in the world to face down the undead army raised by the Jotunn in this exciting and incredibly addictive MMORPG, Seven Guardian. Upgrade your heroes with the best equipment and stats you can provide and head over to the many challenging campaign stages, world bosses, or even the plethora of PvP options such as Arena and Stronghold War to test your mettle. Will you be able to save the world from annihilation or will you bring about its ruin? Play Seven Guardians now and find out!


The realm in Seven Guardians was once in peace but that fragile peace was shattered into millions of pieces when the Jotunn raised an undead army that has been unleashed to all the 9 worlds.

With many heroes caught unaware by the sudden attack, most of them have been slaughtered and annihilation of the worlds is at the brink. However, there’s still hope! Seven of the remaining heroes have decided to band together and to take on the Jotunn and his minions in a last ditch attempt to save the 9 worlds... and it’s you they turn to for leadership. Will you help them?


Seven Guardians start off by unfortunately giving their players a bad first impression. Although the game can be downloaded and installed easy enough, but the tons of updates, some of which are pretty large in size, is enough to wear out some players’ patience, especially if you don’t have a fast internet speed or if you’re trying to play the game on a mobile data plan. Anyway, if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with a rather amazing game that’s worth every minute it takes to get the game patched up.

To start playing, you’ll first have to select a server. There are only 2 at the moment - one of each situated in the Asian and the NA/EU regions respectively. Once you’ve picked a server, you’ll immediately be immersed into the game via an interactive and story-driven tutorial. There is also Hero’s Trail which is something like a tutorial chain quest that is incredibly helpful when it comes to learning more about the game.

The gameplay in Seven Guardians may look simple at first, but hidden beneath, it contains many layers of strategy. During combat, you will need to deploy your heroes so they could fight their way through to the enemy’s shrine and destroy it. You’ll win once you do that. However, to deploy a hero, you’ll first need to have a certain number of blue orbs. Thankfully, these blue orbs regenerate quite rapidly so you could deploy quite a lot of heroes within the short 3 minute maximum duration you are given to beat the level.

If you think about it, the gameplay in Seven Guardians is very similar to a “reverse tower defense” game where instead of building towers, you get to play the attacking side instead. The heroes are your “troops” and perhaps that’s why you can deploy the same hero multiple times in a game as long as the cooldown period in between the deployments is up.

That being said, it’s often not wise to deploy only 1 type of hero because different heroes are good against different types of enemies. If you’re unsure what to deploy, maybe you should turn on the auto-combat option. It may not be perfect but it should be able to help you get through multiple levels, especially the earlier ones pretty quickly and easily.

Now, as you may already know, there are 7 heroes in Seen Guardians. However, before you start complaining that the game lacks hero variety, you may want to check out the many versions provided for these 7 heroes... it’s amazing! Heroes not only are separated by hero level, upgrade level and quality (as indicated by the color and the number of stars), there are also special “hero series” where the heroes in that series have 2 special series-based abilities. For example, the heroes from the Beast series will have better tenacity allowing them to self-heal partially when critically injured as well as having a 20% of cancelling a poison effect.

Due to the incredible variety of heroes on offer, getting new heroes can be a pretty daunting task, especially when you are actually given the chance via Hero Tickets to hand pick the hero you want. Thus, the game adds in a Hero Review section for every hero that players can use to leave feedback on whether or not this particular hero is great for their team.

However, most of the time, you’ll not be able to choose which hero you get, particularly if you get them from Random Hero Tokens or from the Shrine... and sometimes, you’ll get repeats. This is all good since you can use those “repeats” to increase your hero’s upgrade level.

Of course, let’s not forget that your heroes can also be equipped with items and runes. Each of which can be further upgraded and augmented through a variety of means. You could even craft new items after you’ve saved the Blacksmith in Chapter 3, and gain access to the Magic Shop to buy all manner of useful items once the Magician Andavari was saved.

Aside from heroes, there is also a tank, which seems a lot more like a “tower”, in this game. This “tank” serves as your home base and should be protected at all costs. Being technically a tower, your tank is not entirely helpless – it can aid you in your battles by providing projectile support from afar. Naturally, you’ll want to keep you tank upgraded as well.

Once you’ve unlocked your first protector, Heimdall, from the Temple of Heimdall, a floor-based dungeon where you have to beat multiple creatures on every floor to fight a final boss at the end. Summoning Protectors onto the battlefield will cost you Protector Summon Scroll. As you might have guessed, these scrolls don’t come easy nor do they come cheap, so you might want to only summon your Protector when absolutely necessary.

Most of the time, you’ll be pitting your heroes against the myriad of creatures the game will send your way through its story-based campaign stages. To play a stage, you’ll need to spend supplies. Each stage can be played 3 times and each time you’ll face down enemies that are much tougher than before.

Sometimes, Chapter Bosses will appear that you’ll need to defeat within the 1 hour duration given. Your friends can chip in to help you and get something for their troubles too. Other times though, you may get Challenges instead. Challenges are technically random Arena PvP pop-ups that will grant you additional loot if you win.

There are also plenty of PvP options for players who enjoy defeating other players over slaying NPCs. You could duel players via the Arena or attempt to attack their stronghold in Stronghold War, provided that you have the Arena Entries or Stronghold Flags to initiate the attack. If you win, you’ll be rewarded with honor points and will move up the ranks. Honor points can be spent at the Magic Shop to buy epic or legendary hero shards.


Seven Guardians places a strong emphasis on its social aspect through a special token, called the Friendship token. By adding friends who are active and will regularly gift you these tokens, you’ll be able to summon more heroes or buy more goodies from the Magic Shop. You could even visit your friends when you’re free or attack them (of course, it’s a friendly match).

In addition to friends, you could also be a part of a guild. This is a pretty crucial part of the game, especially if you want to level up your heroes faster. This is because guilds have a passive XP boost that will increase whenever the guild levels up. By being a guildy, you could also participate in fun guild raids or get help for defeating your Chapter Bosses.

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of its graphics, Seven Guardians is very mobile-friendly. The game features adorable characters and creatures that are very well animated. The musical score behind this game is inspirational to the point where you feel you could do anything. If you’ve done anything reckless in the game, like trying to fight players way above your level, well... you now know what to blame your failed attack on (winks).


Due to the game’s fun and challenging gameplay along with the tons of stuff that you can do, Seven Guardians is the sort of game that’s very hard to put down especially once you’ve really gotten yourself in the game. The excellent graphics and sound also help to increase your immersion and provide you with a much better gaming experience. So, if you’re looking for a new MMORPG for playing on the go, Seven Guardians is definitely a great choice! Give it a try today!

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New Game Added: Seven Guardians

by Aethyna Dec 2, 2016
Lead the remaining seven heroes in the world to face down the undead army raised by the Jotunn in this exciting and incredibly addictive MMORPG, Seven Guardian. Will you be able to save the world from annihilation or will you bring about its ruin? Play Seven Guardians now and find out! Seven Guardians: Ramming the gates Seven Guardians: Stronghold War World boss Nidhogg in Seven Guardians Read More
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